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June 21, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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June 21, 1933

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(. .... : : ............. ":&apos; ' '":" " Cottage Lake ,' " ' "" ' ": " "" } :" -- :\\;hdla >aid eel lhql l',.:qr: :r. . , r-,. = : "' " ' I: : ,,,i l ' -- ;     : r  ' ]  L " " """ r::re. The, I h .t-- v. re tdv.rk. "-' i:,v 1..- ti- ': .".: l: ": ...... .,- *'., *" t rI'ii' clallt [,[tt'K ,t. (;i'a3s i-Slit- H. bllttlllls" arid inake odd : li:g - =" ,j i  ,,,:-,t..t,.-t . lb.. , T l' her will be ab.,.:r. 7',m,. (-ae9 noises, the Ackie3s asserted. -,,!i11 i' :t- .i'.-lt l., t;r.tti;:+... I,qhi::)[" A..h "ill '.,,ti>irie--Lll''ll x%,.itrip. : . t :t:i- O .r,.ater than in 1:,:;2, accordtn'.." to ltere's the tale of a chicken: tl. 31:-. Kvl,Wr and .Mr,. Wi:kin- .%It..Xl..I. R,,t,r. 51"_ Mr. :trial  estimates. The dl=;in< closed the linker of Cold Creek says a SVhile v, iI]; 3It. : d .%11>-..itl!leil J,qdlql .%lr>-. .'4leve l),,t,/er, ,. r-t>+'hl S'lllda3 ; first. The pack ..-hotlld reacii 35? Letahorn chicken rode on the all,.lldt.t, ltt-.Ma-ler>. and Leclur- i.itin relative `` ill "l'd,.,mni. ! ,mU cases and 1,e worth ai,proxi- IJtllllper of his auto from the ranch yr." .,qln,'ii ;1| (leellvi(l,,t[ (;l';lll2t  matvlv $245,0U.. Mr>. Ch;i.-. \\;\'riffid was l;tkurl lo  - honle to the "West Fir nnlt of the al lV:tl'lft Bearh Silitl;ay. It pot- t|.e l-:irkh, I l,u..pila i:l. ,,,,r!: ' T)ontto *he e::Id-z 31a -'4nco l.mng-Bell Lumber conipany nlill, - " " " vtt-re >ize uliderwent ;in opel'atit,lt '1916 and a correspondingly late a distance of about seven mib:s, hh'k ituh'h va. ...erred. There nnd slow nsI)ara;u crop, "Walla one morning last week. vel'e lhirtetql t,ranl:e'- repre.ented for appeltdh'iti-.. itli large deiegatioll>, iiian.% ver3 \\;Valla's new cannery has inanaged ,aniuq] Gallon, ()f Woodland, illlporlant tluestion were di.- 31r. la.%-ll-lOlld II, gel.. i. lakillg to pack 15,fit)0 eases. Attention is cut his 100th birthday cake June cur-.-ed. .It very illtere.-tinff det)ate Mr. Lin(ll.,retl'.'- tfia('e  n the mail being turned ah(=arl to peas ill the 4th. In tile presence of 104 friends lill "'('3n t Ine lip tlappy .llIolie'" was r,,ttte. 3|r. Lingrell i,, etljoyilig hi.', next two weeks, seated at long tables on the lawll "_riven. The riext meeting ili lee vac,iti,,ll :.i;id .