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August 2, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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August 2, 1933

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PAGE TWO THE BOTHELL CITIZEN WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 2 The Bothell Citizen Slfl)Sel&apos;ipti( I $1.() Ix'r Year ! B# L. L. STEVENSON I llispht.v' rates on appli- It seems as if it were only yes- ('alton -Copy should lie in by 10 terday when a group of o!licials, en- a. Ill. ,I()n(i;Iv an(| 'alHIot be ac- gineers, promi, citizens, news- eel)tell after (i p. ill. Ttleslay.  paper m.h and ,*thers, galhered at 195 Broadwqy, to witness tile be- -7 Pnhlk' Market liners are lc. per;ginning of v-ice col,,.mnication wor(i for each issue. 3Iinimum over the Atla::tic. Nevertheless i transatlantic teh-,,h,)ne conversa- charge 2yx:. ! tions now are hi-,rely a part of i Entered as seeond-class matter May:, business and ,cial rtaitine. For  many, pickil g up a t(q.'.,hone and ll, 1933, at tile post ()file, , aticalllng London Is no more titan liothell, %Vashlngton. under tile! idcking up a re,:ei',er and calling Act of Marcll 3, 189. I Newark. Tile co,t is much greater, true. But there are some to whom .'a.,..'--! 11^.,,1,,....4- even tbat makes no difference For Edlwnal IJliJfll Lllll;! It . [ it.stance, there was the moving pic- Congressman Wallgren's recent ture queen who had a beau in Low visit to Bothell, where heappeared don. She called him up from Ilol- , {I.ood frequentl3 and not onl as tim tovernments reorentative, "" ' " . o r  mmunities, I talked with him at length, but held elore a group Ol our co " . ...... ........ Iner pet uog to the transmitter so business lea(lers tnKIounlze(llV re- . .......... - - _ I that her menq in bonuon coum near ulted very favorably for him We ............ ' ." . " . - i tue aromas harm Alia a aug DarK- were xer) mtmh mpressed with . " ." "' ing at $10 a minute is something. tile evident good use lie had made * * * 'i of the time he had spent In getting a Titan there was that boy in Lon- ! grasp and understanding of affairs, don wl:o received a mail order cats- i luth po]iticaliy and economically. Iogue fr'om a Chicago house. In it i was listed a rifle that cost $3.75, ! which interested him very much--i Poorhouse versus old age pension.' so much indeed that he picked up  Why should there be an)" queseion the telephone anti talked with the as to which policy is best? The mail order house about the $3.75 poorhouse Ilas always meant ltumil- rifle in a $75 call. Naturally, the iation for its guests. Too manyltelephone company endeavored to tinles it has been the means byi collect. Tile boy's parents, in mod- whl('h political debts were paid. erate circumstances, set up the Too maiD" time its administration', claim that a minor had made the has asked servk, es beyond the phy- sical capacity of tim inmates. The poorhouse ires always (,()st tile tax- papers so mu('h ntore than what its alleged beneliciaries received. Tim ohi age pension means ,.omfort and respectibility for the aged. [t (':in he a(huiniMere(i allnoM with,)ut vost and it silould he beyond tile reach of lhc politicians' fingers. Tile fa('tlllat our slate ilas not pr,vided a dependal)le ,our(.e of supply for pensi(m money is nt to il.. erellil. Inlt lilt, ixmsion law is on the statutes and we believe ih it will lie improve(I and lihcrialized as lime awakens a ix)puhlr interest and 1)elief in it. call without authority; therefore, there was no responsibility. In the end, the company accepted the few shillings the lad had in the bank as a settlement in full. Prize List for Flower Exhibit ilothell's Iirst flower show is dat- ed for Salurday. August 12, an(I 'i elassilicalions will be awarded blue. red and white ribhons. Tile exhib-' it will he hel(I (luringHle afternoon anti eveniB;ill lhe so(.ia[ room