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May 27, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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May 27, 1933

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U pBUIII.DI[NG OF BOT &amp;.ND .,kl)JAGIgNT C,O UMTX ay VOLUME XXV. 00BOthell 00tttin00l BOTHELI,. WASItI,,,u ,,.. I',;ATURI)AY, .\\;lay 27. "{ ..... l J, , J $.it. -,if ' - 'I'ilOBI)U4;|i (;0%'IERAOI WEEKLY It IPAi'Ei IgOR All. TRE |[OMt;I L-q TIt[18 DILSTBICT Co. Colonel J. B. Hayes To :ment Speak Memorial Day The Memorial Day conunittee has of his calibre to bring the Memori-d ........... made f|aal arrangements for the pro- Day message. Colonel Haye. is we!l gram which will be held at the Bethel] known as the count>, welfare corn- High School auditorium at 11 a. m. m!ssioner. ) NL'MiI',I, 29 TWO BOTHELL HI GRANGEMA00TER S. WILL GRADUATE GIRLS HAVE TWO S E E S UP-TURN ! YEARS PERFECT IN CONDITIONSI LARGE CLASS JUNE_. 7 ! COURT HOUSE IqEWSI w00oo .,.oo, ,. Two sopbOillOle gix'ls of Bothell King (7ounty Pomona (;:ange No 13 cornllleneeFilent exelc:se_- on %Vedne- H:2h School ate fin!shing theh" see-it-e: at :anunanlish Va:iey Grange at day evening, Ju::e 7, o::e of the larg- -rid ve:,r with straight A grades, a%Voodinville. May l_. Stair .%luster By BEN T. liART est clases of .-ienlors in the h:atory enialkable two Year .tccomplishnient |(;oss was tnesent and aided it. mak.Lg Chief Lklutb" ('ounnt$ Clerk of the school 'Jll :eceve their dipiom- {This fact was blotlght out this week thi a mo:t et,joyab:e :tad mst:uez:ve %Vhen at. :r,:e::oc.utoz,," d:votce is as. They will finnish fxom then own Cotton Frocks and ],i,],.- . , l,,,'K, qqif2 t,, 5 .2 ......... Turkish Towels, $1 Cotton Hose, pr. 10c Pure Silk Hose 25 Counter Cedar Chips :,r will keel, tilt, m,,::- ,,at of mer w,,,,le,].- 10 ps ................ ,th-Pr,,,,f ':,,TLh,= 25 e Stylish Shoes Pair 98c and Girls' Shoes and B0y's Gxf0rds Co Tuesday. They invite everyone to The community in coo;,e:atin wAhlwhen the local post of the American attend the exercises, both at the and- the veterans in rounding out the tn, '. I ,.t';:, i... tilled to allall-e .oi :t',vard- itorium and at the cemetezy. It:tul which is :t: follows: t " Ex-service nlen are aslied tO as-t"Anlelica" ... [ I, lhe t!l:iual s('hol;tlsh, l, tlophv, a "k"Id;eIHt" I l:l'.({- %%']i(' h:ls !,1'] a:!it.t ,:lt m semble at the Legion Ilall at 10:30 ! Invocathm . Rev. |'. l.. tiawk I . ' I , '[ t",t-I i ';'('a: >. tO prepare fol tiac ce cmonies. ] Song ..... .te! hn F: e'le I T,t, : ,.,.l ,',iLg i:t,l,,..-, ]-:tlh(*l :Ile The firing squad of Bothell Post, t lC{eadiz:g ....... Phil]ip I::u:s !(...(l'.v,-:: a:!(i Jean Ailcxi have !nade American Legion will be pressed ito!Ad<t!ess ....... Col. J. |;. lfaye. .:. ,...v:';,[r. :ecord :in,t htiv:nA tivd  ..... - " " ............... O ,Ill IlLIIiL,'I :o:' the :S.:-:q'ho(d ::cholalshq) h(,no!s. practice of having Seattle cadets for National Anthem ........... Audience b(,lh V.'.:i have a shall- ih the e:lp this purpose. The squad will be unde!" Benediction .............. Rev. lJ. F. Hawk .uwa d. the command of Sgt. Ross E. %Vorley. After the ce, emony a line of maeh The othe! cup given by the local and will fire a salute at the river as wi]l be fomed and all a!e asked to vetez.,ns =:oe.s to the Senim class this well a at the Odd Fellows cemetery, p!'oce,d t,-, the ce:netcrv. A '"I" v,.