-,. | mighl udd. i- The city colnnlissioners of lVal- lit the home of his only living " la ,Valla have voted 'ananiniotlsly ehihl. Mrs. Martha Mitlard, Cow- held at .'lillall will: Fern lllulT Ray!lRqld- to ask the tate sul,ervlsor of bye litz county's ohlest resident cele- ('ran"re oil .hlly 9. All Granier. draulics to nlak*- a i,reliminary braie,l tlle passin of a century, are inviled, ilrin,,., l,thu'k ,unch. First Lutheran Church flood control surve.v of Mill Creek. ales of Yakima valley hops Tt, ,,l N,,rlll Creek Valiey'- The city will say the cost tip to since January 1 have brought Gr;tltge i,ieinlx, r- slipped quietly: It. El!i!,d,n. |'a,tor 112,000. $116,4t0 into the valley, while al%lly Friday. aild with ant,thee 3tinday i!. r,a!rl'.,2" ttllda 3 .htrol ,Ven&tehee fruit grower are op- stocks on hand. if sold at the pres- ,-,t'.p:' , -]vl,ialtai a dot|hie wtl- alRI Bihle rhis.- lit lil:ilO t,'ch'k. l')osing the al,Poinllnent of J. I. flit price of 75 cents a pound, will flint in (llympia. 31r. Albert t]. Preaching at ll:t!J o''k. Ortner o Yakinia as state super- return 1324,150. Of the 3360 bales Tiit,lltpson ,ind Mi..- Vera 3laxine No >ervrie.'. ill the evt, llilib'. visor of lgrloulture. On the oth,.r on band the first of eke )-ear. Mrl'her..,n t,i Silver Lake. former "161 have been sold at prices " hand, the, Wenatchee and Yakima fruit shippers favor (;riner. ran!ing re,,,,, : to r cents pri,,,ar> ,ea.'.er ,,f,, h,<,h .t,d The New and Latter members of the Gr'alll.fe: itl, 3Ii.,- Salary increases of apt,rex|mate- Negotiations /or financing more Mihlred .it. Mar,.ho iuid Mr. House of Israel h. 5 per cent have bee offered tban 8,500,u0u boxes of this year's ('h:llle. Marvin Ghwer of Everetl. chnol teachers in the Toppenish apple and winter pear crop in The eerem,ny was .,.,g,!eliillized ill Itit'i]: te i.:;id to ,Yt, lCOll;e %ql al di.-rict. This district is th first "Washington have been completed. ;t p. m. alid Ibex ielt hnmtailatelv the pub:ic.-ervire, lield :it Fredrik In "Yaklma county to start tile tip- "r%,o separatt-, commitnients, total- " " ward trend of waes, in) So.el(ill.oil0, have been made to ,,n a veddinv trip tllrouh the Miiierb- llltll]e ,el the %ve>l frill. credit groups ill the liVep, ar,.hee (liynipi,- l)enill-ilhi. They ill P, utheil. These Ineetiliffsare heht C. V. ltabcock, who set a part and Yskinla reg:ons, lltake Everett. liteir lli..,:e ,,n life ".ta',Jilti ,'4llltd3) ,f each llltllilh of lhe Cashlnere ratter in orchard IIililtl" <their rt.tilrll, at : Ill p. Ii. (d. x'. >ertllOn. -oll7 and it qiie.--li, qi h,,ili. "('(LX|I-] 37t years ago, is dei,(l at his hollie "['lie l{ecollbiruction Al4rirultural and .'4EI'].'" ., <,,,ano ,,eact, .,,1 .. a .