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January 14, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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January 14, 1933

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.&apos;;.)ir, l.'.. ,la:alV I-I, l!rI: (L I FLN('E L. Skinned Soles 2 Ibs. ... 24 :ancy Lean Pork '" "'" tra 2 lbs. 24 I 1,0 alaa IIN Tttt" ':'[ PER ,E OF ! "l'h..<tte ,4 l, ash I The t',,t|r, ,,: king.' May i';tL,,r( i': :il King. i tzown, I SLIIIIII!!I't !IV i)U] The State {,f "% :x l)all A. B:ow:: You ale ne:eby pear within s;x-y of th first Publi mona, to-wit : hi the 3rd day of De fend the above entitled above entitle cot complaint of th.. copy of your ana signed attorney for olfice below your filure so to rendered against demand of the been filed with the The object of the tion is to secure a bonds of real plaintiff and grounds of storation of A. M. on and for such other before as ia proper in the (w follow- Office and Post, Lowman Buildl kq First Pub. twenty- C.LDIT.J2L- in Exe] NOTICE OF REAL , page 27, State of VCashingtou Couaty  II ishington, ss. Sheriff's Office.. and By virtue of an Order of (36) feet v.L u ii, Konorat)le i ;" of King County, on all of the December, 1932, by t satisfy a in the case of I-I. J. a mort- ceiver of Puget Sound Atsociation, a d 08/100 vs. W. L. Wester {also fees of l bur L. Wester); 11 Extcutor of the Estate Last Will and E. Wester, deceased; Wilbur L. Wester, tm the Last Will and Sheriff. jorie E. Wester. Wester as Truste( Deputy. and Testament of deceased; and a Trustee under ths Last Testament of Marjorie ceased, DefendanUL No. SAJ.IE OF me, as Sheriff, directed trod Notice is hereby given, of King. proceed to sell at public highest bidder for issued hours prescribed by Court sales to-wit: at Ten o'Clod day of on the 4th day of thereof the Court House door Plaintiff, Jefferson Street entra-ce a in the State of executrix lowing described property, de- King County, State of and to to-wit: delivered: Beginning at a point oa ea I will line of Section Twenty-m Join to the Township Twenty-three (2) the of Range Four (4) ealt of( Sheriff's lamette Meridian, south A. M. on west 1254.49 feet from the before corner of said Section '/, lng County. ning thence south  at Seattle, 1330.00 feet to the true l! the for ginning of this decrtpt;| situated in continuing south '' to- 150.00 feet. thence h west 27,5.40 feet; 59" 10" west 150.00 feet; and the 0: 01" 11" east 275.40 (46) in Add;- point of beginning,  t (5), Block Thirteen (15), ,f all of the Heights, Division No. 2 satisfy a levied on as the pmpertT of . rr*-, said defendants herein, la six l juagment of  foecloate ; gage amounting to Three '100 ($3,642- of $230.00. Two Hundred Fifty Two $3.252.23 ) dollars .'st in favor $210.00. $12.50 for title sea November, of suit and interest in fsv0rdll tiff. Dated this 27th day Sheriff. 