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August 2, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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August 2, 1933

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PRICE FIVE CEiWS The Bothell Citizen VOL. I, NO. XIII BOTHELL, KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON, AUGUST 2, 1933 $I.00 PER YEAR r i Mrs. Geo. Anderson and Mrs. CommmdW Cannery " li" E. Worlev entertalnedl e ......... Ms C. IClark Patty gave a shower In Metho&amp;st Epzscopal Church Friday afternoon, July 28th, in vOll['l[IkllUll[  .s l]ihonorof Mrs. Olas. MeGarrigle at Needs New Location ,,onor o, tl,o eI00.t,, birthday of' her daughter, Roberta, theinvitedl WallgreninB0melt.,00 Andern's home, Wednes-: Serves Bothell Since 1885 guests were, Patriela Crawford, i )day, July 26. Tile guests were By $. $. BOWER " ,, ........... Frease ....... man Monrad Mesdames Merlin Frease, Mark The community cannery operated ,ua,, c.noner. 2xietnea , lae VlSllO! wongress ' . " I i,-,,,,. M-leom Wllmot Warren The lirst religious servh;e under day the chl,rch had Martha Jane Glidden, Ruth Bros-i C Wall,,ren to Bothell Thursday 1",-'' -'; -- '  " at the -hool cafeteria this season - _ .............. :  ,wolfe, vernon Keener, ttazpn the auspices of the Methodist Epls-no pastorial rvlee. WiCK iuonnle .icell, irene j)aKers, ' . . . . i , .......... I,as accomplished a vast amount of ,_.,^_ n.*-om MarvLou And - evening was anauspmlousoceasmn. Brown, an o. lmt.Ksrom, t.'nI- copal ehurel, in these parts was i Rev. J. MeKeen came in l:16but good. The lead i,I this enterprise eZn'-Glrri:"Grillln ;lice Chap -The congressman arrived shortly]ford Hall, Harold Peterson, Che eondueted by lie,'. A. Atwood lndid not filitsh the year. has rested with Leeper and l Troutman who opened it toprovlde man, Shirley Mvlroie. Leona Zell- after six o'clock and after betng[ ter Wilson, Wllford Weybrlght, 188;5 at the home of Mr. David C.! Rev. A. J. McNanlee supplied in a means for the unemployed to Her and the honor guest. Introduced to about 25 of Bothell's ,Jas" Berto, Claude Dutton and the Botheli. the attendance at these ',1897. prerve vegetables and fruits for leading citlzens /he group sat down Misses Marg Gowm, Gwen Worley, rvices embraced most of thel Rev. Rohmd llughes filled the later use. for which the Welfare tlllitll C ds to a banquet ;it the soehil hall of the honor guest anti the hostesses, adults and ehildren of the new .,t-pulpit during 198. t'nder his past- ',The afternoon was spent playing tlement and filled the dining hall:orate the church was finished. I,ard charged ,three cents per can! "u row are tl,e 5I. E. church. ,'resident. C. R. Waiters of the bridge, with Mrs. Keener winning to its capacity. A Sunday ..hool painted and a bell bought of which t,,o F,ndin00tl,a, p 0nizing this work did n(,l ,,.eupy al, their atr eatre Business Men's Club aetedasehair- high score and Mrs. Weybright, ,,'as orlmnized l,y Mrs. Alice Boll,- the Seattle thirdware (.ot,,pany do- time. the.v have been canning for man and after a few lntrodttetory :se('nd ell at the same time. Stun there-'nated $30.ff) on the. pur,.hase price. I lle general pt:hliv at live cents pe.r Notwithstanding warnt evenings remarks called upon several loeal afterllm ineel ingsa hool lion.wereWaSheldbUilitimre.antl '. Anthdhirsindebtne.Swa. eaneelled.f severalon hundredseptem can. ami :,ther summer attractions, the citizens who lm'esented the subject Bothell Bus ()perating tw,) ,lays per week g(x! sims prented