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June 24, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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June 24, 1933

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rial&apos; in the presence ," I::::r: : ,- . and telatives. Ehe bride was gowned :r. :_ ..-..::-.._ 2" ( of white g;de:=:a,-, rKt -.,. :, .:':err=,- Lro- by he: :.<,+: X: - :.: . -::.%-.: ue t TEe b,_-" . :: -'. ;7 ..... to Sc :::e. D. T:.. . on. .+,d V ... ,the ,n,ke :7.-.. . " -:_ ARRIVE FROM (AIAFORNIA .Mr. and Mrs. A- E- c;L-':: := H:i- b'ood Califotma a:::ved >_,: week : spend the summer mon:P.s wJ:r_ Mr. and .Mrs. Oscar SLerwoGd and fa._=.- ONE to 5 acres wanted; lmp:ovt(. r not improved, close to Botiaeii. ltit be bargain. Give price, :oeitl. P. O. ]Box 215, Bothell ,'n. /.'I) W. R. MOFTE'I00, D. C. Chiropractor Office md Rstdene '! Corner and lLltby Tel. Bothell 12-S-5 Iie Crane Pumps, Systems installed. Free Varnish or Enamel, Sizes $2.19 iehes wide Silk Covered 19c $2.400 $1.2<5 BOILERS $2.95 Large Size B0th(ll lib)lilt , '','  . '.! I,t:41: )Ill I 1 1. il ,' t it 'all I,  II,,." t,T l'i $1,1:t)t+',,ll I lit" 26 flt.': J 12., _*. "i':.t + .* [:I kt, > i't" ('l)II '...'(i -' :;it'li t'I- t': l!," t]l'i ;t: !Ilia :i] o.%y a:;: w.:: L,. (-H i,,t b} thv :.', i yo.l::g }'hi ,+', ,+i':::-d , (:tl ll: .... l ,f, ......... . . :, , :: , .1 . , ,;., , . ..: , * Free __ . _.,31eml)ershi,)s 'r,,. " " ' .... ' I l : i'' '  ' :'  ( 1 " i ' ....... i i " : ' Y..%! ('A T l{e ('" + All Hiffh School Grads ..... , ,,,, .... ,, F:ank :,::.: AI: a:M t!l(" l,(,l,tt!;ti ;at. l),.: ll.;!l Sch(,,d (;::tdtlatt. ,,! I(.);;. 1 _k;dde: -":,'., ::-'" ];,A::,.:: .'< llt'l;tl V [. . "lh(' S(.:tt)',c Y .M.(' A i> ,xt(.ndill; :t .Ml+)+k(+ I', + , , p+(*' t!:++f } II)():.i ')lll t'l V;[t't' llll.lll}Jt,lNhil) file to t]2 - - ' hi,h .'<('h(,(,l gratlu;ttv of this vt'., i., :t,,.t tit ,:i,h (,! :,t !L, ('vtH::tl Y .'it. ( ' +-% ,,t ;l ++till -:L;)+q,(t <,f ;l,  \\; '., h,, ,')i:t+(. ::t ;(E', IIuihi ['p Sour N*v,illllllJng Nil)iV l',t'.lllnelN (.'J;t.>l' ."i()ntl;,y alid 1'1  i - ,,.Ii)o - 2d.. and M!:..Mt, lle VVyl,vI: of The activities %'.'ill ine!ude st(.b t, d:ty at  I'.M kline, accoml 'aniv'i 1'3' .M] alld .'%!1 s t ('I(qlt :(in te.'-itules ++t:+ lif(+saviilg; div- 2X(h';llit'ed .%.lo/i(l:ty ;tim 1"+ id;ty ;t* ; Walter Ford, were guests at the honlc i g instvt ct Oll beginllei. .