-a:- the)" having gone through '.he The National Colors used by the to be made at 2nd and Main while year with the highest average class post is one that has led the line of the Naval salute is being fired at the march in all impo!'tant events here bridge. eho!arship. This cup stays at the schooI and is held fm a year by the for many }'ears. By the side of this Those having flowe!.s which can be winning class. grand old emblem this }'eat' will be used for decorating t, ult.,o.e:s at the the new post standard making its graves are asked to bring or send first appearance in parade, them in. CHAMPION U W The speaker of the day, Colonel .... * * J. B. Hayes, is a man who has seen .%ERVICFS .";UNDAY CREWS l.00a RACE much military activity and during To pay solemn tribute to the corn- his service has also seen many corn-!ades of all wars who have gone be- Al' POW WOW rades fall or die from the effects of fore. members of the American Legion warfare. He knows his subject well post will attend the .Methodist church and takes great interest in observ- !n a body Sunday evening. Dr. U. P. ances of this nature. Bothell again Hawk has prepared a special program is fortunate in having procured a man for this service Service Connected [FORAGE SHORTAGE Disability Pension FACING DAIRYMEN ",_,, ''Being Reviewed STILL TI.%|E TO PLANT E.%RLI cluding war canoe races each after- noon at 2 o'clock and the histmic and .MLaITU]N, ING OATS BARLEY AND , ......................... -- ...... "[_ [dramatic pageant of the signing ot J'OUOWII IS a veroaum copy oi tne uJ,' L'% 'r.;,iElt.' V.l*T oF, . . ....... [the Indian treaty with Territorial release to the pre mane oy the White i T -*a* tO: " " I overnor Isaac I Stevens both even- House in Washington, the night of -- I " rag* at 8 oclock dayhght saving tme May 10 Although many fall sown forage ["  ' , " " " ' The war canoe races which will fea- tops killed b winter mur hae a result of conferences between c Y J Y " i ' been -eseeded there i - -till dan'-er oflture three 50 foot canoes will be the President the National Command- " '  "  I ' a seriou- feed shmta,e in western'manned by 11 braves each from the er of the Legion, Louis John- " s   ,t tha dlra,r of the bud,et in Washington, according to Leonard lSWinomish and La Conner Tribes "'r-d'- ":" "e'v';" ulati ns o: ,,et Hegnauer extension agoaornit at the'l They ;;'ill ;'ace over a three mile reg to he n eg o ....  ...... course tart ng In Juanlta t=a} ann eran's claims. [state college, who has just completed, . . - . " a surey of the area A there s t 1 omg to md lake and return In As a result of the application of the.. , ' . s -  r - . - veterans', g:ar, te', it iz s.:dom, acco:d:ng A tee:::: ,. ,t,t;I/tis!xl a:.d ehcOkl:-.; O :..c led'o: :.-_ o.  9u: co:J/t, tiaat the :,.2,:, ': t wa: eXl,:t:.,.ed b:. };loth:-.' . . .. . . , . .. I;,,.,:. !"; h:.- T:tik ::i,,,:: , .to.n_,: ::. I .., c....... , :. ..: ::sake Ap :hd have ..,-  ...,:. ,: .;,p,:(: be:,:e the ently of \\;%':,-hl:./',,r l, C bv "Le I.:,:,.:,, ,t- :.:,:. u,::,-e, t:;: .t napt, cted this hi /,.A[:::.ill: "tJ t'(:t?i'! :,7.d.:,:.: .%t-v:. :,',!I,HLI,:I c,Ki:.T:," ",'."t - "3.':'[[ : t'p: '- ! (9:: :1. )7-i .:: %." .t,3! ::el, (;J! ti,:: 2. r'l;'(',i :ht::e be;n[_" >t",", :t., I:::,. r - ,- . .:: J-.,. 