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June 24, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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June 24, 1933

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r 7 i i ! I | I i i .% ! J i&apos; -{ !( ,} i< L ;i ,}- % t: . "? :7 :st ! ! , | ,% The Bed,ell ,ger.tirM Saturday. ,Iurw :24. ,c,.,., |j.i.I. _ . _ BOTHELL SENTINEL IPubUida all'anAlly by The Gregory Publishing Company $. C GRE(M)RY, Editor Large Delegation At 4-H Conference -- t King ,a:) ", :e;,;e,e:-.ted i,:. <,. r--r -- -- $%'EEKLY .NEVSPAPER DEVOTED TO THE BEST LNTERESTS OF ifol;ow:ng t-}t c;uv Ka:.- BOTHELL A,%'D VICL%'ITY. ' :'yn Ada;r Ca: nat:on F,e:.v: A4a ...... 1Ca:.qat:(n: Ml. Vi" J h,!al: ca::a- Subscription 5(ie per year ]hivabie in advavn,.e t ./:. "< .... x,.. ,. c, :'-a ": "' ,' :,Ced:':.:t. r::':At.':a :- .... ----- Be:nice Denny. Elatered as second c!s matter September 18. l0& at the Post Office at . Aubu:n; Met%. E:- Bethel!. Vi'ashington. under the act of Congress of March . 1879. I land. Ceda: F all.-. I: ma Fo: sbe:g Car-i '= nation: Catherine Francs CedarFaZs i ........ !S'zar.n< Hebre: %V..od:nvv:iie: F:=r.-" Mother Hark: The bells :ng f:om ,.he :cwe: C.,ood t:d:ng' They p: ocb,.m : ,yal b;rtn. An he.:" has a:i:ved In Stockholm's wee hcu:s Bringing jo }" to the Subjects. followed Eut - Tilting of heads with ears being cup- p  the faintest echo of a chime: Yet a glrl was born ,'hile Stockholm's royalty supped Bringing joy to two hearts so sublime. Yes. nurtured with caie '.his baby grew Spreading sunshine to a re:ilion soul Years rolled rapidb by, She was sweet and shy. but well she He, heart was many a level's goal. T:ue tc tiadi:ion, e'en ancient !ore. ,The mOOn smiled weetly on love that was pl!ghted, b-at as one; The futurv seemed :ad:a::t. b:essings yalu: v : IA':th none of t's ha:d-hips o ,-:,,s,-, yet sighted. 'However. their ::-cub:as came. they I we:e many, [There were bvidles to build never dreamed of befme. Linking sorrow with pleasu:e Thexe came F.,ar.cis and Carl. yes. John and Ann:e And Uii!ck and Inga and elma and santa more. Name!y. Julia and Tina and Nina Cato]ine. ... Ham:!ton, A,:'u:n: A:.v,e H :.'- st:ban, Ceda: FaA-,: Mac Hr:'-, I-,.a-' I q'aah : V;v:an K,-::.v Hoba:t. M:s ' F:c.','d Knnedy Cv ia: b;:- ?,'.:-.. Ka<he:tboh t'::t::::: it',v: !-::,-,n ,r .'.. :- , r: :,:::e I. Ca:rva: ;:: ),.':,;- Mounce. Issaquah: Mrs A .M Na-k Z.e.-:e:; ;llv:t .%::-h, ..-:er: .,[:S 5I. E Real. :cute 3. Ta<c,n:': Je,-:e Sm:th. Issaquah: .Ma:ian Thompscr. Cedar FaEs: Lou:.e Thoipe. route 2 Enumclaw: Ma:g::e: :e t'9-r Le_-:e:: Ma::e %Venze: Tay:or: E:s:e %%e_-trn. :OU:e 2. En'arnclaw: .M:id:ed %Ve:iand rou'e I. Redmond.: H. z;-. "A'::r. :cute I. Enumclaw: l.e:'h Rae %%;.