of the 51. E. church, illJles arc as folh)w: 1 Exhihil. receie(I belween u and 11 a. II1. S:lIIIr(lay. 2 Irl<+wel'S Illlli I)C grown ;trill pre- pared for ehihition by exhil)itor. 3 Exhihilors IllU.l furnish contain- er. I (',uh will not he repo11il)le for COl' q)ll| ;liner.,,. Judging in charge of Cecil flly and ol Iel'. I ;; I'ne, nile variety or mixed. \\;';l( or chimer of rose.. 3 6 Slalkof SllalXh'affon. ;; spikes of hollyhol.ks. 5 ;;gladi(dus. pink. 6 ;; ghl(li()lu, red. "/ [ gladi()lus, any other e()lor. t l)ahli;i. I I)loom, any variety. ()n the way to tt,e ca 2 he kt.ld the dog dry with his coat, and be- fore tarting to worK, placed Sweet- tleart inside. "1 thi.k a lot of that pup," lie explained. "Ollce I had rift)" grand. I.o'. It in four min- utes in tile market crlb. Now I'm pretty well down--don't aver- age ten ilot:rs' sleep a weet. because I hare to work all the iiille to get by. A lot of my friends're passed me up. But Sweetheart ain't,  l've got .no pal left, anyway." . 1933. Bell Syndle&tl.--%VNU Service. Personal Items Mr. E. S. Black wa.-een ill ]h)tii- ell F'riday. King cotnlty employee pieiii(.ked ,llll( ;It Shady Ieacil. The I(-a] Legion picnicked al Coltage Lake last Sunday. Mrs. l'ki. Gor;llski is visiting titis week at Mnkilteo with rela- ' tives. Tree Nith Date May Be ! Miss Mary Lvtle is visiting in l Clue to Stolen Money Ellensburg'lid week with tile Grant's Pass, Ore.--A huge man-! zanita tree in the hills near itere may be the clue to buried loot oh- George Earnest left last week for tained in a stage coach robhery Columbia Falls, Montana. to spena years ago. The date, 1890, the }'ear tim balance of the vacation period. of the robbery, Is earned on its l ......  Mrs. Glldea and Mrs. Brindle of truna, with the inltiam MLP and ............ ............. lxelClllKan, AlasKa, were caners ;ii Ullff, IOIIOWe,J By [no worus "Go . . .. , , tile Metho(llt 0ar.,mage Satur to Hell.' l'i;e tree Is located near " " " ' " where tile robbery occurred anddaY where the loot Is supposed to be The American Legion Auxiliary buried. All the robbers were slain will give a deert bridge party by posemen.   " Thurlay afternoon, August 3rd. Jonah Had Nothing on "rheim Chiekem Goldsboro, N. OTom Mc- Cullln of the Mineral Springs section of Grantham township was plowing recently, when he lleard his wife scream. He rushed to the house and found a snake bad chased a hen off her nest and eaten the eggs. The snake's locomot.'on was slowed somewhat by the hearty meal. and McCuliin caught it. kilb.d it, extrartl the eggs and put them back in the nest before they turned cold. The hen hatched a fine brood of chicks from the eggs the nake stole. It costs $30 to telephone to Ixm- don from New York. But tt Is con- siderably cheaper to telephone from FORESTRY WORK AID I.ondon to New York. '[he reason is that ,,hen tl,e contract ,,'as made TO MILLION PEOPLE I)etween the Americm Telegr:zph and Telephone and the British post ,dlice, which operates the English. ,,ires. the value of tile pound ,,'as Relief Burden of Many iixed at $5. "l_'ilus, the rate for Cities Being Lightened. a three-m|nute conversation WItS - and still is--six pounds. But at the Vashiliglon.--l'residelt Roose- present rate of exchange, six l.)umls : velt's ref, westation program already amount to around $_4. So witYtha s light,ileal tile relief load ol Americans save $5 or so by cabling ! many cities arid has directly ben- to London and having the call urig r tiled more than a million persons, inate from there. But trauslttlantic according to It.bert Feciiner, di- charges can't be reversed, rector of emergency conservation tile British refusiltg to countenance work. During tile two months the such a practice. And .some one civilian (.onservation corl) has been gave as the reason that London is it n operation 27),000 men have been so close to ,:,,tlaml. enrolled for forest work arid 15,1.)0 * * * others h;tve -htained sdpervisory ...r. Feehner aid. Just a lille or so before leaving iP ,sitions, " tile subject of tran.