11 ....... i 2.:. :',...SX., tl(J:ll that ec.t:,,n. i-" [ : .,':,'; "Ge %:: :.,Hi O:" au l,teIo(:- The :t:.::ti:tl nlelol2[i: e'\\;'2(.e %vele ; -:'-'.:5" d:-c:t-e :a:.:t-(1 .Nov. 2. 1(.#32. held in the. aftez'noon. ]'i'r.e o:d..-: was e:.teted o:. Attolney The eve:t;g p!og:am wa: we,i sui,-!2.1e:ca.f s ho',v.r.g "nat the had plied with ente!ta;nnlent b'f I.e,-.tuler[ ,- i c,:, "'. r . i,<: i. ;,_nti heg(.n Josie Hopkins. Hi]man F. Jones ta:k i ": ................... on "Pro:e:-;'" made all t-ahz,- ptog-i ..v.r.:g ,o/zethe: aga.:..)A: -'l?OlithS agO. ess ias been made in !his nolthwest.[ A d:aw,ng o.  IS,) JkllOIS %%'as con- A ve:y a!nusin play was put on by] iJc:ed last Satu:da:." 9:, of thein to sonle Sa:ll!llanlish Va:ley G!a,,,,e:s. I , ,,.,,, 1.,. -.-- ,,, ';""" tO June 30 Two candidates were ir,:tiated and 1 ,.:i the :ema:nde! to :epo.'t June 19 ;hr. mee',:ng r.loed at 11 p. m. I duty until July 28. I A th:ee months old aiiihg baby. a Mote than 1.000 Indians of Puget A delegation of !and owners and Sound t::.bes will hold their third an- business men. with the leade!-hip of nual Pew-wow Saturday and Sunday, Tom Hunt. count>" engineer, vis;ed May 27 and 28. at Juanita Beach, just the count>" commlssmnets VCedr.eday north of h:irkland on Lake Washing-lwith an aim of get-lag the Sammam- :on Sl,onso!ed by Kirkland Post of the'ish river drainage sta:ted at once. Ame!ican Legion. ! The river bottom :n the v!einltv of Two days of spectacuta events a!e:the east city Emits is such that water scheduled tr the Indian conclave, in-lis backed up over the fertile acreage regulations, it now seems , time to sow low lands, with a good iterest is running high in these events that the cut in compensation of ser- supply of moistme, for winter feed:as the L'niversity of V;ashington will d 'send two crews to Juanita Bay for vice-connected world war veterans crops, steps should be taken ]mme-, with specific injuries has been deeper iately to avert a shortage of folage' :.:.hibitio, *ace and the contrast of the water prowess of the Red men than ws originally planned. The eg- crops. . i T.nw lands nc, t yet rm !ntn er'cp rind the modern varsity rowina will be uiatlon and schedules in this e.t, ect I will, therefore, be reviewed so as to can be seeded to ea!iy matu!ing x'a- an late:eating sight. effect more equitable levels of pay- !ieties of oats and bear,tles ba!ley, l The -ven!ng pageants, which will m- ment. Careful stud}" also will be These ran sti!l be sown but  hide the d:ama of Governor Stevens made of the other regulations and must not be delayed Ion:z. says Mr. i c'a]lin th(, Indian chiefs to the ca;,i- I their effects, tle=nauer. Oats and b;iev can be :al on Saturday night and the actual By reason of the burden incident to used as a hay crop. ens:.:aue or g!ain, sining of the. treaty on Sunday even- refuting and in order that nndue] Dai!vrnen stiI1 sc, w mangels, ing will be set on a natu!'al wood- hardships will not be imposed upon tu!'nips and car!ots, all of which sur,- :and stae. A huge cmpfire will l:;zht veterans in their appl',cation for ad- ply excellent succulence fo: winter :he stae and co:o!ed llghts will play judieation of their, regional of-ifeedin" Root crops (an be .,own ve: the whole setting. flees of the Veterans" Administration ,successfully on almost every farm :.n The Indian chiefs t- participate will will not be closed as has been tepo!t- Plant:.n seve- of the upper valley doin untold dam- age each year. It is understood that a few land owners adjacent to the destructive bars refuse to allow dredging opera- tions to go ahead, but it is also un- I derstood that these short stretches will be taken over by condemnation and the imp!ovement eontlnued. The delegation members were Han- ford Mohn, Charles %Va]ters. Ben Boone. Joe Magini. the Aeries Broth- ers. Art Jackerman. Ciff Pol]ey, John Zanassi and John Gverts and his ranll.a ai: speakel. oi. 