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February 18, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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February 18, 1933

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7 % ? t U $ {,, 2 i r /Saturday, February 18, 1933 Methodist Church ll0thell Theatre Thurhly IFebruar) 16 "A FARESVEI.|. TO AlUMni&apos;" with Gary Cooper Helen Haye Saturday Februsry 18 .0TILANGEid5 LN TOWN" with Dhlc Saloo Noah Beery %Ira Devora Ralnond Hatton I Thursday February 23 ; "TtlF I)EVEL 1.'4 DlgiVING'" with ;dmond l,owe %V.vnne Gil,elu lames Gleason l)iekie Moore Heavy Calendar At the Le At 11:00 a. m. the pastor will speak I By Harrison W. Mason OLYMPIA, Feb. 15, 1933-%Vhile the on "Common-Sense Christianity." The Senate had adjourned until Tuesday, Octette of Ladies' voices will render because of the Monday holiday, the a earned selection. House of Representatives went into At 7:30 "). m. a patriotic service will • session Monday at ten o'clock to clear be conducted in memory of two Amer- up a busy calendar, and with 91 of :he ican heroe.sC, eorge Veashington and 99 members present despite the h,)L- Abl :thanl I.incoln. All patrotic minded;day. Democratic floor leaders, includ- peopie ale espec,t*t ,.,Lu Lu aL’,,t* . mg floor leader Donald A. McDonald this service. ,insisted on speeding up the calendar, Sunday School at 9:45 a.m. land attempts by the minority bloc to At 10:45 a. m. the pastor will con- persist in re-referring various bills or. duet a service for the young people, the second-reading calendar to cam- The servize will last for fifteen rain- mittees were definitely blocked. utes only. The parents of the young Heavy calendars, including such bills people are especially invited. as the chain store measure, the ten The Senior nd Intermediate Ep- million dollar bond issue proposal, the wortht Leagues hold their meetings Bone power bill, the "Barefoot School- at 6:30 p m. All young people invited boy" bill and general taxation pro- !granls, besides the Administration i Highway measure were included in the Christian Science ioo, for consideration. The Barbell Sentinel J. W. Best Will Represent Rural Folks If Elected t said: that it will be unneceary to levy any "Heretofore the Port of Seattle ha. taxes upon the country merchant and never considered twenty per cent of the farmers for the daily mainzenance the population of the Port district; of the Port." ntme;y, the coat.try merchant and the .......... I$Itl) ADCA,,T flrIlic l S. I "I persona'.'y and conscientiously Au important broatdca--t with a ha- attiactve program Ths hoa r  broadcast the night of March 6 Will k 1130 Ea.tezn Standard Time.  IA. C. T. U. Th. W..,,::.= I%leiga Miall0 Society ot ".:,e Methodist Church J. '. Best, candidate for port corn- apprec,ate and want the vote of these tional hook-up of interest to all Legionl meet at the hon of M. m:uioner declares that the farmer people, and if elected will giv  - special pots is the Legion program on thAi Oats, Wednesday Febrmu.  attenhon to their problems the handl- N. B. C., now set for the night ell ladies are invited. and merchant of the county ha not ing of cold storage of their fruits, March 5, intead of March 4, as re- had a break from former port officials, vegetables and poultry products. I cently announced in the American { Mrs. C. 1. tlogla II slaking aa el, In accepting an invitation to attend "I will also endeavor to effect econ- I,egion News clip-sheet, but posponed, tended visit at tb home of her datlgt. the Lion. Ciub Thursday, here, Mr. amy in the operation of the Port o 24 hours in order to produce a more, ter Mrs. L. M. o of lmoadA *** Special Food Sale Fri., Sat., Men., Tues., February 17th to 21st. Bothell the Mere. Cioice Meats Pure Lard, 2 lbs.. 15c Pork Rsts... 12c . - Phone 332 ,, Chase and Sanb0rns ... DatedC0ffee lb.... 31e  package Royal Gelatin Fr A I'AI'ER DEVOTED T( UPISU ILDLNG OF AD ADJACENT VOLUME XXV $ Prizes Will Be btude.ts  Buy Atom In connection with the "Itl can. Buy t::othell" cam being urged by many tJothell zatlons, tt.e Bothell Sentinel ing this week and for a nu weeks following prizes for esays on this subject writte] dents in the Junior high The essays must not be Bothelll e substitute highway bill, No. 177 Little Pig SauSage Ib 15c .