-.;winllllin,. P .M. of Di- and .MJ- I:. A. ];iis,2-halt ll)::- ilivllUt'tioll, hiking, boxing wlesthnl&, i0'an(w (livlnl M(,n(lav ;tli(l llJll;ty day evening ]volleyball. ping I)ong, and other ganivs. ;it 9 P..M. i tither activities will be intvodut.ed l.ife Naxiiig VVvdne/tl:tv a! 7 30 aim ltATI()N ('()X NEEI)S I)t'I,)IN(; 3111.N I'EItlOD Matter (,f lligh Im!,<,rtance in .Milk l'r,,duction. It h,s 't'l'h (l*'lll,,l:>ll ,il*',l rt'l,":ll elil?l thilt if Ih),' II)I I):lJ I*1 il;Ixe (D. il'y ('()W ;I'*'-!)i'n In h,w ,,i,.l]!!Nn Ft"" D';'3 I ..... it*, *- ;,.- +,,.. T() I,l.+r l'('II[ ;tS, Ifit)"ti lililk ;is +lie w<,til,l pro- 'il t+e h;id qh, lv,'-),,'li++l :ll "')))d (',,it (laieway Tlleatro .,? meI,,be, s indicate what they wish F, iday at .():00. di i,,,,. 'l'hN t':,,.r Thu;sdav. Pll(lav. Naltltdity, Jtln(+ '2"2,!i(. (It) Nuggt.stions have been nlad(+ to Ile:ister, got stalled all(l y+,ll will FII3 Ih;lI ih,-ir )t,,)-rh;I'l 'r''fit`.l';+:`.'! , li!', rr+.t:fvi.dingt, , 2t. Rob(-:" Mo.t#()mety, "iVa]tevlhav(. high s(:hno] ping l)ong (:hanll)ion- hay(. a wondvlful yani.qie) If you Is d,,he (hH,tiu lhe ,h'. I,,'ri,,,l. ttuton, J:rnrllie l)tllalHe in "Hell ]",e- ships inlet-school ('Olllpetions of viii'- Mi'ant nlole illforllliitioIl. C:l]l vl)|iI, llllil- 'l'h(, cl,vl" .t. 1,%%11 I)h,val cl)l:,lIlil,n IO- l iOtlS kin( s as well as forums, discus- est Y M.C.A..: MAin 520,q. to ,,he ,,f th,, ht.-r i:ui,l,- i,, the I1 nl,,ll I1| I,t l(','d Ili't',|O+] ,Ill I'i I1" fin + flunday, June 25. 26. James ]sions arid r other formal elas(.+s / : \\; I Better _J # cat tj tt,SlO ', . ' T-.-- ;'.. r I of Yours Co) diallv EARl. I)O.ME ('entlal Yotlilg M(.n's Necletaly TIIIRD GROI'P TO NI'ONOI{ 111 :."a I:I{T l',lt i 1}(; I': The thild .ZIIJlll) +)f t!ie Ahi(.iif'ati Legion Auxiliaiy "+'.'ill Sl)onsol" a d+s- seI't hiidge "t the Legion Hall Thui's- tilt','. ,Jtlne "2"d. "J'he l,ubNe is i:lvit+.d tO :ill (.Ild. I ' +'+ " '; +'+:''" ..... |'1 ,., t) ,+  t:(.. ++ ';.t+ ,! :;(,1 :, J). ():.- ,t<, ," :_:',, - 2,'. ,: ;: :,:t,'c. . i;()'l'ti/'21.L f'ttAI'..MAC". ANYsehools serve their pupils DreDare. I+,ut lwrhaps you don't milk or ehoc+qate in the know how to make the compote. middle of the niarninm They dolso here's the recipe. iL because the average child, re-! ('bill one No. 2 can of grape- gardless of family circumstances, ifrnit and one S-ounce can of apri- do not have a n,mrihing break- i cots separately in the ice box over fast at home. That m:uht to makelnight. In the morning combine mothers stopanti think. The truth i them, and serve in glass fruit is that every child, and every ldishes. You may add a sprig of adult as well. ought to have a good I fresh mint, for an additional snbtantlal breakfast before heitoueh, akd fresh grapefruit may leaves the house. Here is a better  tie used in place of the canned. breakfast that will make break-Jbut in that caso you must add ,1 +.:(. work: +)n tho bladdei fast planning easy. ,sllgar to taste. TLis recipe will C'") pleasantly and effectively, similar to: dr.