by the man- of more adequate (lraillage of our Rex'. Atwood continued to hold Iwr llth a large congregati, m it- they ha,e estal,liM,ed a ,-e,.,wd of ageincnt of the lfi,thell theatre ,ire ,'alley from se,eral different angles. Own Dies ser,k, es here more ,,r less during ,,e. the lmrning of the ,,i.,,',_.:,ge, sealin ii9 cans a day. ) heartily drawing large crowd. each Thurs- After having liMened carefully: er the years l.'i-%s. Tle lirsl tru by the wriler and lle (lediea!hm of (lid the pulflic re.v,n(I to the ;.4er- day and Saturday evenings. Mr. W;lllgren outlined a progrlun; tees were George Bothell. Ehner ,I. :the eh,m'h by the Imstol . vice rendered lh;ll cnstonter. imve For Saturday lhe "Girl in 419" to follow to secure lhe desired sup- The deatli of Geo. II. Williams Rn:s. John J. ii:irvey. George Bur- In Rev. J. W. Kern lilled ,.ome from several ,ff lie surround- is the feature with Gloria Stewart port and offered his surviees in Monday from blood l)i,ldng is a divk. i-'nlnk W. Spear and W. G. liie pulpit, lie was followe(! by Rev. ing l,,wn. with food to Ie eannpd, a. thc "'Girl." The elements of Ineeting the three seperate groups serious blow to Bothell. As the Young. T.L. Dyer who remained until Out (d" the small fee.- ,.l:argt:d -v- kqlngland violent.e, of love and the whose approval are necessary be-directing genius of the Bothell- In llt Rex'. L E. Wornum be- January. 1.q01. Rex'. Fred Shelton, eral Ir)ys t,f the (olllnltin.ity i,ave the routine worR of the police and fore the pur strings are loosened. Seattle IRis rvl(,e Mr. Williams (.anle pastoran(! Mr. IravidC Both- January 1st, to Septenlber. 1901. heen able to pr,)vide lheniselves hospital aulhorilies are woven to a Later in the evening Congress- h,'RI given Bothell frequent service, ell throated two hds (10xl-) feel Rex'. C. E. Lambert O(.t(,ller 1st, with lket nolmv I)y ilcIpin dur- pattern of breath-taking interest, man Wallgren addressed a meeting lower fares and better equipment, eavh and in the winter of 1S9 and V.)I. to Septeml,r, l.q(r2 ing the ru.:,h peri(xls. As the tinle |(,r the opening [,f .,.h(d approathc> the chilli el- all(I their cu.qomers are h)king all, Hi! for a suitable localion for continu- ing their work which will obvious- ly extend for >everal wevk. lLW)lld the lir.q of Septeulller. Birthday Party for Hrs. Blyth ( )ll Saturday..Inly 29th .mie ;:f Mr:. ('hri.tina l;lyth's friend> :ur- prise(I her with a birth(lay llrty. it heilig her 2nd anlliverlrY. L,,ve- Then the following Thnrsday of the Kenmore I)emocratie ehlb Mr Williams was the head of ls.) the (.hnreh was built, the RevLolenzo.leanSep lenllerl%, conies "'ChristolIer Strong." This ;it the Kenn;ore Colllnlunity Chill the Knighls of Pythias in Wash- Cliureh Extension ..iety donated l.ql)2, to September, 1903. I'nder his pivture is adal)ted from a novel of house, ington, having succeeded Clark V. $.'i1.{_)and loaned $7J0.(10 It,ward pastorate the par.onage was Imilt. the "'lest .'ller'" class. Those who Savidge as grand chancellor cont- the work. Messrs. Frank .Iohnm Rex-. S..I. Buck. Septeml)er 1st, have re,id the MuD will be all a- Forty-sixth district candidates ntander, tie il survived by his and .Manual M. Ervay were engag- lI)3. It) September. li)4. tingle to .-ee how the artists of the to the repeal vonvenlion are with,w, a daughter Martha and a e(I to construct thechurch. There Rev. %Vm. S. EhlrRlge. (k.tot)er. ,,.reen will handle the situations numerous and afford a choice to .n George. At this writing came a very deep snowduring lhat presented in the .