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Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
Bothell, WA
April 15, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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April 15, 1933

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"' ':' : """;L;;: Red or NaT Beans, 4 lbs.... 17c Gladiator Whole Wheat Cerial . lie Butter, Red Shield, 2 lbs.... 4ac Hot Cross Buns, Dozen . . . 20c o__rrsol Pillsbury Cake Flour, large pkg.- 2 glass plates free Tractors Parts. rvlce Cookies, 4 dozen . . . . . . 15c 10c Donuts, fresh, dozen Star Machinery Co. I Salted Peanuts, 1 lb. pki. " ." ." 1741-1 st Ave. El, 0760 I SEATTLE F--R'  VEG- A BLES  Oranges Med 2 doz. If your hot water coil or back is not heatinff, I -(... Grapefruit, 6 for Asparagus, 2 lbs. cain make it heat. l,et me reline that old heater, or any other repairing. Baileys Repair Shop KENMORE Phone 37-S-12 Rhubarb, 3 pounds . . . . . Fresh Onions, Radishes, 3 bunches Spuds,.50 lb. bag . . . . . . Bothell IAons were day night by a visit of a 1 tion from Seattle anti Hrer 5lik. .Mitchell of Seatl t !filial tlil el'tot gave [in talk sh.wing ihp growth ll:l* lo:l'il organizat iotl f.r :t. 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H( ;dini's protege the mond a magician and slil artist of reknown tops gram. Raymond challengel lthell to solve any of Illusions and has aon to get aa many local ] can on a committee to down front and try to ing his performance. ln to be Foiled but its Bill Antlny, the old ister, will make you presentation of an old hal at a darkie meeting Besides this vaudville great comedy picture by Lee Traey, Lupe Valez, Pallctt titled "The ._lf and also Marie Dresslel Moran in "Dangerous The theatro mana "come early" u.,, the-re will in prices and seats will get. Palm Olive Soap, 3 bars . . 1 Fun And Laundry Soap. white liberty, 101. 1 Night At Peets Washing Powder. large pkg. 13c On Friday (,vening AT: Kenmore Community Clul  K"rac-ers /_(rb.7r_._l.  in a .ight of '+un Red Arrow Bridge and cooty will be White or Graham . t !i to be awarded those . . , I- ;  lllll scores. Games, dancing lb Box . . 2c i} .,, ,o. =,,, ,o,,ow <., public is invited to atten MEAT DEPARTMENT Twenty-Five me " cr_Picnics, Sugar Cured Ago Tod the railroad track was sl a,,e , North Bend passenger tr,  Sliced Bacon; no rind .few hour. later in a Sea that she horaewhlpped 1 Bacon for .seasoning lb.... 10c ,o."' .-<o o, ," wo,''"' Frys Dehcl0us Hams, lb... lf daugtlterMar'in HuldaJhnsnto tooRth, Whole or Half Purelard,3 lbs.... Pot Roast, Beef lb... Leg Pork Roast, lb... Little Pig Sausage. lb.. ]tospital in S, cattle on is s:lfforing from tubercl hip joint. M:.-" Lewis l;url,.s hr fathor, loft f,r nn t,: to Y,r t,i,1 horllo ;it 121aok tVi.=. Tuotlay tn,,entnff. Dr Pambrnko eward rCently completed the of a mr>dern resit],rleo ntrh r 'own. A farowo!l p;trx" ;v:i: a' f M  Vera Rirving 'Pu,-s day venlnR'. i'y (;fork (;o,,rLo XV aii'nr,. athor than o slt to the liquor license. . . . 2 . . 1 . . 1 . . lk WALTERS FEEDS 100 lbs. Standard Laying Mash ............... $1.50 100 ibs. Chick Milk Mash .......................... $2.20 100 lbs. Developing Mash . $1.85 100 lbs. Fattening Mash. ........ " i $1.65 All mixed fresh dai!.v. Hiah l'ade feed al tnn prices i I