-' k:ns North ]end: Conn.e Chambe:-! ]in. route I. Redmond: Cah';n Fran(e-  Cedar Falls: %%al',ace Fulle SOl<h! "Mom, 1 like my Baff!" No more waiti0000g io00" water to heat-- WHEN ELECTRICITY BRINGS HOT WATE:R Hours a day/ Oi what lay It Is for lie/let as well is child to lave let water always ready. Our Master Water Meatlig Service eliminates tle iait/sg for sister's bath wl/le atler dstlel call, It eliminates tle betler if /eeitby preparations, if bnildllg fires, of watcMsg beaters aid terslei them as and Iff. Oar kne-:" Yes, Elva ann te;la anu Aoert and ,Bv.,d. iV;ilia,, 11,22 ...... ,.. C,:da: 7.._-.. ]Waiter Service Is entirely ante. I G. E. STEL'ER Eror. Charles Kuchenbuch. Er.'ame;aw: C:yde I 141c. 304 Spring Street Then Rudolph and Teddy. L.nn. ..... io...e ,. Re'.n'" ....... E,,*._:" --d Electric dealers, plembers, asd NOTICE OF -IERIFF'S SALE oF'Ttal!ng a number like seven and nineINash. Leste:: Ch:islar. Olson :cute : ear ?epresesfatlves will be glad to REAL ESTATE But four ceased their travels in thistEnumc!aw: Ma:tm Pen: Ca:nat:on: tell yes about tiles wonderful new St.ate of %Vashinton. County of King. ! earthly tour. IVicto.' %Vete:f;e:2. C.'-da: Fa;:. a:.d iilip way to live pleuy of Hot ss. Sheriff's Office. WIter. By virtue of an Order of Sale issued There wele joys and heal:aches as %%':lllam %V:.esa Vashon oUt of the Honorable Super*or Court time sped on "-e j,s ne-e,ea u Law llowx June,el Kinglg.3.Count>'.by then c!erkthe 9ththereofday Olin But this g, and little ]adv w:Ah. grace Gates the case of Prudential Savings & Loan and charm Al.x!ation, a corporation. Plaintiff. Just grew sweeter and dearer, I  m ! / - PA%00IIENT tendant,Verstm 0 No.H" hlien, a256039, andWidwer'to me, O"a: !*'- ""' ""'" lelepnone Men Easy Terms ! heriff- directed and delivered: i was won ;Notice is hereby given that I will Crowning her queen on the Beckstrom I The Independent Telephone Assoc :.a- proceed to sell at public auction to the [ Faun" I tion of the Sta:e of VVaahingon held , highest bidder for cash. within the 'come hours prescribed bv law for Sheriffb aVe'v;" he;e toether to glees!its annual convention at Linden last sales, to-wit: at "I'en o'Clock A.M. - /F:iday and Satu:dav. June 16 ar. 2 17. on the 22nd day of July. 1933, before i you. today..  " the Court House door of King County,To assme you of love that fills out I Out of 85 companies , were lepta- Jefferson Street entrance, at Seattle, t heart sented. L:ovd F. Gates. Manaze: of, in the State of Washington, the fob the Bothell Telephone Company :eft' |ong dcribed property, situated in[ And our Heavenly Father # King County, State of %Vashington. to-I In c=:: pavets shall hear us say, i Friday to attend and was ie-elected wit: :"Make us wet'Shy of Mother, bless her l di:ectr of the Association. having