+' i)eri,,,l+ If in g,.,,I -h,- will cltrl'v ;lll)ll all righl on lellnle lilllW llll41 Iililge -r p:lSlUre alnl it 11111111 Illlllanll of ft,v,l. "i'ho r;lli,,li <h,,uI]d L)t- tight all I I:,';;,lix,'. If 3,,11 |+;te a t,;1!I,'3 lil,I ,,;:t !AI', %, -:l!<f;l('l )r.v. I!li'.lllll. l,,l" tl r;lli,,ll IN 2hl .,,lllilin 1111(I I-,qo,l (,I ,',,rn ol -,N'II ;llll! ,.l,Jl .)IMI ......... i....# .,. i .... i , "" ..... i' *;i;.., - If %h(';It !114) i,lill[ll], l)f .) lit';!l l)r;Ili lh() I,,'.r,d, .+f I;I.-,+'+| ;i+":,l ,,]['.'r,,tll "'+' F + .% : , + .... . .- , , 'h; II(. II). .;.:i, !l -,) '1, ,: IT i- VOI" 3" _. iiilt I;P ] ;,'-; !!',t+ "! ii; V,;:} llif'i;li Why Get Up o"'+ "":" "++" +'"' "'"'+" '"" O]i! lho ('(:Ji h, tak(- ox@r.iso ill a l)a -T--hbi Test ' ture or In ihe .var+ .-on lifter Ill@ t.alf Is dr,,t,l,od llle cow houhl be )lake tied up. In this w) v the dalr.vman i will observe w',..lher or not the aft- This easy bladdel. physic is needed i ]'o dt!,.o out imFuri+ie, and excess, erldrth is ,h.liored. If the afterbirth ::kk +. Li:!: ca-:::,, !::!t::t!on that :e- Is not deiiv,,rod n.rnl'lilv and within sup ;:. !e :,:...-. i ;lckache burning, :'r: :Hg.i+.. BL---ETS.K the twelve or lwen) houra, the cow .... I t;... ' Inay rleel'l SOllle allentlon.-- ant. lhlarhh-, pi,,'.;c, cu,,ihlg buchu, jun-, Wt.eonMn ["llrliiOr. Doesn't Pay to Negleet i serve six peOl)le. Grape]ruit and Apr+cot Compote Good Coffee Hot or Cold Break/ust Cereal Bacon wtth t','i,,t Bananas , Coffee is the almost universal P:,porers tI:,t Beverage An.erican br-aktast beverage. (;ll(l(l c(iff(-e II!(q411S i('ffee that has This breakfast c,,:.:ains plenty r retained all of its flavor and (.f fruit, as it sh, u+: to I,e die- ;:r()Ih:. an(l tl]at lheana an:" of ietieally correct an ; start the day tke .+,rai;ds (f ,,ffe .:::t c,.!:ie in rlghL aid it :.-: ,::;;:e sin:Ide to "',;('tl:;i:t I+::"k('+l '' (':l;.* MIDSU0000MER (,- -, - . L " 2 2 7 : 2i  ). m i castor 0H on the bowels Get a 25c box "-" '> * ' ' ;arh'-rreslen;n'- Cow (5 grain size) from your druggesl. Tlio CI)W :h;ll froshvlls in lhe earl. After four days, if not relieved of get- frill is apt to tute It hard Iime of iL up nights go back and get yOllr" lille (.(lli+.s int. l,r,,+h]vi'i,,n ill a lilno lllf)n(.V. Yotl al-e botlod to feel better ' when thv f;iVllit.r i rll<li]li: ar+l)lnl atf.I tt'li o]e;lll::ng an(] VOtl get yotl: wilh sih, l:',}:ll" ;ill,I ':l)t. Tllre<hill,., I("TtilltI' .-'leep. So!d hy I-;orhell lh:ti f-l',,'a,.,i I+ 3 5.,!! I. ',', ::' +l ",.,,T !l'lrV. , . 2,,.-, , ;, .. t, . , .