1932. CLAUDE O. Deputy. 1982. By L. E. VAN" DYKE TH0 Lownmn  . NOTICE OF sHERIF REAL ESTATE SALE OF State of %'Vashington, Countydl ss. Sher=,ff's Office. of King, By virtue of a Writ Sale issued !s._ued out of the Court of King Court day of December, day of De- thereof in tbe case thereof in Plaintiff. versus Montgomery, ,fendant. No. 214621, ]utchart and :Sheri., directed Defendants. Notice it 1-ereby Sheriff di-lproceed to sell at The* I will [highest bidder for .  t ._ ih0urs prescribed by [CIO... the Sa.l'S, tv-Wt: ten 0 I , within thel2Sth day of January. for Sheriff'S  Court }{o:.:e door A. I. on iJeff ron 5::et entrance. 1933, before ; -- - r" ;P. ttqe ." " .- County. i v:z't "'t ' and "r.tereS; re, at Seattle, fe.;j:" i:. ;c:.l to the ton tie for :t'e:i- ::. =,e:t" s:t s rusted in l:-:,/.: 5- ", o: fas] %Vashington, I " 'i "." i ': ;,.k 146. ,':iv of - = - ;- "c',c,;l: T',.'e:,'e '17 . (- t - .' B;oi to pint .... r,f l':at, a t: "':. .'.i ::'::on tO ni "' ; of all of thel ..=:: .  .:: :>n . ,.: to s,tisf,- ,',1 i::.=: ,. :...- re of a me;'--| L.: 4 .'-;:c,:k 2. ,- ; thousand one[ %Ve'- e:+t:e, l[ing d 78/100 ($2r| Vahinton: __ fees of $100.-|levied on a1 thse%Pa [ nterest in fav-|fendant to ..ati f." . .,  ing to Three hundre " D .......... '" [ ''"" .:...a ,') dollars [of llf)OOO the cost of t3,A-N15IC K ]in favor of plaintiff. Sheriff. Dated this 191h day LqON Deputy. |11932. _ n cLAL'L' v. 10 1932..___ t FFITII { Frt P"' December 1 .4orihern ; CO!'PT OF IN "i :: .<I'pEI L'..':-n fv King .. .: ,,f probate. , (f John '"":' u of the N,>. 7:59--. In :':, "., .sed. ::' :" , i totS. P:: 'h:!? !o 17:- , , , ":-0,'I ><:;,'.l and '.':'t " ": .... ,,e ; , , cl  :)I- :',ni::st 1' '" v.::2, t: Pbv !', ;;I'*(1 to] :" t . :. :; , o ..... 'l![I"l. on s:t,d] -q' , (T., ,'t'tt,fnev of if,. ]th . . :..:n,  tit. l!:la . - , .1,,w tato,,. and ] " , ;..,  ,. , e C'.o)k .f :.mid,:he a,l ,. , .,- , ark N)r)f ,)e <'l;'h SOT -/'l?ll(' "'' " " "f'I th o date|gethe r " lh l"tl' .' ]VclthiB p X lon -" this notice or first [:;-:: of t 1. [same wi!: .tirm January 7, Dte .If t<. I'T'TI.I':R 124. 1932 IP- k of ::;,i,l l.:-:tate! A ::r.: s .... A,ldre' 2::"7 " ,",,tr:,"; fc, r ,rn't:'  ; n_. .<,,,It'.,,. P- 'vFTT:t:<' 7 1q53. 1: tr:',' nsh;ngtoa, Seatth. Fresh Tender Pork Roasts 9C lwr }),,IIII[ No Shanks Fresh or Pickled Tongues 10c Sugar Cure:! tiaras ,,,, 15C Whole or Half Eall ?,lackeral ,,,,, 25c Nice Fize ;h(,rt Ribs Lean l,amb Stew l:a,cv Veal Stew w I re,,t Pig Hocks ,,,.. Fresh Oysters ', pi;:(s . . . 13c Pints ... 25c Quarts.. 45c i:' , /ill;(,lll:l " Dry Salt Codfish 2!b. gricks . . '):.., ,, HARRY GIVEN 00AIgKET Alaska "'. Hernn l0 b, Pail  9" Mrs. I. IL (;lah:tln retmncd l.'zida':" I.:N'rEIur.