'he plogranl, ci:- gl'e;:iid fll!ll the klSii:il l)Iocedl.lFe of hav;:. o' he'.p. "r.] *Hl(('ala[llele se I ",.". t't. %%.:I.] be held :*t the .Me:i{odi." chul('h on Sun- day Jdn{ 4. "1"his ye:tl d!le 0 :},e econonli( con- to b!eak flora the tadi?ional type of exelc';,se of hay!n;.: a:i outside speaker, and put on the ent!re tuog!am by the membe. of the c]a.-s. AIter careful invet;gatmn on n:any topics on which to base the p!og!am, it was decided that health, being the first cardinal principle of education, wouhl make a fitting subject. The public is eo:dially in',qted to at- tend this exercise ,as we are sure it will ear,'}" a little more local color by student poduetion. The class is one River l t'mpr0vemen" o, the largest Bothell has eve,' g, adu- ;::.ou.-.ard baby c'h:cks arid a hub-build ated. The program wi}! be as fol- v,'.:h a b:oken iez a,: of them needingllows: Plans -'6olng Ahead :: cute. ,'ere the ,ea.sons advanced i Musie: Processional. Elvera Kram- a :anche,s wife thi, wek in e- lich. c::.r.g an excuse from ju/y duty. Invocation. Jim Hunter. I Salutatorian: Ruth Sundholm. Two wiKs of unusua! late:est, both' Valedictorian: Dora Nieholl. o5 them made by women, were filed i Education and Health: Fred Gutter fo: p:obate this week. !and Oscar Van Tine. The first, w:itten it. longhand bvl Music. th= testa:or, who died six weeks ago,: Presentation of American Legion ., one of the shortest eve: handled by. trophies for seholarship: Ed. F. Greg- ,,:: office, cons:sting of exactly thir-irY . Commander. ::.'-.'our wods. It bequeaths a modest I Presentation of Diplomas. e'.ate to a nece, twenty ",'ears old. [ Recessional. who. the testate: declares. "has acted The graduating seniors axe: as a daughter to,me during my declin-! Ruth Anderson, Lila Egbert, Flor- :ng years." enee Foster, Marie Fries, Evelyn ttan- o The other is that of Pauline Bengel. sen, Fredriqua Hartwell, Frances till- who died two months ago. Among it. debrandt. Ruth Johnson. Elvera bequeaths are $15.('gJ to the Red Cross Kramlick. Eleanor Klein. Hazel Love, $7.5(, to the King Count}- Humane Helen Munson, Dora Niche]Is, Marc Society. $5((, to the Seattle Sym- garet Peabody. Ruth Person. Betty phony Orchest:a and an unestimated Sherwood. Caroline Tinkham. Ruth "'res:due'" to the Child:en's Oithope- .u,dho!m. Eileen V,'heeier. L]ilian dic Hosplta: of Seattle. 'Kapphahn. Lois Stewart. Lucille I Bates. Mary Itami, Avis Blake. Wray %Vhether the $6.020 estate of Fank Caldwell. Meh'in Carlson. Thomas manager of Hollywood Farm. ',Lyons. portmaste at Nulato. Alaska. Cranson. Walter Crow. Arthur Dak- The flood conditions of the past two for 25 years is to escheat to the Ter- era. Donald Deering. A!den Foster, >-ears have ah'eadv cost the va!ley !:tory of A]a:ka or to the State o George Fries Fred Gutter, Louis people enough to have made the corn- %Vashmgton :s to be decded by