+ , Tf :+ *"d vl Wheat in Dairy Ration V)'h,.ai l)l'(,',,',) a i)ell+. raili Iilan ()i'11 ill ;l r:)ii,,li ti)r nii!k ,)l. ili ltii Pxpl.!illil,l!l +.,,i,,]il, ll,l -t+,#,Iil!y ;it lh, 'ltlil, #,xl),,i,;llll.l,l ta[,,Hi tn  :l+,l, ll" ,f ti:(. hl!Irll),-r ,r,,;, -f rid- ",l:II ill ()l,i+' thN If,;ir lli+l+ l,,<:i!! li  fir !li++l!lf)Sl ti<l #lhi+, iI;iil-3ii,,ll x'+! rl lrt, N,,)l.::ri'-" "l, file'(I: T]  %1 ;l+';  ::" %'' :l? llY "!1t: I ;2 P':I !rl I':iti<,ti f,,r , ,. ,, ,.,,,a< t,,.i,',<,+l ,f lilt,(- p:::",a t,,,.J!, '"".+,+ t,:::l- ,,at . ttnl] r+lo l,;i,'" t+'ll'!i lif t,iF++l i,r:lll :ill+| fllaTo nlill li;iv. 1i! ,'+llI)l,:tril)li 'ith T takes time to cook mea. It I Jellied ('hickcn: Dissolve one V+cnn,t Roll,,: Roll D'.ain p;: :ry c,,w. f,,d ,l.i. r;)rl,m ,.x, 9) That +rrr, also takes a lot of heat. And+package ie:n+)il golatin in tw,, thin. ;inl Cilt i9 sqllar,. L,ru,, ropl;+,.r,d ".l,,qll th,,<, + ..Hw. l)r,,.lu,'o.I a long time and a lot of heat oups boiling water, and set asido 0nOllL:!l tl) kto <+n;llil)f];it. frn, Vi+il }li()ro Iiii!l. :l!d ),)::,.l:;tt ),'1: thr, (lvS ape an unwe]conlo eomhtnation : to c+)ol. ]')rain a olin of a:l+:ir;i+rll n:i ',ll '::',, ,,;i,.]l. |)r;,itl a r':li ,,f 't ". " . ., . :..x lith the thl?rlil(qllf+l+.r hov,rin at I lil)+ ;it)(] ;IFI';th:,'+ 5+'c+.I'iil lit i'l+il li,' +. -;i;i-i':. ;)ll! ]:i ,'r '?" '':' Ill:r .... t- "i *' - ' '+; 'T! ;l'ly the hei'hts it is s'alinc" jllSl now. ()f six in,tividual ilil):d<, ]i:ltil!; ' t,h <,,'t,,r ,c  :' ' '+ " ' ' -,+) : ,<:. - , ' .... ; :l .: ,:..i-, and with Sallork:'aut I. toliun. (calf's. lamb and x ), tripe boiled,. turkey and veal (loaf and roastl, to say nothing of such ready-made entr(hes a. I)oef a la mcle, chteken a la king. ehickon curry, chop Siloy. thin tartan style gmllash. Irish stew O'f Cotlrso yOll ('an s(.rve many of theo moai told. just as thoy eorne froP.i the can. bill when roll have to heat them it +'an lie dolic in a jiffy, sinco all of Ihein have already been cooked. A Grand Summer Dish Let's look at some recipes. l-ler is one to aerve cold: lilt -;,;l!Ti' ,. ]i, ih'-" +':IT, !Ill :,, : I+) For a Hasty Home Lunch >tlr alid In;iRe tiah n,libiiy. A+ld soln*, fat if necessary. This will If it's too hot Io thfnk, and .you satisfy eight normal, or from haven't planned what to liaw, for four to six camp appetites. luncheon, here are a eouple of Hqm u'ith Reramblcd Egg, and canned nleat dishes which you'll Tomato: Fry six generous pof thank us for suggesting. Tbe tions ham. then remove te platter first is a to keop warm. To the fat in the Quick Lunch,'on Dish: Sautd skillet add one largo chogped one small onion and one-haIf a onion and one large groen popper. green p+'pper in tw,) tahl,sp,,)ns and sautd tall brown. Add the butter for a f(,w mintltes. Add