%cie t_v .., considered this week as one of the major Administration measures to • • • •  • • • speed up. The bill provides for the new Bacon for Seasoning lb 10c A branch of The Mother Church, highway set-up, and must be followed • • • • • • • Whe First Church of Christ, Scientist, *after psssage, by the reappropriation i Boston, Massachusetts. bill and the road budget bill. The new Beef Ribs Lean Tender lb 8c Holds services every Sunday at 11 bill appropriates $9,000,000 from the • • • • • • • . Itn. I gas tax and road funds, and provides Lamb Shoulder Roast Ib 10c bJect of the Lesson-Sermon in all, for a "new deal" for every county in • • • • • • o..o.o ,.oo. o.oo -oo.,,.,., . oo, oo,..o,,... . Rib Round or Sirloin Steak ib 19c February 19, Mind. i county road and bridge fund levies, nday school at 9:45 a.m. [but also provides a return of money   • • Wednesday evening services at 8:00 1 to the counties from the state an ' o'clock, include testimonies of healing. I amount nearly equal to the levy for- Reading rooms in the church edl-tmerlyl taxed against property in eve:T rice are open from 2 to 4 p. m. oncounty in the state. l Wednemiay, also after each service. I Liberalization of the House rules the The pblic ill cordially invited to first daysofthepresentsession, which Lettuce Head 5c/ attend our church services and to use permitted all members to introduce our reading room. bills and get them on the calendar if  • • • • "Sour' was the subject of the Les-they could get their reports out of Bananas o 9 ,'u" 1 "-''--' son-Sermon in all Churches of Christ, committee the first month of the sea-  • • • • • ’ieatiat, February 12. alert, hen reacted in a w-y that Golden Text: "O bless our God. ye a real democratic prodeeding on all Oranges large size dozen 19c peopte, and make the voice of his House actions. From now on the Den ] • • • • pri to be heard: which holdeth our ocratic leadership in the House will Begas 10 pounds for 10c oul in life. and suffereth not our feet insist on, and get, action on the many to be moved" (Ps.66:8,9). pending measures of an important • • • • • • • • Among the citations which corn-nature that will be considered up to Squash fine sweet Hubbard Ib Ic prised the Leson-Sermon was the fol- the close of the present session. 9 • • • lowing from theBible: "With mysoul So the sixth weekof the Democratic  W--eat   have I desired thee in the night; yea, legislative session at Olympia will see with my spirit within me will I seek a tightening of the Democ,'atic lines' thee early: for when thy judgments to the end that necessary iegiMation are in the earth, the inhabitants of the will be speeded up and definite and II  Hearts Flour I: - world will learn righteousness" (Isa.- decisive action taken on Administra- 25:9). tlon as well as all other worthy inca- The Lesson-Sermon also included t, he sures.  23c 19c following passages from the Christian' The House ,Monday night passed the Science textbook. "Science and Health :Gas Tax Refund bill, H. B. 269, aimed with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary to prevent fraudulent gas tax refunds  Wheaties i 491 b - Baker Eddy: "So long as we believe and to save the state nearly a million that ’oul can sin or that immortal dollars annually. • Soul is in mortal body we can never ..... b/ 3pkgs I Bag rig understand Science of being. When t[ltW ,.lever,'r,,,,ks swindle humanity does understand this  , . , .., e.,:4- --I ldlll Science, it will become the law of Life ,, • _   • '.•  • to man--exen, - the higher law o" oui,- " allllllallV. , lS .Illfl III l-lip o1. .. • which prevails over material sense A]llOrlvilP.  cekly Ma<_,'aznle - -- through harmony and immortality' f II('Xt ,Qlllldav's Seattle -  -- (p.311:19-25). l)l,st hltellien,'el'. ...... . .  S0itasilk First Lutheran IPubhc Invited to : ,' Church See Radio Shop [l=,s Cake Flour Confirmation Cla. will meet If youhavealittleidletlmeonyour [ Pkg .... 