a:-, East 70 feet of the N'orth 130 tiq we part" ready served three years in that cap-, feet of Tract 22, Dunlap's Plat on " " ;*v Volume 3aSofperplats,mappagere" ave bring you toass to )'our health, i at''- ' i 54. recozds of King Count.','. Wash- And joy bevond measure without fear ', THIIIIG--Ot'--P T-OP"O_7O-R , ington; For we pray you may I DEERT BRIDGE levied on as the property of the said'sulfa,, no want. but gladness to your' defendant herein, to satisfy a judg- ment of a foreclosure of a mortgage amounting to twenty six thousand two hundred fifty three and no 100 $26.2f. i Dollars attorney's fees of $750.00. the cost of suit and inter- et in favor of plaintiff. I3ted this 15th day of June. 1933. ' wealth. ! The thhd g:oup of the Area:Scan i And we hope we may have you yet'i Legin Auxilm:y wil: sponsor a des- I many a }ear, '.serf bridge at the Legion Hall Thurs- I Seventy one years seem but as vester-ldav June 2"2,. The public L invited [ day," [tO attend As you turn back the pages of life, PUGET SOUND I PO'ER & CLAUDE G. BANNICK. Sheriff By L. E. A.,%'DERSON. Deputy. First pubkcation June 17. 1933. C_ H. STEFFEN" Railway Exchange BulldOg IN" THE SLqERIOR COURT OF the State of 'ashingr,n fo  the County of King In Probate- In the atter of the Estate of David S. Shellabarger. Deceased. No.[ .5_,7 Notice of Hearinz" Final Re-[ port and Peti*!n for D;.strib'ation No:ice is hereby Zi;'en tha" Sarah I. F. M She:;abarger Exe<.utrx o, thai Estate of David S Shl:abarger has, fi:ed n the ,fflce of the Clerk of sad' Cour, hr f:na: Repo:t and pet.tion for distribution, askinz the Cou:t to settle sad P, epo. dlstr:bute the prop- arty to the persons thereto anti,led I and to d c.%a- .a:..J Executrix: and that a: Report and pt:tion wi:: be 'eard on "h*, ,o.. da.. of July. ,oo .... * o... . . 1 o, at 93(, A 51 at the Court Room of the Probate Depament of said Court Da'ed this 13th day of June 1933. AE N OI..ON. ,T::k o: .:d -Sou:: -- -.-r ,-- ,-;OR,r\\;- .--,:.. ..... F.::" t =b:i<at,-.r. J:ne 17 1933 B.AI.I..%RD k HOUGHTON fetral Building L%" THE tIPER*.C)R COr'RT OF "h, S--- :.f %%'ahington ;n and " -- - oO: County And today you stand radiant, as well you may. In rapture of life and of living, ,'e llft up our hearts and rejoice, And we thank the Great Giver for giving ueh a wonderfu; mother to us g:Ls and boys. By Selma EeckstIom %Vebb. C. E. GREASON. M. D. Physician and Surgeon Corner First ad Fir Sty. Bothell Wa William Schrotke C&B I-ET M.&tLI" G Hand .Made Furnltur,. SIxclal Bui#t t Order %Vork. BASKET - CRATES Export Craftmanshlp. Low Price Phone 465 Bothell %V C Leith::," P:a!nt;ff. ".'s "Gu:.'= LUNDIN, BARTO & DEVIN From Ma:s" Compan:.'. a .vo:pora- Alaska Bldg.  * of'--o- . . _ *r, t:on De.e..cant _,.5,,, No'!