oont+,nts of a No. 2 can tomatoea, one and one-half cans t,)mato one-fourth teailpoon saiL on@- SOtlp and the drained contents of eighth tea.qpoon pepper and one a No. 2 can nf lima beans and+tea,qpoon sugllr, lud cook dowll nf one can of corned boer hroken,till somewhat thickened. Then in piceos, float thoroughly, sea-iadd six slightly belitn eggti, I, lld son if necessary, and serve. I scramb]e gently. erve with ttl ,qr'rve- r:,x P"ir, d ham, SI' slli, II rt '.5 7. ' + (' ' , "" . ,t 4 . ") I r ; ",'+7.2 I +"+ +it",+" ,;:.. A Tr ' ) ,,%.,.  ,! _ 1 .++ + iv" Tlal, I : " ,.t ' " " . " -' , : ': ;:' c(. ',, (','tl:f<)rrl::l. [ >-" '.+.: r ; ' ..i ,,* 2",- 074 nnini,,ii + ii .+',11 [t':',]' W,,FO ll]h,+r. enlin testod f,,r ,'t++'+'ro+!!'qt]r)tl ii+l Iht flare. II II ('r@ll i,I)r, ill,i I)o li('l+l:ir:i?o+l Ill on('@, If tt Lq th |w,,dm't ,!,l. snd then eoolod promp; b In P,'lvon<i, :,i,i Mil)I..s,:a. :,i nnd 41SI per ent. " ""I +' .t:v,,'v af <'ows In hord tm/-,r,, m,.i.' i+,:q,. !.),h,n, nru fed grsin with l,+'ti'ilrr+ II 41 That v|ill)ii;l/,_" I,ilfl).r II '!11 s fsrm- Ing ovciil,fl!i-n in th@ 17rir,.d Nf'af@s Is llhowu |,y 't,r. Qlr't ') 'it ',Jl( +lilO.(Ifl( l,onn+D+ r, t, :"," ,a:+ .,..,i+.. .,,+ lirrr I.l)t" 5.',:.] ';, ', t.,, ,: - -' i t,!. I h,.l', '.v,,od ,3!-I, J+-, 'i . .I Iced Coffee] Umm! C'ED coffee m'ikos a firl, y:lllr;rnl'-r h'd (Irallf),. /',,tT,.v- "0L"y "..'V: drink, providing VOl start with oranges ;llid I:al't" I)l :t thin l,;tr- th+. right sort (,f v(ffe Thai inI-. of ih. , .i!,.l vl+;lh, L..rni.- ,-:Ir- nl, an  coffr+( that li;i h+.+ Tl "at(.- f:]] +,; :_'," :+, !it ol f!+.- ".v|;it+,. :]<)[: :';))I'," t,::rMl, +l ;tnlt , ',.; v,'] %. !" < :,("Tl:):f ''l! -'l:';tl" .: . ". : ; { : l " : , i : ]  ; ' : ' i : . 2 : i ( ] ] , . :I: ' ' ] p ] ] " C: p;.r, r-. r ' - I't:t j:<t I,L,in +off.:-. ,'.d or hot. jf  bY li( nil'q: n - ;I;. (Iri]} I,+v(,ras-.++ which earl h(- ma,!- f:'c,r.>l Ibis fralzr:lnt I/can. ll,.re ar,- two recip(-s for c()o]ine summer drinks in which coffee is one of the chief j ingredienta. I +';Ip r . :? . . , - :_..+ .71111. ?! i ; r.+ T'+::,, .'. ; .% s?.'rllp, and vhiii. .lust b,.f,)re , rv- in'. add r,ne quart ging.r .*ie..trl t%V(i t'llpS h(.avy cream, if d!m-d The cream may be omitted. This makes not quilm three q)Jart3." TALK OVER your INSURANCE Problems with a Specialist! Harry N. McKernev fire. autd. accident [.i00e [i,.,,t,.  " "1",] 1)-'+.-: )-;,+': ---. - "_C. : ..@ r - - :i;, :v \\;- : ' \\;Vit)i,,:r ,,il : ;t -+. ' ,' " . .. ]:..+ ._.+ i : I ,::. ';llll0 ........... ,' " J ' A dd l'.s ............... ('h''11] I-il-i ill ......... o ! 1 ',111 !1 Gregory Publishing Co. PUBLISHERS PRINTERS Boil . L1eil Phone 1000 II