%IN.' ('ll'l(' 14 POUNDEIt after Sl)l!ntlillg :;evel:d (lay vti:ln, i 1%i<l.FAlII': LE.%I;I'E MON. teelhetders, Charles Go:'- her brother V. Oliott an,l family o,* ] The Civic %Velfale I.e:tue (,f l,othe 11 looZViOw. Scholler and Ed. Neimeyer ;were guest-; el 3|15. J;:Ii: f(:lln,-i ;{ill4 !  tual over the week-end, I County Investigal(,t 3.l,,Ad ,'." ,.v,.:i!..' being the luck)" one :his ,ickLlYdlis: I':riekenthi. week. is epo:te,l on th,-i:at her home :n S,.::*i,n "r!w v',cn.:,;g home a 14 l)(mndcr. Iwas pent review..'.: li.,, w,,rk of (IA- [ [feFent (.Oillnlitte(.s. f,)Ih,we,i bv y,-v(.:',: ,]l[Iltl e Morris of Seattle and Tile Riverside Circle of tte M. 1-:. i=gan)es of Progre.<v(' %Vh:'. .l. lise spent the week-end Church lllel at the honl(! of -.|I. . Ch:t. { Those aid ndin;4 wele: (".':::.+. Go- )) .... t ........ ..,)...  ..... t.. .. .,.. : "  .... r-1;f D.,!). l I . :4e.(.:let Fh;',l ]t. slid Mrs. William . 5io ............................................ ............... - nesday. !lh,::sen, t),. I). Spinncy. (k:rl Crt:v(-t. laad. F(,zd Threlkald, M. l.ind,,n. 5I. lC:tht'r ;anlb',e. Mls..Xlalg:llitc, l.yI e, .Nit.-.'. Joan Olt-g')z)', Mrs. ICd. t>,roden, .',li:< ',Villian: I)un.;tan and M:':-. J !L l{ ('(':h'l'. II l,,,,ks as if' Ill,..,.t;i,.l i> ,h.,.,l,il',',l I,, k,'' I' l"l,,r ('ib. (;l'(;i:<,li ',;)I;.),'- ' !')" '.,';,,.F!i!!'Z it,'!" "!< ;! "?iI(I'tllI ;)| 12;ll' i(, \\;Vri<llt :':,,.:l:i:,a:':. "r!:,. ,.:,., i- l-'l,,),.).,.(, i- :, 1,1i)(' ,,r (lllilu [(,liu Iill.[ilm I,lll l[:i-- ,1,.'- tu,l llC,'('>\>;tlilv ],;lI it('l" F'O! >, SAIA: l.':vv Nanny (;(:tl/ com- ing hesh; .cll oz trade fm ::nyti:in of Vt*Itl(:. .i11111 illlII](!IlleIlI.-; I)l "('fe: I', d. (;eolge 5I. %Vh(.ler. I{. 2 lk,lh*. 1, iielti Chick'n l]ate.. e e SA @ Friday and Saturday, January 13 and 14 Co.Operative Merc. Co. Phone 332 Chase and Sanborns Dated Coffee, I lb....31c 1 l'k". ( 'h( ),.( )late ,)l" Vanihl R,,val l)l,hlilI.= Fn'." Ek Dairy 6old (limit)can.- 4c I)dMonte Catsup, large bottle llc Pin!pple, large cans 3 for . . 25c .hsms, Market Day 4 lb. Pkg.. 19c i.,.Calif0rma 4 Ibs... 15c Dillhckles, Qt. can.... 9c hhon, tall cans Pink 3 cans . 25c Tomatoes, solid pack, large 3 for 25c Nalhys !andwich Pickles, jar . llc -Gelatin or Pudding All Flavors 6Packagesfor.. . 29c NavyBeans, 4 Ibs... 19c hd geans, 4 Ibs.... 19c ,Fancy Patent 49 lb... 79 ltter, Red Shield, 2 Ibs... 51c hgar, Pure cane 20 Ibs... 89c Brown Sugar, 3 ibs ...... 17c llie,ze, oven Baked Bea,s tall 2 25c II0miny.,large can each . . 9c r.kfield Cheese, . il).Pkgs. 2 for 25c PabstMalt, large can . . 49c Matches, carton 6 boxes . 19c hit, Plain or Iodized 2 packages 15c Th(.r(. arc l,,w ll,, ,.-l,l,'si,h'l:ts livilw ;lli,l n('vtq" 1)(.f(,r(: was th('r(' Sil,.ll ;l .qt)lati,,ll .