-:athmtic telc Cash Allotments. phone. Tile bet patrou is said, ltel,orts reaching his otlice, he to be Jar:ms J. Walker. forlqcr .ai,I, showed tim;. tile mort enrolled Ina)-or of New York, wilo is jour- In the civilian conzervation corps neying in Eurt, l,e but who likt. to and the Indian servie had at- keep in touch with the (.it)" where ranged for the payment of cash al he IVas once i,,.ked on as a hero. lotnlelltS to more than ,?,00,000 faro- * * * ilies, :tggregating close to a rail- Of course lhat tire wvuld g,) flat'lion persons in all. In many in- iu a part of the city whel'i; there stan('es families receiving the;'e al- wasn't a garage within blocks and lotnmnts will be made chiirely self- rite rain was fallilJg hard. I;ut SUlq,orting. inally a small pl;ce was discovered "Ill tholl.tnds of other in.t'lnces and the nlechanlc ill charge aid Lhe arrival of the allowance money he'd grab his tools an(l g, lip and will So bolster family budgets that lix the fiat. A burly In:in with a local reliof organizatiolis will be jutting jaw awl a hard face. he'ablc to substantially l',.duce the ,lidn't seem like one to Ire Cll,,:t'll nlollthly relief funds pai.I to these for :1 stroll u I, a dark "lll.,y. Whql families," he said. ile Ilu gathered his I,,ds, he SllHilllarizill tl,e present status stopped. "Sw,qheart will be awful of the I'resident':; progranl for the loIBsome If l Inane her h,:re :done." ' placin of no less than 27.3.000 men he said. "Mi:ld If 1 take her al-llg':" ! in forest cqinps hy the first of the There wusn't a|iy reUlll.trllICL' at nlonth, 3It. l-'eclmer said. :,11, so he whistled ah,I :: little ycl-' Thousands Enrolled. : loW dog Oi very inl(.i :'l,thl an(n.s- "The %Var and Labor departments 9 Lily, 1 ,lelll, any variety.  try leaped inl,, hi ai;lll.. ) l(I I crenial phh)x, 1 (.o]oror mixe(I. ll Swecl ileal, he.t illlll(']l 23 one Phone 353 eolol'. 12 Sweel peas. hest 1)un('h 25 mixed DR. G. E. RICKETTS have virtual!3 coml,leted the major task of selecting, enrolling, pr.cess- ing and equipping the young men's conservation corps. Up to date 236,754 of the group have been enrolled and 10iJg)O of them have Delivered to Your Home At Your Grocery Merrymount Dairy a Division of Charmed Land Dairies Phone 8211 -:- Bothell, Wash. Sand, Gravel and Cement Excavating, Hauling and Concrete Contracting Soliciting B0thell Sand & Gravel Co. Geo. (Casey) Bannister, Prop.. Phone 1 S 11 -:- Bothell, Wash. Admission Se. i " i Joseph Coin(.('io of .attle was the succeful bidder on the Alder - Wirin00 00op:00rin00 'wood Manor water project at tim price of $161.15.t14. ! There will be a benefit card party ' "'1 Mtr Applia ces 1 Inext Monday evening, August ,th, S " n iat I. O. O. '. ball, door prize and refreslmlents. AdmL,lon ")_.3(,. W. E. Nims, th e E!ectdcian Miss Gla(ly. Plaits, a teacller in  Phne 39 S 13' Bthell' Wash" - the public schoo]s ;it Ketehikan, ,, ....... Alaska. was a recent visitor at the home of Rev. and 3Irs. C. L. Walk- er. IIe(Inlond i, voling Saturday ot a *"<;" '< "" Complete Funeral Service addition to t Ii e J r .'ho,.d phmt. iTile.v are al.-,a,-ki,lg I"ederal ai(I in as low as $57.50 tile sum of .$1.7IL Mr. E. C. Miller i ,,(,,'kil,g on a Ericson Mortuary E.L. Purdy & Sons walcr wheel to be installed in Bear creek to puulp water for a lily pond S217 Woodlawn Ave. Everett, Wash. with which Mr. \\;Vaage i.-,a(Iornipg tile .var(I .fids hol,}e. Call Geo. T. Ericksen, Bothell 563 Mr. George Nilns received his state license as a registered l)harnla-  ci.'.t l-'ri(lay. Gcorge took tile regu- Jar four )ear pilarnlac?, COtlrse of tile state college at l'u]hnan. 31r.. Leo Nicliolm was the win- ner bl a ladies golf tournament re- cently at Etlensbnrg. This is tile third consecutive year in wl,ich Mrs. Nich(,l)n has WOll this dis- lincti-u. The Bidhe]l 31.Ior (',). reports Ill(' ..