9,o Sturday at 10 o'clock, hands and are Interested at any time Sunday morning: Sunday School in modern radio testing drop in to the and Bible Class at 10 o'clock. B and H Radio Shop across from the Service at 11 o'clock. telephone office on the main street at ' the The Sewing Circle will meet in Bothell. These boys have a real radio  hall Wednesday, February 22nd at 2 shop and it is modern in every re- o'e'.ock. Mrs. Cole and Mrs, Rockness spect. But that is not all; they kr._v." hostesses. how to use it both of the partners having had over six year_ expr!ence We are sorry to note that Mrs. Andy in radio service and repair. Anderson has been taken back to the h aspital. flateway Theatre .G.ursday, Friday. Saturday, Feb- ruary 16, 17. 18. Helen I{:::.'ee an,l Ilaymond Navarre, in The Son- Oaugtater. Sunday. Monday. February 19 and 20 M. %Vllllamson Beneath The Sea. Tuesday. ?,'e(lneday. FebT'mry 21 and 22. lledi: C,,m,'y -::',! Iq.v. :yn The amount of work the:," are get- ting from the entire district proves ' their ' . popu,ar!tv wi:h rndio ow::e:s. i Drop in tnd :a!k x-,ur rat! :rif ,-,:'€.r iwith the boys You'.: be at!.=f'e! ar:d i,lolighted "it :?:e c,,-:r:eo:-" a!;'!,':, and treatment yo:i wi:l rece!v.,. A::d r mernl_,er ve,'T thing the3" ,io is guarar.- teed. , M.R.S. CI.UB i The M. R, S Cl:b me" a: the hon:, c,f .M:' tI,ra<'e S:.l: .-,:: V'€, ir.’. [ ..'.- ]2t.)ll-:, ,. 1" ," . Corn meal, yellow I0 lb. bag ... 19c Broom  Good Value 29c Toilet Tissue, I000 sheet roll, 4 for 19c Clorox, pints, 2 for ................................................. 15c  fNI"ET₯ [SECONI)51 Bisquick Large Package 29c Salad Dressing, full quart .... 25c School Boy Peanut Butter, 2 lb. jar 19c Macaroni or Spagetti, 3 Ibs....17c Red Beans, 4 pounds ....... 19’ Navy Beans,4 pounds ....... 19’ Rice,4 pounds . . . ...... 15c Milk, 6 cans . . . . . . . . Matches, Carton 6 boxes . . . 19c Vinegar, 2 bottles ........ 15c Del I Del Monte [Monte IY Tamdt° [Spinish    2e Ia* can  Sugar pure cane, 10 pounds .............................. 45e Powdered Sugar, 3 pounds .... 19c Brown Sugar, 3 pounds .......................................... 17c Raisins, 4 pound package .................................... 19c Corn, No. 2 cans String Beans, S0.2 cans / 3 cans Cut Beets, N0. 2 cans t27c Tomatoes, No. 2-} cans Crystal Peets Whll ' ] • Peaches or Apricots, No. 2/.. cans 2 for 25c Hone)', 5 pound pails ........................................ 43e Prunes, 2 pound package .......................... 15c Butter, Red Shield 2 l)ounds ....... .45c Mead-O-Dew Butter, l)ound ............ 19c Waiters Best Poultry and Dairy Feed Scratch, 100 lb. bag .............................. 81.05 ,',lash. Standard 100 lb bag ............... ..'31.40 Millrun. 70 lb. ba ......... 53e Alfalfa Ha)-, hale 90c words in length. Legibility, for the plan and offered will be points taken ideration by the Judges. Two prizes will be offl week. For the first, four Be ire tickets will be given, m ond prize two tickets. A af the campaign the Judg an award of three grand ; $3, $2 in merchandise will from those merchants wl appear on the "Buy Atom Bothell" page, winners to m| her choice. Those merchants cooperati movement will have !ues, me i windows to call attention to paign. On page 1 thi,s week is pledge. Ogre May Abolh Publk A bill scheduled to come 1 cuss]on before Congress t| which is of unusual interesl the Bill Against Unsolicited disc which would make [I to send unordered m through the malls. For several years local have been bothered by of receiving boxes of gloves, Christmas cards, merchandise through the they haven't ordered. Along with the a bill for $1 or perhaps $2. At this time of the year article for firnm which method of selling is Thousands of boxes of cards are sent out ple all over the country Persons who have boxes of Christmas cards tercsted hi a ntatement It lice of the Postma.ter Get effect that it is neither return such unordered nor pay for it if it is not According to The Betl Bureau, investigation h:s in many cases the value. these unordered enid ass€ not equal the values %ti.qe,,! in ri.l,ul;ibl+. ]oc'ril OLD OPEN SGItEME "Pb -:: ",v,-,i d. ' IC,' d,.l, I qUr'.l." still 't,nt;tiri rns,:gic. t.irrie state offi(:ia.l:4 have t,t I"t b!ll with their c:,vn as thoy tako the pro]:.tni ti’,n t+, h:;'e fri’,r,,l'.y Ot]. ?,e. S;(}lt,rl3( ".%', ," i . ft Fiid:.tO. .... i; :t ",. € *.,,,." :, : ie;i:4]rl.five br; D’.}i,.. tJ,,l ;i I>;Lrt/tif. rif 1.3k.4 it. CARl} OF TiiA: We wish o thank ,1 thi, eornmuni,.y for tho!r : f lw.r:4 d]lrin;r r:ir rr,.r . 5; ;,rlol Mr. Arrr, t'.'l f:trnily J 4