-.itl)ill th," IIist,,l'V ,,f ,,u)" IIa11li. \\;Vl.'li Al)ra!ml. l.ill,',,hl W;l: il,a'.l.'=urah',l and f,,r a v(.;ir al't(.l'wards, tlmr(, w(,r(, five nl('ll living wh,, had sat ill lit(' ])r(.si,h.ntial ,.llair. 'rh(.v W(.le .J,,lm Tyler, _Martin Van lhir(.n. Milhir(l l'illm,,r(.. Franklin l'ier(-e and Janl(.S lhl,.hazlnan. The surviving wives ,,f f,,rm,.r 1) are --Mrs. ('lcvchlnd, Mrs- I[arris(,n. Ml'.<. Taft, Mrs. Wils(,n and Mrs. C()()lidgc. lu(l'ze Ah'x Cal,hul. the ni,,st v,,uthful jurist ()lll" I)eli,'ll has l:n(,wn has etil'(.d after a tw,,-m,,nth.-: servi(.e he hav- ing l)(.en e]e-te([ f,)r but tiler ])(.ri,,(I ,,I" time. T]l(..v(mn - - Bothell .ill,l' ,nade g(,,,d--is the vt.,',li,-t ,,f all a,l,l lie has n,a,h' a D_anl(' f,,r hinls(.If that is ,.nvial,h, an,i ll,,n,)ral)h,. 1 lb. can Chocolate Malted Milk 55c ]regulation size football free ,,,:: :> .... - hin? PowdeU :!:< ''' ''"" NEW LOW PRICES! Peets Washing Mac I ' ' "'" Large Package (limit) . . . 10c , .v All Sou W. Salads, Pies, Cakes, AT PINE ST . " Clorox, 2 bottles 15c / vegctables and 5C ' I) :-'z:!:::: ............ Palm Olive Soap, per bar" ." ," . 5 All Fish and ,Meat Orders, 10c, 15C and 20c -]]S-4 - !9-- Seattle s Popular Dining Place _ __ M,:,rnin=:=. N,,.ns and Evenings 11"/,,, i,, .S',ttle. Eat at Chmce Fmt, Vegetables MEVES - ' - W estlake and Pine St. Bannas, choice fruit 3 lbs... 19c I Grape Fruit, 6 for ..... 23c Oranges, sweet juicy 2 dozen . 23c Dr. E. A. Rinehart Onions, 25poundbag . . . . 33c Guaranteed Dentistry .I/ ,,,,/,,',,/,' 1,,'i,'.'. -'i h ,,,/ .,,,','fi,',,,,/ ,i,ulitq. Sweet Potatoes,4 pounds . . 15c ,,,,,,,,.. ]h,st Ofli,',. - - I,,,tt,.ll. W.',41. at.gDu'aaas, , "" pounds., . . . . 14c '"" )" 60 Ol-T ()I'" TOll'.V--117,,. !to. t,.ee in qour di.lriet a dcnli.t tl,.t c,. t.l', ,'.r of all of qour d, tal i  Ix ,ttt/,( I,,,,' st ('.st t,) ,IO. / Fresh and Cured Meats You can't get better l'hlt(.s ( l.'(.tll,.rweihl ) Pure Lard, 2 pounds . . . . 15c ,-,,,, ,-an't ,z,.t I,ett,, ('h,sl,I,.,.s lhi,.ti,i1 Plates. Y,)U (-an't g('t })ett(:r ]L)'i(l-'e Work. Fresh Ground Beef, per pound . 10c ,,.,, ,.a,,t get 1,ette,' 1,1h,,s. You (.an't g('t better Filli)l,,. Pork Roasts, young pork per lb. 10c ,:,,,, ,.an't get I.qter l'late IN.l.air.. Y,)u ,'an't get better ]':xtractimz. Picnics Sugar Cured, per pound 10c v,,,, ,.an't get 1,ett,.,' X-lear Ih,ntal ,ervh.e-- --Than Mine! Sliced Bacon, sugar Cd. no rind, lb. 19c Bacon for Seasoning, per ib . . 10c Waiters Best Dairy and Poultry Feeds Scratch 100 pound ;'". Laying Mash, 100 pound hag Cracked Corn, 100 pound bag Bunny Barley, 70 pound bag Mill Run, 70 pound bag . . $1.05 . S!.43 $1.15 83' 53c (',,in(. i)l and ],.t )ll(' ,.xl,hli) lily s.vs(onl. ' " , :,- 'l';,i<.. ,:II. 1 I,,,, ,.:I ();i:,, I: . , T . . ["r,,l '.);,. ):. ,, , ]). 1). ..... .) Dr. E. A. Rinchart, Dentist