-ale of a new CIlevrolet sedan to Ihql lil'ov, II. :lll(I to Ne(I Rein- stc(It ;i new (']evro]et VOule. xl]o a u.-ed Buh.k .el+lan tl-i l)all Ilu,,.dms (,f Seatl le. 31r. and 311".. Loren (?ar.v visiied him week Jn Tenillo wil]l Mrs. ('a rev's I';ll her and IIIothel'..Ill r. and 3h'.'W. 11. VCright. on their re- turnhoule the)" wcre acconlpanie(I ll)" Mi'.% (':ir)". fallier and lll'olher, ,Vil]ia Ill. 31r. and 31r. Mark IMiill alteli(t- ed lhe Mi.nii'i picilh* held at llalrs Lake. SilIIday. Tiley reiwlcd seeing 31r. W. D. l;ay in atlelldanee there. 311'. lsbill oflicialed a.,, caller for an old- ljlllel'.',' .qu;H'e dance. , The Y. 3I. C. A. (.ot;ntychampion- sliip uteel will be held August 9Ih. aii(I ill[ise wilo v,'oli 1st. 2nd or 3rd places in the Bothe]} meet ;it Juan- ita Ilem-h ill I)e enlitled to conl- pete. Tile Bothell Inert resn]ted ill awar(Is to IIi who qualified as eoh)rs, j DENTISTRY- X-RAY i pitched their camps in the nation's 13 l)ansies, heat bowl. ! i balf-hillion acres of timbered lands, swimmers. II Vhdas, hem howl. i The Indian service ha enrolled 1.5 Naslurtiunls, heal I)ow]. iBothell Washingtonl. more than 7,000 of the 14,400 In- Mrs. L. W. Reasoner, teacller of : dians who have been given work piano, will present lirt of tier pu- 16 5 ;ISlel's. nile cohlr or mixed. ; opportunities on Indian reserva- pils Thorlav, Angtlst "h'd, in I'/ 3 zhuii;is, one o()ior t)r mixed. i tions, by the reforestation legisht-tile evening at the liome of Mrs. l00esl ..,.,.el ,.f garden ,owers RADIO REPAIRS .ion. A total of 2,00.)veterunshave E 00l,.nger Lakc,v0000i Villa. Vincent K. Hohman heen enrolled. The enrollment of Rewards will l given to pilpils tile veterans' quo|a of 25.000 for the Certified Radio-Trician whole cmnltry ,,-ill be completed re(,eivinbe! inarks for the past First House East of Phone Office or. s,,,m. ,,vell V*eeks. PHONE 19 S II "This ine;ili lhat we will h'lve t'ARll (ll." TIIA NKS We wi:h Io lh;lllk llllr iii;111% irielid Ir llie kili(llie> iliid hel I ) dili'iii.' lli' il!lle- aiid dgilh of illl" heh,ve(I t ll('. 311". ;=lid 31r-..l;=lll*' I". Sl(.,arl. 31i-. All,"' liliili:lli ali(I d;iliThl('l'. .Xlr. iill(t 31i--. 3l;lilili Whill'. In-re lha:l :uLf.! nlon at work in the f.resis by the owl of the m-lllh. Not loss 1}illli "75,#HH) nl(.ll will Im lit ,vllrk builllhi lrails and D,lOldi.lif+ Iillt.. li:lililig llio di- oli, whivh :illlivk f-r,.l, :iilq hi LN'tI"F;!] W,i'l.;ili: IIi ililill':li'10 l]il' IHI- li, Is' fcH''-i l'i'#lllP# "t' li!'!'q'|' illllT." A P.<:I Dut Storm '">":.i' ;Y::''i :! ':: !!, .:: ! I',,.I ,,I !'{l:" :*',';t. " , ',r .l:l ;i. Bothell Telephone Company I,, ;ii} I',,ill+.. "Use the Telephone-- its F, ster I,h,vd F. (;'ilo. ,XII'. ill .uilahle ('(int;iiner. P.i IleM ('()lle('tion of pel'elli;llS, high il i'uiln (qllen |. 21i llt, st cl)l]eclion o1 pel'eni;ils, low ;i r I';I lllc UHI t. 21 Ih,st colh,ction(,f ;ililill;il inuit- ;ihle (')nlahier. i{I .lil3 I'iil'l! (ir ilnii.ll;i[ hll,)lil ll' t'xliillil. ?;; th,11i'(I ill' tllui;.o I)];llll. l]W(l'- ili 7 . !I ]',ll(I ,,r I,,u-,' lllalil>, l',,li;i'l.. '.' !,'-I :i!>l;lllt!i'!ilt'lll (l['!t'Vll V 1 |iV I, ! I ,<,,!,  1') , !.:i > ', I I il  1 i . 1]]i" ;It I'l "'.i !ll . i i Ii . i, 1 i I i+ .1 ,i i!, i Insurance that Insures Chas. V. Beardslee Pioneer Insurance Man in Bothell Representing the Oldest Insurance Company in America Phone 485 Bothell, Wash. N. R. A. We Do Our Part Bothell Service Station Paul Lackner, Prop. Motor Fuel, Oils, Tires, Accessories Buy American -:- Buy B0thell FREE THEATRE TICKETS To the Bothell Theatre Patronize the following Merchants Bothell Pharmacy Gerh. Ericksen, Inc. Harry Given's Market Johnson's Barher Shop Green Motor Company " Chase C.' Mohn  ANI)  Co-Operative" " Merc. Co. ",' Tickets given free with each 10c. Purchase ' Ask for Yours ,' 0 0