ouri Helm' James Hunter. Jack Kennard. plete imp!ovem,nt, it s said. !Sta'e S:;p:eme Cou:t. Edwin Kennard. Donald Langlois, ! i i Lyons. who died intestate :we years Bert Miller, Harold Nicholas. %Varren l az,_, !n A:aska. :eft no His es- Nelson. %Vendell Pearson. Lennart Pe- ,, ,:%rne,, Names His ":"t" consi<e2 s:,-iy of cash or, depos-te,son. Ho,,a!d P!ice. Eugene Reed. lit in the F.:s: N:ti:,::a: t]ank ,,f Se- Clyde Ilobe!'ts IKenji Sakauye. Oscar Red Cross 00pt,'00a-'a:ns Tine. James Vilbur. %Varren %Vino ! (".u::ty c.c,_::t for the esoheat c.f the tin. Me!'lin Radke. Dale .ellman. f-sta:e on the z:,,u=d :hat Lyons was :o: o, - Five Years :he stae and colo!ed Hahts will play I - . m - " :mercy nmbil:zation of the annual Red "Vsh.r.zt,-,r: <.a:me! :: n the g:ound "'" ;" was ::,.-',,:ed w:thln it ho',:n- .... ..... Ago Today f':oss !o!! cat1. )'s.._d) annm']noed the follawlng "captains'" who wH! con- !a::es. T'r.e apI,,-:: ::, he S::p:eme Cou:t ll-.:estern Washington. all be direct descendants of the orlg- duct the great humanitarian appeal ForosoI00 Parts Service [Star Machinery con !1741-1st Ave. EL 07000[ DUNN LUMBER00 : ed, except where it has been clearly demonstrated that regional facilities are not necessary, govern- It is not contemplated that ment hospitals will be closed pending a careful, studious survey of the en- tire hospital situation. This, of neces- sity, will require considerable time. Tlse conclusions are in line with the President's original statement that the regulations and schedules would be drafted so as to effect the most humane possible treatment of veter- ans truly disabled in war service. SEATTLE, KING CO. MONTHLY LEADERS MEET On Friday. May 2. Seattle and King Count)-"y" leaders wilt gather at the Friendly Indian Camp near Bellevue for the last leader's meeting al different root crops gives the dai:y I cows variety fo! the win- a necessary ter ration. No western %Vashiv.gton farmer should having to buy feed next fall if there is any possibility of pro- ducing it at home. Locked Out Typos Are Supported Here Members of Seattle Typographical Union visited Bothell Wednesday and found that business men here are in sympathy with them in this crisis. The inefficiency of the imported non-union p!';r, tcr:" ::'h9 at," ,:In:n[: tho work on the three Sca.'tle papers is well :ealized by all who n:.* scan the columns of thoc sheels, and r'CltlEin," 0:FCFS ha/ heC0P, i( a f}vorZe I pastinle wl:h the yo:::,gste's Three of %Vednes,lay's v;sito:s here , have been cmpkX,'e.1 by The Times for over a (]Ll:lrter O ? a ('cn:lF," Rnd wi',h their fe::ow wcrke:'s have felt a keen sense of pride :n the h.h type for ,'he ! year. The prog:nm, under the vuidan,e of t "Fh':t Soeoiofsky and .',vy::ard ('ou!;ty seo -t:::';'n'a:ncd !,y "he l':::=" ;,.per ' h,< :,- \\;'r'r. ?,.,':: : ru :: ..f "-;..- re,aries, wil! 'l!'e traiF, iD2 i:l , i  - :  t " t  r i ' C' N C * " ( nl  '  ' : r a = r : 1 ',," ,.:f..i, :.: w,,:}::::, :: v.h ) :'., ,;.- door activ;tiv, anq a i,l,,scnta:on "fi' ." awards to vo:':ntcer leader.; who hav']heit :'r;., ,,wne:. :r, ,i,.:::',:::.:..; :::::: i :... _...1 =U ' t. ... cr. w been serv:n the association, en:i::.,ye(s. .. A:l COunty learle!s nre u;:o.t to at- i "In :pite :ff ::i:r:,',: : "hr. ,-r:-:?)" tend this meeting. I =a t ('har:es Pax?on. 