<,,,, c.,,,,,,,tio. ,,,,i<e., ,,,,, W00dinville Items la(lvr in aricultural developlnent :,lC]l,.e has lU:tde a stlrv*aY ('f crop tn ,l, Ca<h,;e,e <li.,ct ,,,,,<.1s .: ,h, We,,.,ct,<e ,is- Methodist Episcopal trice. It finds that the Delicious .%1,-. E :-i,,,-" ,.,,,e,t S.,,,':,: Church .\\; liz'h', cherry Cl'firJ IV in Dl,,s- ;:i,l,le vlol, is l*(,:te(l al]tl en,-r:dl.v l''('t for tilt (.'tarksltllt &rid 'tVal]A li:Jit. \\;Vinv--al. I-" are lllbo a}fe(-ted fr, qil it t}.l"ee v. eek- i-it 1, ::,.r -,n ,\\;'a!ia districts, according to I{,v I.,3 poor l,oHi,,ation. :11 Vi'aler\\;E,v. .tlidL,)-,'h.,] al t:4-):l, ui. 3Jr>. t.x,-i(,, h,>rlicu]Itilal illsi,'ctor, t)r- Tt.e I'acil:," l':i,'kilt._" i:, h-e ,il %t,'. i':. X'i:L-. -l;['rili{i, lidelil. that(b- :.t'+- spotted, lb,+re being TulP.-a-Lul: I.umt,,.r COlill',q!y iq W<,tii,xi]ie ie[,rl'- t, tt'n c:tr:,,:id- .\\;1 IllS" 1;'- i,. |lee. I'. F. llawk c(,t?.ld,-r;t},le winl*-r-kill. ]\\;'alla \\;Valht Ll]ll|)tll-f.t:s the (.on- T:';.rlin: -f 7x.,,,,t, I,,i:zd f-t of '<t tqlih't"-i ii,l'-'d de, rill_" 7.v :;-" :])prra.,'i. i:i-.'.31t'\\;%*']I-tqlltllll. Fralik L'i,:F].-s }I(i\\;var (t o1:+" (,f >".! i--1 l(i 3 it 15  "t ' ' ., I: , : f,,rs re,:- \\;t,.k. 5v;:i q ,hl ltiluruit.tlialt'l]t)l,rll t].e first lll.-I'b it! c'Hildell, :,t :-,-l'.,&!ilili (.,,r!l- , h., - iI, :!.- t'I:::c- "ih,' Mv;l .{i-: ," ,l:,-.','l,'r i i,'i. l_t':,: .... \\;i: i.,,.;t ::.,qi -t'iic*>\> ;11 !.;i:t- nc, rrLw,..t ,f Y:kiiiia l: li!- " ,a ; 'bi.:.!  , .t Tv o v,,. i: ..::,..," i#i .t.:tli,.,t .,i!i'_' !i,. t:::-: t;,rk .:;;t p. ! . ;i- l,.l,;l!it'tt li:,.- lb-\\;. W,l:. l'.,rk t.,,: :i,>,l i., (<,:,:: t,, ,:, : .... :i , ,i-i.,-: l.:,-:,t w :.!i,,.::e i,, Christian Science ,,: ..... ,,,_ ... >:=, ..: .r,,,::> ,,:,.  ....... :, ,:. ..,,,,, ,l, .,. i.:<,- ,>. ::::!..,,: : n ...... ,,,l ,,-. i',: Society, : ;.,: ": q..:k:t I}.,- Ih :..: .... cial (..:b : . ! "s : . !,:i. - 1o :,il l:a',t.:,-I;i- i, *iH!'llJ2" TI t- !*it-*, }e;il :ti:,{ ! \\;*'r" :: ,:. . :own (,:t (i.:Hhr >,!h.: ':,v :: , u: d h, fo,*- N,;emb.' ,,: ,. t : ab: is ,.Xl ,' ", ,i ", i,d.,w " ,,. al(..,,!,::! : i,, a rutin.: ,f ':he .<!!i.{.t) .-.,-:, ' :l'{l*'hll.llt",' I :- !e- Ti , }']-! li '.;,']. ,,1 t'bri-1. S .i.ii- -'l!led I" ':" 1i.eir x,,;'k. :l]- ' lrl {ti- Ii-t. ill th -I,.,'i..Xl:i'-;lt'iiti>t*l!'. 't. :. ;:t:l >::pf, ll,t iOHi't.. cre,l>l- it| li.," II]tql:}'t'l''i-{t' : .:.,' tt,*:,!--<-t".h..- vxer) .'4tllda3 .tl .':.< :, ::.,I1 w.>:,b'" L. >t.zte (]i) t,f:iri:d.- of \\;\',natC::v. re ,.]:t:v,.[.. It,. :t.. ".x:;' :, ,',-" $.-,:. ,., lu , .. ,i;ili:: Ih++ f.asihiliiy of lhe ,,.,irvl ,4 1] v Le->,li-St'l!ii..,!i ill <:.:: ,i . b,,hds .'i:t{! : li. >' 1{i,-i:- vi:x's a,j!ilin'.' 