-tory. Katharine suit one's tastes. Those who have funeral arrangements nave not winter and the work proeeeded un- llepburn porlray. "'Cynthia" wilh deelare(l a "wet" lx)silion are been announced, der great di...advantages. ('olin (;live. llelen ('handler, Billie A. B. Campbell. Frank llammond, Burke and Ralph Forbes in the Writ. Brown. llenry McBride and ,ther lea(ling parts. Benjamin F. Boone. The "dry" "The Man of the ForeM'" is (.]as- position is sought I)y l,'rederiek Mlied as a "'weMern " by those who Norf, Richard G. Bushell, Geo. F. wh, desale film.-_. Y.u'll like it and Cotterill and Ralph II. Royal. While Rev. Wornuni was here Mrs. Margaret Spence of Port- he wa asssisled by a Rev. Marlin land, was a guest over the week from Nebraska in the conduct of a end at the home of Mrs. HannaH -ries of revival .rviees at whivh and Dick llannan, there wa. an unull manifestation t)f Divine power. In 1%1 Rev. it,.oming.-,,on. Mr. and Mrs. Bert DuBois of George R. Osl)oru was appoinled Mr..Iohn.,n of the Theatreman- Mrs. Lydia Jones nf Seattle, is Seattle were ,mests at the E. tl. and served one year. during timt agement i, enj.ving a trip to Chi- visiting i'n Bothell this week. Severance honte. Tuelay. year Mr. George R. Wil.m d,mat- e(I nn orlk,qln to lhe t-]lnrch. 1904. to November 30th. l.lOi. Rev. (). I1. ('alder. I)ecemlr lt, 14, Io Mar('h, 1906. Rev. Ri('hard Oales it, Scpienlter, 1.). Rev. J. I!. (!arler Septemlr. lt.), tn Seplember, lil(tS. Rev. II. W. Mivhener September. 1(.)0% to ,eptember, 1911. Rev. II. (' Levenworlh Septem- l)er. l(.)ll, to Septentl)er. 1913. Rev. A. W. Brown ptember. U,)13. to Septeinl,r. P.)i(I. I)uring ly bouquets werel)rouhl and ],,ad- cag( and his phlee has been cd I,a:-kets that st,pplied a I)unti- ful lable The ffuest> were Mr. and Mr.-. R()l)ert Carlson and son llen- ry..Mrs. Ins Andel'.)ll and dangh- tel E]izal)elh. Mrs. A. Zanga. ,d" Se;illle..%I1". and .%h'.. George l)il>- lllOrt., daughler Irene. slid .on Wal- ler. .%lr. and .%h's. John.)n..Mr< Ether i'el()rJ and (-,n ;rod 31i.- .tllder()ll fl'OIII 1he lVayl)e (;()if" ('0|1 r('. Vote is Against Consolidation Tl)e eh(,()l (.()nsolida! i,,n eh-('ti-n |,ehl Salur, lay ir)v()lvill., di:lri(-ts 4t; and 21:' was deei(ledly riealive. ']'lie vole in B(,thell was very light. a ppa renl ly refleeling a feeling t hat it was a (lueMion for our neighbrws al W,ulinville to de,'ide. Wo- tilled by .%h-. Sullivan. ather ,ff theother half (,f the [rartnership of Johnson and Sullivan. Mud Hosses Win Jud Tmkins says even ff you haven't anything laid by $or h rainy ,jay. doh't forget that a good old mud hoss can win many a rac. Cat Mothers Puppies A tray cat adol)ted ven mnlh- erle.s Scotch terrier pUl)l)tes at Angell Mem,,rial Animal hospital in Beston. Tides and the Moon The phoenicians :ire credited with the discovery of the rohltion Im- tween tides af lhe sea and tho rilllt)Ilo Pittsburgh's Natural Gas Natural gas was hronght t:) l'il:- borgh. Pa.. in l, from a ro..)v,,ir 19 miles dist'mt. Voluminoul Histor enville rose fully to the ,.easion The hlst()ry of the Gornlan thea- a[l(I turned ollt 341 votes. 315 of ler is sald ta mmP)pr 3.0.(IO I)o.ks. whic]l were aainst v,)n)]j(lati(,n. Low Upkeep Tim l',othell vole 39 against and -; Tim only d,)nleslic ant,Hal that t. ft)r the eon.)lidation, i)r(,litably hred in the Arctic rpgion is the reindeer, hecause it r-:lulres neither hay for feed Imr shelter for Odd Fellows to i,rotecti,m. There are more t h.'lU 125.(gl').