'the :. ;:,:: :: n- The P!ogram !,pgm. v,':th "1 :t,c:e'- [ , :.:;o:, ::r:(l the ur,:o!: w ]: :,, :?:o f.r-t .:- p.;.,:: v,-:-, "'- - ,= - ti0naI pe::,I :" :; 2,, tnt . u, ::::,!" , -. ":% I ' ' 7 ' ! : "" "" ' " inal chiefs who made the historic :s to be taken h-. the Inheritanr'e Tax areement.  in this district: " ' :  Eoheat Divis.on of the State nf Frank Elliott has been apointed ' { %Voodinville. H. M. L:ndgren; Ken- " ....... Mrs. J. C. Bates of Olympia. daugh- more. Mrs. L. ,'. Reasoner: Bothell. %Vashington. as a result of a ,!ec!s:on duputy sheriff by Sheriff-elect Bob ter of Guy. Stevens. will come from by Judge J. T. Ronald of our Count>" Hedge. Mrs Scott Bird, Mrs. Jessie Gates and her home to portray a role in the ta- [Cou :n which he upheld Alaska's bleaux. !Vaughn Bosley. .<aim tn "h- mommy ! A cow. belonging to Mr. Penny, wa. Between these two spectacles the I The roll call dates this }'ear are! "hit by the northbound train Saturday , Indians, who will pitch their tents in June 1-15, and all King county is or- Judge John M. Ralston of Clallam.mrning. More beef for Bothell's : County was the on]v outside Judge i bustling butchers. the Juanita Park, will give demon- ganizing for the .upreme effort of en- - - strations of Indian rites, ceremonies ' serv!nz on our bench during the week. ! and life. including war. spirit and tri-'rlling every home in every district in He he:d court :n depa!-?mnt number i Mr. J. E Mohn purchased a there- this foremost mercy organization. The fc,,r, bred HamiItonian driving horse while bal dances. They will '.e the!r magic sticks and boards in their i-,:rit ll call is '" $1 momborh'p. c, tee ;in Seattle Tuesday. ......... I dances. , ensuing ",'ear. Un'Jsua: a:ound for d:vorce were 1 Mrs. J. H. Carter of Burlington wa urze:t by two Seattle husbands in .a guest of Mrs. Charles Beardslee on suits f.'.ed against thei: wives this' PROCLAMATION .eok t00u'sday" The first husband, a f:reman, de- George and Carlton Ericksen re- Whereas, Bothell Post, American Legion -:,:oo hat he , ent:".ed tn a de'ree tu,'nod from an extended visit :n is conducting Memorial services on Tues- ..... :,:,-'. :,:-2:'.h: .... =:" ::h" ,, h,.:r=-=he --ets='kC?o step"'n'a ,,'.ere p,e'u:,. reo'e, o,'er day, May 30 in memory of departed Com- :., .-,. ,n- r, ,,:, :e, ,,'ha: h:s l rades of all wars; :' :" =: .....  ''' e:,:)- :n- .',,s =,: ,,,,,,.. ,:,: ,, .::.,, :.,_ "gC" "-- " , ">.. . ".':or.  - . r',-t.]" vrno ;Ot'lr t .'g-[t:]:,'-'," .!,'TI'. a V,S:*. And whereas, all Bothell will desire to "-: .... ,:' .... .' :,..', ,:,-,, ,=,,' n T,-:,:-, ,r.: .,-::,,:,: :',,2 ::-. "r ":- i' : f.f'cen :::::, =, unite to pay tribute to the defenders of the :_: :,.::. -, .- .:o >.. Nation, to whom we owe out' Liberty and ... ,,:- =,,,:r-,.,i:,- [}aliCe at Kenm0re the preservation of our institutions; ........... -= r: ,,<.- "',::>rn, Club Saturday Nite it >,'oaa00m00d an gothell Pharmacv izens of the Town of Bothell be and are re- Ranks 10th ..... .... :: quested to suitahly decorate their ]:crees and business houses with a disl)la:," of the .:.. .[-:i.i :'[ .:.,[. ':" National Colors, and to observe a moment .... .: -- :-,, i.: -.. ,, i , : .... of reverent silence at the time of firin of ............. " .... :-:. ............. .... - :,. n - the lute folloing" the exercises" held " ' '- : ...... ' ...... '' " '" ' ':- he ", . . :- . 7"- : . ;: .. -.- }2,. D. ,< PINNEY. ] I,,., "-,":.