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August 2, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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August 2, 1933

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t PAGE FOUR "FILE BOTtlELI. CITIZEN WEDNESDAY. AUC! "- I bli "&apos; "'+ '""" """* '" "' "*' Scores for the Pu c Market , ,,,,.,,, ,.**,,,,., ,,...,.,, ,,, ,,,,,,,,,, i,, ,,,,,,, Twilight L eag LINERS ", ",,*' "*' ue .hd,rl Aorth," near Grevn;wrc> _h.%__ tes: I. pr word per issue. Min. g,,ll cotu>,e. ]>h(me "' "'" l",dh,win -.,re.. indicMc th:fl tle e(qiteM helt'ell Keeney Lum- imum charge 25c. I.'., Sale Clcared acreage on paved ber and Epworth League w;t, an Note f, wms, two for.-'. The Citi- highway, close to Btdhell. exeiting baffle. The umtch lle- zen. soil. hnluire al ('itizen ollh'e, tween Waller.,, l"eed and Grilliths For Sah---lieautiful building site I)airy is (li.aplx)lnting, for these Carl)oll t)apr .l.. per .,heel. Both- with 2-t0 feet on paved highwa/ lwo teams are the top noteher. of ell Cilizen. near Bolhell. Inquire Citizen lhe leagme and the hitter's faihlre Service Station for sale or lease-- oiliee, to .,'ore is rather unexpected .Scores last week. Bothell Citizen. For Sale--A small m(xlern home Woodinville 18 Ep. League 5 with building for small gnx.ery Keeney Lbr. 13 Juanita 3 Wante(I--(ard and Mgu paintin, 9 Silver Lake 0 or market' on paved highway GritBth Call Citizen ollice, close to Bothell. Call Citizen 101 1 Watters 13 otlice. Ep. League S Keeney Lbr. 9 Slo(.k salesl)(}k 5(.. perdozen, two Waiters 8 Griiliths 0 for 17,. The Citizen. ,, -  ;ih'er Lake 0 101 9 ()lne alteratiolls are ill pro,,ren on G. E. Caldwell's home this week. Standing of League I,'or Sale--I-)0 yearling hens, laying W L Pet 60 per cent. I)onnybrook Farm, The Bothell Motor Co. unloaded Waiters Feed 5 0 liD,) i'hone 15S4. a carload of for new ('hevrolet ears Griffiths Dairy 4 1 .)0 from the local N. P. yards Satur- day. Keeney Lbr. 4 1 8(J .I uanita 3 "2 IJO B0thell Theatre ,'.. ..,,,..d the ee-lol "2 3 4o0 merit this week for a I)asement for Wo<Minville 1 4 ol) SUMMER POLICY a line new reMtlen,-c t,n his acreage Ep. League 1 4 3) 2 Shows Every Week near the l"re(I Miller phice. Silver Lake I} 5 tlOj THURSDAY AND SATURDAY At 7:30 and 9:15 31i..-s Film l"ries, one of our '*'""'"' "*""'""" Personal Items SATURD/tY, AlkllNl.  nlonlh va(.ali(min, ill ('alif,rnia. "Tim Girl in 419" i l,o,,,e ,,,,,i,i ,,,, ,,,,.k :;, ,I,e ,,,t Comedy, Dream Stuff poM. .ll l)OM var(l l/'onl (' 11 (;reerl THURSDAY, .,lkll,tl. lO Ml'-. him t;n,)e and rlauhl'] >lie-... ltwy >pt.'lH Smnluy :iI (',)h,ta(h, "Christoffer Strong" .J,,,,. n.,.,,r.x,,:,,.,,,.,,..l,,,,,,,,,,i, sl),-,,.:- <,,, i),.i,, h,,,,,,.,,,,., ,il,. is iMlinL, ;il i},e ll,lli(, q,f 311". ;tlltl They are expec1(.d h ;irriv{- ill u0medy "She Out Down llim" l]. v(..\\;...lldvl.-,ql. \\;Ir-. (;n, -, l;(,tlioH llw t:iller part {,I lh(. we,.k. CARTOON i.- ni-(-e ,it )lr>..lndvr.,,n. L,,.al tm-inv, tli(,ll i't.t.(q x+ cd 1}wir SATURDAY,/lL:ili. !!!! .ir. and 3It-. M. II. llcY,,un? ,1 ],.11.]'- Ir,,m Wa,hin-h:n I'elaliv. "Man of the Forest" K,.,,,..,.,,,i, ,,..t,.,,,:-,i,.v,,.,,,, ,., ,,,e .'