11:,- rue,-t 7,,Ulld .\\; :ill," rtiivilain!iit-t \\;\:i- Ui','!i I,t ;l I'i.!i-ti.ill -'4-,']l'tlt'l,'t'i.tift'i:e" 5t:tl- Jltl.. ''." ._il](l!] t:.?-t',']"r II " Zi,12 ]'#i,t.'tl ' & l.b:ht co pai v's distrib- lily l.adi,.- \\;id ,,11 l"li,ht) ,.\\;.li!r,;' ,h). (.+ :. - .,. h,. ,1,," : :- }, -il !'; ,,.h- l:i':: s;..', *i!. hit3 [I1U - '-I'LV ill ;It lt;t' '..')!il. I1 ti iil'7-C ::::,ii,-n,'e. .I,.!,,, "2;, ( i.ri-li:,h St'it'll"!'. td. 'v.:,It,,:b* and selling: it to "1"\\;,. -t,,.II t,.n)- xert. =i'.ell !x "4,.1 ,: ,!i .i;l.-I ;i. II1. If'ill;Sill|it ]'- :; SV:A'eI" it" soht. \\;Vv(l,l*->d;ix e\\;OlliliL" >er\\;it'e tit ',., .... - tei=tiittg 17, ,,':h,,.. 712 ili,q!itlvl- .i li:e Ai, t a--i-'rd .',\\; li.e 5,,n,h!\\; trc" , ;.it !ilitl ;ill(1 Plr c-i!t.> l<q!'_. .\\;n al,l,li('a]on for $5 fl , 0 31i>.,,- 1I:t11 t't'- -xl,'lb'tiaht ;lltd I.' r- --{il (t" ,''K ilir;tllh' le>li!ii,,!!b'- <,i wa:. ]..:cl i:t Fotll" IAt)'., < t,V. a \\;ViAle tn i ,h-ral funds to t,e ued wilh rt.,.n:i W,! ti r My->|'\>. ll;u']t' t;t'tl.l!tLf. 1., ;:. ,'r:: t,Ul]el bvbm:.t IO Mike la1,+ !iloney i!'t rt-Iinalleirig 3,Vasb- |lal'kt'r ;il,.(l |-;il-ler |ire%vii. tilldeF [le:ttlilig r(,ll:- ill 1tie ci,tiD'ti edi- ..]:l;, a, OtOl'&h I I'!l]lrVlltall ill'!l il'ri:uti(m, diking and !i:e(lirvrti,n,ff .%1i>- )|ililiie.'4Ulli!ili. :],t' ;tl-t. i,t.,ell Ir,,Jii "2 t, 4 p. lit. t!!/ drai:i:,<= disirirts has h,.n for- I lt;er lln!iihvr- ilirhilh-;1 iii ltw 13r- V(t, dlie-l:i), a]-,, al'tvreaci., ervh'e. .vard,-,l to tile t{econstruclion }'ill- lralii were furnisLed iv lhe ,',,:'..,,%v- 1!( :+: .q.aiil can have Thoma " Tile i i:t,,i, i-,.,,rdi'illy ill\\; iled l SI" :. " ' q!lhrler--eolion of lililbor aiice c-rporation, ill'..': tleadil .'-'- ily Mr-. AydI :,nd ait,,!,d ,.Jr ,.hu!,-! -t,r\\;iees ;i;id lt f(l: .] a day for hp lest of Sl--n- ICI,-clion of dele"ates to the. pro- Mr-. ('rant-iql. vie,lilt -lerti,,h- i\\; !i-i. ,,I;! lt-.ldiiil2 rt,l,iu. r.:'> r::iui'al lif. This hovel ofi-r ]:il,ition i'o!,+-al ronventinn ip_ Au- )It.-: 7yhil .[aniier. piali, d,rle ..I.Tiel'nixer-t'. In,'hidili7 31all, L:- l.,,.il iliad t lht- o\\;i.rniii-r,t l>y LilSt will cosl Clark couniy $t{liull, duel by l:raltce- l)el :ili}_  and Ex'ded lly Ale||tit- l.'orce'.'" va> ,p :;c,. %;tlo is xfi 3t.:t!