- IN TIlE SUPERIOR COURT OF Creditors the State of %Vashington for King P'-rs=an" to orer cf Court entered County. In Pr,hate in the abtve matter on the !2th day, ha;.:.n:_jln= the Matter ,f the Etate of Ann:e f-f J'-no 1933. T,.: Sclr. S L. a::o-.v. deceased. No, 53D'_,..%'o- o:a]ms aza:nst "h bsv,- <an=eJ "!" : "w "o c':.d :c,: ........ - Not:ca ;s he:eb:." z ".':: :hat "L- -::'.- in" :e h:b'." :i: :,i "- :,-r'.' "--- d:si='ned :;,y :e-:- u:;, ;n'i a:.:. ? sen-:- "i=::.- "',-" f -i ,'.n A:=,-'" ' ,3ua:.5.-! -- ad:nin:::.t<,:' o: the -- el,.-- R,i'.'" -.f ..,! cl,,:r,c,:at:-,n r,. " .... :::' of A:;n:e 3.. P1a:'c'.v. de<ease:!: h.= A"o:n-7. a c5 :-c, rd St "he :{:e a that all [.e:acr.  h&'.:n c]a;n]: v .ga:nst : .:o-.v s'a'#J er.] f ;- "- ;a=:-. w'h . . " : ] d.c,.a:r. ] r:: .herc<-,v :,wt.;i!ed to ! i'. f.rK ,,.f /% ] c"-; .... ,=,.-l-,. ;;:'h ...... - ; - " ---...- :.e -,:::+- ,::.;, ".'e:.f.,-i , :. sa.d t.r<. f 5 -= h =r ...... 7, ": '.-f,:;-"hi- ai::;;:.:.:':=:-: -,: hls .':,-::.;-'.' cf :ec- ....... .: .... - ...... ord at the address l:,e]ow staten, and " " .',:" "he san;e :'.'ilh "hi- {':k c sa:d ' 13"h ]a'" ",f .J:n- i;,2;7 .... _t .t .._u .... , ;a Ar.EEP.T P. c*l O<'-:" ('.- " t,,a_,e'?.,: xs;:h [.:c ........ ..... rv:ce w:,thln six months afte tho Receh'er date ,f ":,.,,.'" pub!go'at!on c.f thus :.c- F.ALI..'.D & }{c)r'C;HTO.N'. 'ti'e ,.: "h,- s-,m, wi:'. ,. Y,'::e,! A .... ?:,.'.- f'r -:.'.'.r Y,a',.  ..... v, ":" + "" .7"an,= 7.'_' .%: LARD  }{r'C;HT,:: .,.5 =: c-.. , . ? : :! =r :-: ," 7'.'T,'%- : , . . _.. . %. .I('-! I tl %I I.f ",/ ....... 7:1  ..'-. ..... 7.":. ' . .. ,,.. .. .'7: - ...... "" . - I[,,::l i;ii;:,tiii" L ;:: "7}{}; 5"'7'};7:], '7: ,','."72.'7 , ;:-= :" ]. ,5 ",'. - =" , . '' ")." .':" :'. , f ','.'.-?: " "5:: 5 . ::-., ):h.:h,.: ; i.'.: : " " f i<::.: : P:cba' Y at. =-'.'. " : :: : : " ::-.; . "h,. ?.LC',-: f tr: ista'.- ,-f 7:'tu pea: .v.:h:r. - x'v ix.'- ",: "?t, ]=' F" ,{, i_' !,-:.. ,itoeas.t. No. ".775S ,f fi:.-t T,::, a, :,r. ,f "h , - :r:.r::,,=s N ": , ,,: Hen:at:a: Fi::a F.e; :t an ] "q "a;'. ".v'h n s:x'v i::.' :ft ;' ""-/> P"" t ,'n ". . i-I g'r'h': ,- lc,'r, dav. <f .l :no I'.'.2  ! f,.n ! .'," ' ,- )-.-: (q-,:.- ;'.'e-t: t;:t ]<a'. the a},r'.' a-:.or, in "r. ":" '-'- "' ::, VJ .<:: " . ,.xe_-'u::.x c.f tho tt:r O.  .nd arsw, r "he .-c,n:t :, r." ." ; " r." ..'" K" F' H ,G:ien ha: f.;ed it'. t'-o.. ad SF%' a -op'." ," *" ,.. . .. y ':= a:;'.: 2; .... "'" '- ,,f the C]e:k ,ff a:.i cauls her ,n tP. unders:e'ne2 at"rn;.'.', fqr ;.iair 51r.h: r,-;.,:: ;In'! pot:tlon fc,:" dis::ibu- tiff at h elf',ear be:ow s,ad: and .n t.rr. a.-k.n: :ho -,-,urt I,:, settle sa!d cas* c,f .vr,:,r fa::u-o , :.-, ,!,. 2:;.e- ",; .... d.': t',ut,, the r,:c,r,e::y tn tho' me.'=: w::: b,,. :.-d,'i az n=t 7." : i -'4",', "h,-:,-', ' "'  a:;i to ,!is- s'o:di." "". "he {-:u:d e.f "ho ",,-r.