(Nl of them, and It is n,,t Attend Church .neo.,m,., fi)r Shale hreeders ;.; Arctic Siberia to own herds of 10,- 0(O at a time. Rev. C. L. Walker. pastor of the 3I. E. (.hurt'h. attained a consider- "Brown Eyes" Barred al)le .,,tanding am(,ng the Odd Fel- Boston detectives, In their offi(.lal lows in Alaska and |tis arrival ill descril)tion of eriminals or $11sl)ects. Bothell was immediately taken n,*te never report that a [)erson h:l.q of by the Grand Master of the or- hrown eyes. There Is no such thhv.' der and it relxwted timt he will at- as brown eyo% according to 'apl. Thomas F. Gleavy. who has Instruct- tend Rex. Walker's services in ed the detectives to describe as Bnlhell on August 13th. "maroon" all eytm commonly con- Tl,e local lodge of (Rid Fellows sidered brown. has v()ted Io attend the rvices as a I)ody al.) at that time. Synthetic Philosophy Aristotle's coneel)tion of a .vn- An alleged B(,thell l)all team got thetie philosophy--marking one of the grandest epochs In tho who!o in- the sh()lt elld of a tell inning .ore |el]ocllla] story of man--w't ft)r a ()f 5 to 4 lit E(hlton(Is ()i) a recent while n0=lected and (won lost lllltil Sullda.v. They seem to play pretty recovered hy .Musllhn:in and .lewq fft,(RI 1):1[[ 1,11| ;IS f;Ir a> Bolhell is from Bagll'ld aim Slqlill and h:,:ul. q)ll(.erlle(I they ;|l'p ;! my-iery te;illl, ed on to the medieval s,.h,,,!m, :t. W(.,'an li))d n,) Ib)l]),.ll ).v who pi;IV )11 tilt' ll';llll ;l|l(I 'Q,P hitve llt)l But They Must Be O. K. I)(,a|'(I ('f lllpil" Ill(.,'lil)ff ;1|)3 visili)n.' N,.i(hor i,,)liiirt.s n,,r if,,, I):ln- l(.;lii;  till |]I(' Ill!Ill(' li,'}(I. T/I;II.'. [l(,tS,' Ililtg i),)w,.rl,)kill h[,,;is. If lh@ [,Ip't Hi',, S,)llll'l. if | t'.V ;it, I wriUen in sir,(',,rTlv if I ,,V (',,l);/il)- 3ii,'t)i;';)|) f,,l,- '.it! i.(,i,I )l,,.ir u)o tel 1t,). lit,(.ra|i,,|) ,)f |b(. h;);,,a:) -laI,' i)i,'ni,' il \\;V,<,l[:)),d [,:irk. n,i),l. ! ,,%" h;iv(, a i),),'r t.v,.t,1 5 ([;I\\; .\\; it)'.:') ,'I(>'.,I ll',)r), II( I';il;l'(! I',I "ti)l)r,','i;ti,' ,,r );,.i .... , ,,,, .,. :+. t- d,,;r,y.-('!,.via;,li';qi)t I .... ;, Calendar of Events for the Coming Week THURSDAY-- Bothell Theatre American Legion Aux. dessert bridge at 1:30 p. m. Legion hall. Lions Club picnic, 6:30 p. m. at \\;V. E. Nims sum- mer home at Kirkland. \\;Voodinville vs. \\;Valters Feed at Bothell, 7:00 p. m. Keeney Lbr. vs. Silver Lake at Silver Lake, 7:00. Epworth League vs. Griffiths at Bothell, 7:00 p. m. Juanita vs. 101 at 101, 7:00 p. m. FRIDAY-- Kenmore Community Club at Kenmore Club House SATURDAY-- Library open 3 to 5. Bothell Theatre. Kenmore Club Dance, l<enmore Clubhouse SUNDAY-- See Church notices for services. MONDAY-- City Council Associated Clubs o[ Nortit End at Green Lake Field House, 8:00 p. m. Benefit card party at Odd Fellows hall, 8 o'clock. TUESDAY-- Library open 7 to 9. Sammanlish \\;.'alley Grange, Woodinville Gym, 8:00 p. m. Griffiths vs. Juanita at Juanita, 7 o'clock. 101 vs. Epworth League at Bothell, 7 o'clock. Silver Lake vs. \\;Voodinville at Woodinville, 7:00. Walters Feed vs. Keeney Lhr. at Bothell, 7 o'clock. WEDNESDAY-- Rose Chapter, O. E. S. 8:00 p. m., I. O. O. F. hall Anterican Legion, 8 p. nt. Legion Hall Y. M. (_7. A. C,mnty championship swinnning meet. Eastside Circle picnic, 12 o'clock at Juanita. if your organization is not represented call The t;itizen and give us the particulars Rev. Osl)ru died October 2(;lh. this pastorate the church was low- ing.r2, e|-ed to the street level. In 1:)1 Rev. lh)ratioAIling (.ame Rex. B. W. linehart September, and rvcd one year. I.ql6. to September, 1919. Rev. Alfred Crumly filled the Rev. O. F. Krieger September, charge in 1'.r2-3-4. Times were very 1919. to September. 