-s old. ttis accc0'din; to lhe os!iniale (if the Oent, xieve l.ilnlTrt'n. ,,l.;i] lt,,. tly liu:ti,.r 0ontain7 4.ill','. illtl) fee-! of COUhlV itliditor. Volers will have 1o ll,liiiitl llJdti>. Ile%. lit'tii. Park the utqel *,f lhe Lt,b.,n-erliitdl i!! ;it: ('ht!rt'lw- i,i('liri>l. Sriellli-i. fin il !:lhtr, worth irc, bablv D>,. tlillj i(-'_isi,h' th.. SZ:lue as for a reTII- ilre.i(led. Tile >l)tendid ieif,r!ll - at [,r>,.ilt l,rict:-'. "'The g'.qn- !a,. el. ciioll, alive ,,faii li<. hk tii'l levt-aled .lulie 1-. Bit-lit wollld get the best of it. bt't t.t,lden texl: "'ih, arken lllllo lile. I d :,' satisfied." .qpence said. Vhillilitn ello:e faculty rilenl- lil:il 'lVlinvi]b-' i: lil,l 1;irkill.,_, in t, r.s will re(.eive no sai:,r.v reduc- la]elit and aid!il3. Tile ,ijt, cl of I t .lac,,!t :llld l>raet, iny called: 1 alit \\;(.(,u'dili IO North.rn t'aeific lions liexl year, aceord:'t 1o the l|ie t.lllerlaililiw!il ,,va. 1o increa-e t,e: I l:il ll,e lh'>t. I al>o alii tile oft qals o[ yal-:iilla, a frt'[ -<'ill ti'ail ,qrIlounceniei't of President Pen- the fllnd !+q ll:e ell!irT.ili7 ,I ttw !a-l. )line I,Aind al.- hath laid lht' f,,,indali,,li ,,f lht. earlli, aiid ill.% of 1:',1 tars lhat passed t!tI'Ot!li rose. *'o chanles will he made in ehurc|, ri,Ail iialid Id|ih r.panlit'd lilt' llraV- yal:i!iia Jlinc. 1st. easrbolllld, pl-Otl- the teac]ling staff, either. :i t, ll l ,..all tllitt llltqi!, lilt') nhty is the longest train exer s:ei! ]i.!'' and the lov.; seen ill l!i" siil? ill 1S lllonlhs. It was a miip aild a qtlal'ler loll.:.: al:d ! 1 t; o{ the, tars w-re loaded "vilh llliliiJ('l', teal, shin ah's, plywor}d aiid illi- : i)ortt, d goods froln Coast p(rts. .'k !:la,iil!(Ith bt,;tr '{t';tp. ;!!,!,trio'!it- Iv l',tr = cnoPLh !f) ll':t|l a prehi- tnric boast, is llii i|i[,:.t- ill :!t--  sin!!' pl-edilI(H'Y lllllhlai dixiion :it Ol)mpia. Tl>: lFai,, six el-,,1 1(;117, V,'ftS li!lo:trt]lt'il {t( i'h,i!i}W.l'S ]'l'lir- i+' "F{+. jlv,: ll!la>:ll'+ 1 5 |lit'be's, ;\\;I i(lldillr; IO ],t,(i l'/)llch, llie 1Fall v,:ts halid fo!'u, ,l. 1!1,' spikes (lli lhe i ]ilti/ bit! I']'.'l+'(l- .<,i-s .f Yakl!i,a ;all(,)" Loi, f ;lit"' Ja lill:il '. t ]axi tire i]I L.l 1,:.l.(I li',:, !:," alh). x}i!o .'t)('i:5 011 iNtF.(l, if ():l] 3,{ I]1 i" i r'':" l]:r pile,' i,f 7", i,.:lts a 1.,:;l(t, xi;i :,lui: 3;!21 ]7,- (If !!., :::;t;,l I ' :T .- ;:, 7 7 '., 77. , '- :t Rats Show Cunning in Stealing Eggs 31onroe. l.ll.--A harnyard mys- lery was (_'feared Ilp 1,ere with the exl,l'umtion of .Mrs C. I1. Suv ;,,It. an "ilIlh.ority I)i1 thl 1 CllllnillZ ,,I rlil :. l]i=s h;i,i I,t,en fr,,In li,,-;ls ;iiil] lllit farmer, whilt, ,li- =]ll; ai'llild his henliotise, foun*| .t\\;or:ll el2s still intact, in r:il holes. "lht, qllt,Stiilll arog;t  aB Ill tio'a t}it, |':It q cl!] 3 r;irr)" lhc eggs lnb ii }Hilt,, .Mrs. SIit!ilt exldaim'd ll,e r;l! ,3atelll 'f Lest r, dddii. 