- -h.:.: a;i x' ;t:.x: ::.d :'.':i sa.! ' T,:air." wh,h ha, r.,r, f :i w ".- th. ". :. :" at. ! ;.,t" ,,:. w::; !- he:d c.n ! ':*rk rf -a d ....... . ;:---. !.:7." 'f ." ::;. 19? ,? f' :: a ,'r r-, f,j Z" " " - ,  ; ' " " r" ; " " f " ! y " *;--. .... .; ... :.= ., : ".. " ":7 7 7]7" ': ]" 7" " <, " --- :- : . -- -.' : ...... i <: :- : ..... 3-'," 7 " " : " " " ' ? ..... - We sell tle Weliz Water I#ll#, bellt fir tla Naw Masfe Wite Heatlell Servtee. Every @arl lfl bees tested far efficiency usder actsal benin cesdltlem by esr ews esglseerls 9 dtparteet, Slles: 40-ga//os eepactl, end p LIGHT CO )I PA N %" A -,,.-""="v"-,- .--.41R.--f YFARS CLD .... cCr C  Lzst Friday the Fcrd .... Cc=pany c=pleted  years cf autc,rcbile :aking. -- is als n7 fcr'.ie=h year at the sa=e job. I ade zS" first engine .... -- -'-' := h_ =-==-e tha- wen the =iden Falent - 9, an= -= -= .... r'=ns ..... -= .... = ...... ,-=i=---whL=h tuck "he .7.=-=-- =tr =.:= =5 -.he xc--.:si':e .class, an, cene! ,-= a ...... "='= =n/us==7 := hu:-./=e/s cf =an=f-='.':re-s who starte5 durinz the -as-. Z? --=-s j .... Sc_e c" "- .... =en z'hc hega:. -=-h -_ ........ -'-" June -'-', in "925, are crking -'-^ rinc==ies we laid d=wn "'-- are ='=' cerative; here ye'. Ai- .-' ...= .r . ............ . =_; ,'-* --=-: have grea'_ survival vai'=e f=r =he 5ut':re. To date they have prcduced an=  i cver 21 2,0C9 Frd cars Aithc';gh we crea'.ea -he au-cmchile =zrke- we "-="= ne--er thcuzht was ........ ":-= =- -e have alwa':s h='==v== tha- he:re " :-- ?.7.'.'=7.e ........ > ........  ........ E=:=. - -- .-==----= ==.:2::. ":e g==5 f=r =he, i'. ==s'. he g==i f=:- z-i. ::= 5.isc=','e=ies ..._ ===r=-.--=:---s "-.ave a-xa': been --=-- "= ""-=- ---- : ...... -= wltu=ut .'2__=_.".'- yeE:ric: 7._ ----,,= ..... == .he -.hang =.e =znn='. [hz:-c---ever::=.ue =-s= get :* "2 . ,. _--=  .... f=r "-==s_!f---a=- ";" ...... is x--rience._ :.:=r._ =='=:.5 !==-i==:=e cur hu=-iings "--- -. 5=.--'='* -: ":=at= -"  ......... = And i* is an=i nachinG .... exgerience -.ha= hakes ?- =.=to- car. '=t <.-.e -..:zst .=e_'5 :.== <z::e=iaii7 ?=n=e=n =e; i'. hzs x-:. =en a 7reTurn- ....... -:e - - :=e -- -=-i- = -==2 -;-.-.= = Lu.-- - :r- :-=-- r--.-:---.- -'-= ___----- .: :7 : .... ..=L ............ " ........ -- - - -'7;._ ;. : ...Y'.L.'----- -- = :.'_ i ; .... ; i ;.." _. . _.. _ " - - -- - - ----- =-.:-:.f-e::.. .-:.  :.=w.:- 2:..: ._---_: '.- -- -_L: - - " ?.::-.:7 w-__ = .... -" - --- I; i' [. l, i < I / ! I i t t i; i i i t h [: t !: < i f t i (Ji.%.