1:):2. W]dlc he strentlotls during I,is pastorale, so was here a bath an(I eonerete fOtlll- lnueh ..) that it Imeame ncee.,ary dati(m were put in the Dtr.'amac Rw him Io perRwm manual labor: Rev. A. I1. Thrmtlxm Septemler to support his family. Mr. Crumly 1:_)2. toSeplember, 1924. The garage was killed ,)n lhe N, wthern l'aeilie and furnace were pt|l in (h,ring his railway April :'ith. 1). 'time here. Rev. William Metealf of Sealtle' Nole--- The rem'.dnder () f thi. supplied ill li((.i.3, he came out Slln- story will he put,ii.hed ill aii early (lay inornin's and went honle )Ion- isslle of ']'lie (Titizen. First Permanent Teeth The fmlr six-year molars are the first permanent teeth to come In. They come in Immediately behind the temporary teeth when the child ! about six years old. Since they displace no teeth, they are oftea mistaken for temporary teeth. Liberty Head Niekels The coining of the Liberty-head nlekels In 1913 was not authorized. Some were made. but there Is no xact record of how many, since they were counted with the others coined in that year. Woodinville Items .%1rs. Ida .hwklhl 1. (Iriving a li( %', Che, vr,)let ear lo l]le l)st-ofli('c liOW. The local packing house an,I ice plant report ; busy week. shippinu sevel'hl carloads (,f lYe:Is. .%Ir. alid Mrs. Jn|ln .h )l in.-4)n ,ilid Miss F. Oustafsoli atten(le(I the :Swedish Bil)le ('onfereliee ;it Lake [ Samntaulis]l, Slllldliy. ] 31r. and Mrs. Cart Osl:rander o[ IWe. t Seattle visited lheir .ms [Carlton and Kerinit al the honle Present for Napoleon of Mrs. Ewirlg Sunday. When Napol@on was banished to a little Island off Italy. In 1814, i Wo(.linville voters turned out the powers made him a present of iell mass Saturday to register ;in the Island for a toy empire He overwhelming vote awainst eon- imd hls own little court and his own l.di(lating this .hool district with llag. ithal of Bothell. A total of 341 iv(ties were east, 315 against and 2fi Rays Photograplut Selves !f(,r. The restllts of the election Cosmic rays, flashing twardiverv(leliniteh indicate that the earth with tremendous energy of ", " . .=;-- .-. - more than -7)00000000000000 volta, Ipepie (n Woooinvnie (lesire to have been made' to p'hotograph ;t retain their 'hool district as ;It f resent and to ippl their support hemselves by means of an Inven-P " t ." . tion. [and interest thereto. I Tue.lay evening a nuluber ,)f His Musical Ear Knowe !lople met In the gyin I,) (!i uss I I ( I)lll "One reason I likes music," laid llli e advlsat)ility of fnrmii g ; " " Uncle Ehen, "is dat it kin keep your ears contented wif words dat ain't imun|ty elul). Mr. Ben McMillin got no bothersome arguflcatlon In !was made cha|rl|mn of the meel- 'em." ing. After an oi il tll..llSr-ion whell all presel|l had expressed Birds Without Vocal Cords Birds do not have vocal chords, but their absence is compensated by the development of a slng-bo, or yrix at th hno of the wlnd- ;lips. iilleir feelings ;itx)ut the lll:ilter, il iwlts decided li eOlltlililliily ,,rganiz- aliol| Wolll(I be ()f great I)eliv|il |o ilhe dlstri('l. Th(' f,)lh)v,iliff i-'r- i,--()I1.', were I Ilprellp(lll ele(.le(I a ()lli(.ei'.: Mr. llen Mc.Llillin. pi,-i- delil: .%1r. .l()hii l)eY()llnff, vi(.e- i)l.(,>i,tv)ll: .Mr,. .%|erh' .%l,,Bla)_'ul'. <(,.1"('I ;i i'v-I rea,.ilrer. Ti,. lil,l "l'llt.r, l:i/ iii (';i('ti iIB)lilli ',),;is ('i ;it- lilt" l.(.Tiil;i i, lil('elliff ilihl.