'l'w,l l'lt<*s tl,* lhe \\;,lFk. l tlit, ]ii , ll:l! lln it bark wilh ls fi,i-t ill !1.' dh't \\;h:lo !h,-th, r r:l! l,.]: lilt, ft.:k: lj|'l I,rl lhi' >l!ilD;i"h Ill" the !',(!i::I: rat. t,, bi<h li,,],l< rb,, ,i il, 1):! i.,. ":+,!i till il- 5,':r eli>" Grace Briefs - ' '- -l;ilid v, 1 tt-'ell t" "'" I-,I. 4": "' 131. Allah'!i-" !ic ,'il.lh,ii liich t'dli- l,ri.-ed tl,e Le-.'-(qi-.Kt'l 'lii,n 'd3. lilt, Mi--.\\;liD. (,eer i- xi-ilili.'- < 3Ir. I,,ihi',ili li<,til file 13tidy: "l.ift a,ill %Ir-..hl,.k IVilll*i'-hi |{hk:alid. tip ),,lit e31"- 1 ,i lilt' tltHItt'li>., a!u[ :,,k !li;,ll llie e;lrlh beiiealli: l,,r .Xll-. %\\;. 3I. ('r,w ,,t ,li,i.,,utir-li. lilt" l:tqivl-ll--h;iti \\;ani.-h liVe|l% like i-iled td. ilr,lt,t,r. Mr. I,. t'r,, .!i.,k0. and tilt' e:irlli .iiaii 'aax tllld:i 3 . ,,:,i iikt- ;i gt!l'!lWill, alld llley lli:.ll Mr. ('1o t,;i jtl>l lJliic}ai-t.d (,tit. t!\\;l,-]: !!!t.!!'ii! .I.ill die in iik(, lit:ill- liulldred cili +l l'''llly -:i't) %l,ilt' nvr: htH 111.% -.;i]\\;:lliqi >tnt!i lit, i,,r h,TIl, qll ltU:]Vl " lrom .Xlr..'4\\;i>tqi. ,vt.r. ,|lid !ii3 riTht4,,,ii-lle-s -hall IU'I !' :,},eli--trod" (l--a. 51: IU. \\;|r>. ,1. T..N,l'!'i-. \\;,li, l i,:i- iteeli "the Lt-ql-5!!i}qi :']-'., iiichldt',l ill lh!' i<'t"iln! d!irinL' ttw I:I-t lx,, I! !' f,,!!,%il!,_' l);I->',t *' fl 't'lll- liie \\;vrrk i " I1< ', iilltlie ;tl:ll i,ii,r, \\;+'d. i i:! .'4cil'llce lt, xlt,:.,',.. "D,i- _Mr ltavi,I 11i,.,  :lti+l Mi-- t:dilt: ,qice ;tll, i lie,ill| \\;iti: Kt, y I,i 11,. 5,ritqlv" !,\\; 31:!re ILil.rl t(dd3: t i-,,x\\;, ill ,'(qlil';th) \\;ilt Mr l']i=<:r .... 'Ti,. 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Chevrolet Sales and Service Phone 034 Botheli %. 2c. a Week ($1.00 per Year) l,<,:.:)ffic . a,hlre<>. |an v,,u aff,,rd ".> i,t- ,. id:)ut i::" You w(,ttl,l pr, ,1,a: ,1.', >a-u ::: t):::e ',f each issue i)v kecpin l)":e'l ,,n d'e I>-,:ia! ,iffers ,::a,.!e t)y our ait,,-ertirrs. Its v.,,rth the price h, kecrl{nlg .v,):: t,,,s:"i , q what yot'r /rien, l are ,i,,i;:. The ca:c:'- dar ,,i o,nhtg c-,cnt :s an, :he: fra:::rv vote will appreciate. \\;Vef.Wt many /av<)ra!,le ,-,,n::.:,c:::- ,,n ,)ur l)i,,nccr s:nrie-. I', ),m ',ire a studr!r ,,f history as it bears ,m l)resen: ,lay event- in our Otlllllttility )or: x\\;ill <re a l,,r ,,f atis{actic,n {r,,ra t!:[s del;arunen:. Then having read all :hese thinvs ),,u still have s, miethin iefl :,, scn, i :,, ,.,tnc fl)rmer l:L,thellitc which v.(,::l,l i,-:.:< v:c]- (.-)111e as a le,te: ir,)tu h, ,mu. And "2c. per ,,eek is -,* l{::k :ha" :' ',Votlhhl't even pay :he i,,s-'.a"c ,,n a lu::er these ,lays. 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