% _%1 l.t)l I.,' THE SITPERIOI{ The .'4,tare of %Vashir [.'or King County. Charle- J. Weide[xback, E Weideobaeker. Imma Ocl, a nd Dorothy lmith, e:le Offer and Harold lauslnd, defendlnts. uons by Publicat the S4atte of John J. Smith and ,lefendanta: You are hereby sum! ipoar within sixty days of the first publication mona, to Wit, withia is the L'th day of May, the above entitled atmve entitled court. olnint of the a copy of your answer dersigned attorney for iis office below stated of your failure so to will be rendered again., inn to the demand nf 'hich has been filed of said court. The object of said ae Clo.e a nlortgage l,ated in said King eecure the payment hundred dollars, intere., fees and costs and faults nf the makers gig.' CHAS. Attm ney Of-" ce and P. O. p,'e Building. Seattle F:['t publication M:tv %VRIGIlT & %%'! Burke IN" THE SUPERIOR The State oi asmn County. In Probate. I': the Matter of the E. (]ilkey, deceased. rice to Creditors. ,Notice is hereby give dersigned has been qualified as executor of Lily E. Gilkey, lions having claims ceased are hereby requ the same. duly ecutor or his attorneys the address below mne with the Clerk together with proof within six months first publication of this ame will be barred Date of first 1. ARTHUR B. Executor of Address 400 Burke Bu Washin&,n. WRIGHT & WRIGHT, Ftate. 400 Burke Ig'ah. IP.gR, ]KlgEN & He IN" THE SUPERIOR the State of Washin the County of King. Seattle Savings & Loan corporation, Marie Thomas and Thomas her husband Thomas. as Guardian of Gertrude Wiley, a rude Wiley, a Gwinn, Inc., a Richey; Wm. Heian; Stanley Day and Staz doing business as Plumbing Repair and Clyde doing business as Co.; and Lee Moore, his wife, 2239. Summons for The State of thel Marie Thoma Thoma& her larie Thomas, as te of Gertrude Defendants: You and each of summoned to appear days after the date of lication of this within sixty (60) days day of May, 1933. b.nd above entitled action Ii entitled court, and to plaint of the plaintiff. copy of your answer signed attorneys for office below stated: your failure so to do. be rendered against t:", demands of the h]. been filed with the Court. The =h:'c cnt]tl,l the foloc]osure of that ga.e ma(Io by tqthel and George H. Thom:,s and Ethel Malie Then of Geltu,le %V!lev a m| ing the followin d,.cr situate in King Count t,) wit: Beginning on th,. Tract Thirty-nine 39 Spring Hill Addition ng to plat recorded of Plats. page 14. COunty. %%ra.hington. a! fe north of the soutl of said tract: thence parallel with the soul line of raid tract a di. feet: thence north on with the west mar tract a distance of 60 less. to the center line *-hence west on a line the smuth marginal tract 100 feet to the line thereof; thence west marginal line les, to beginning. the said mortgage with interest at seven being recorded in the County Auditor of ",%shinton. in Velum, g ge.% page 576. reeol C,unl.,.: and the r,,Iiof Ii-;Lq ;n ox'hldin oaoh r]' :O"iI! :1 II  " fleD1 :ilIV In th'l tq the .ubt p,,,l>t P-.r,?,ll.;R. A.<t\