. 1: .. "r,,,,..<,,;- ,,,,,,-,i- ;ilid dalluillcr, llell:,. ,1' L.xi>h,n. .< ; I ;I ,.,diy IIIIIlil)t'l" II;tVV ill- ! Picking a Winner hhll.,. \\;l,lt, ]l,,r(, I.'rid;i 3 l:lM h, r,,3d) ht,c!l >i-itHI ;ltld :lrl. ,ill !iwir ItlUICAL REEL vbit ,hdili 1)t,Y,>uu,_, and l;lillilv, xx:ix I,m.k. .\\;1 lhe lieeliilT,f the Fiio llc- p:irlnwill M, ai(lay eveliillff il :i> d,.,hh.d 1 hold lhe :illllllal ball ;i! Chase &M0hn offer ' "": AiiTil>l "li;lh. The price was el al .'#ll,elil ller C(lllple, August 3rd to 16th A Le,a,,<, ,-',,.:,.e ,,,<, l, ,:,,i,,,, ,- t'elltJV r(-llirllt,d l'rOlll ii :',ix week> ;lltti) trip l(i Nellraska. )h'. I-'re;ie Red Hot Fuller Special -:lythal,.,,n(lili,mslhereindh'ale a quh.k revival hi business Miould the llpward trelid of ffraili clllltilllie. Fullerwear Quick Drying Floor $2 65 T]ief;imiliean/1 friend:,of the Enamel, qts. 80c., per gal. . Bothell Li,-,ns ('lull are invited to a picnic at the W. E. Nims summer home ;it Kirkhind. tomorrow. Other Fuller Prices Now in Effect Bring yotlr hnlch baskets. Coffee Porch and Deck Paint, qts. 95c ;ill(! trhnmin,dsand ice cream wilt he furnished. Decoret Enamel, pts . . 78c l'aul Lackner of the Bothell Ser- Speedite Varnish, qts. $1.10 ,ie St.tio,, exr,.ts o le,,, S:,,r- day to visit rehltives near Salem, Fullerglo, qts. . 95c Oregon. for about ten days. Dick Ilasbrouek and Jack l)owning will Modernize your old Mason Fruit 40 share the responsibility of the busine. in the former's absence. Jars with Presto glass tops, doz. a motor trip to Snoquahnie pass Presto Jars, quarts, doz. $1.25 lopped off with a hike to Snow lake Sunday was enjoyed I)y Norris and Presto Jars, pints, doz. 1.10 Irma Richardson. accompanied hr. Mr. and Mrs. Atherton Lewis. thirold and Miriam Bailey and Phone 182 BOTHELL Jack Esher of Seattle. 3Ir. Bailey and ,'-)liS Charles anti Wel)l) and Rex. Widney of Monroe. Bothell Flower Club's First Flower Show Afternoon and .Evening Saturday, Aug. 12th Social Hall, M. E. Church Exhibits Invited - Admission Free I;,l},'i] t,,,V- t.,, at*- :l!',-t,!iil: (';iilll l ii,'iiii, ill ;t,,, ;ir: J:l;lh I-- l;ih(i are. William S,.i,t,,i k-. E.- glJlie ('ha-e. Bill ('tj>tr\>t-. |hqltiilt I]d-re. lh,li Bear(l>ie ;ilid $1;lliiey DarliliTh,li. "]'hc>e t.>y. letl Fri- (hi) liighl Oil the ,1 Ilu,' allrl ilI lie Ii;lt.k )Ion(lay. Leo Reed of edilil_qid iiiiforln tlS thai the Deinocratic Repeal ral- ly ph.iiic to be held at Orchard Park August 13th. is to be a big af- fair. The public is invited to eolne and bring their lunches, l-'ree coffee for the picnickers and ice cream for the kiddies. A slinking prograul includes formrcommiqoner Win. Brown. former goverm,r McBride. J. C. Herbsnmn. Don UnderwJd and A. B. Campbell. MUNICIPAL DEBTS TRIPLED SINCE WAR Interezt Costs Cities 17 Per C'.nt of lnca:e. Now Y,irk.--.iiiit,rii-:ln ('[l'i.. pay t,n[ 17 liter Ct'I:t OI- Iiivir illCtlllle aS ilitl'i't'st I)ll I. qidt-I ill,it-hi ed nt.. s. Ih.(.;llD:e ot grliwin;z [;IK dO]iliqln-ll- rlt- tiil',,ll;llllt l.h t',,llhtry. Iii+'-- lixt'd i'.ilart.s :Ire lli:ikh:g it v:ry dilli('lllt for nl;tlly i-i'it.s t,-I h:il:tnlL-? liwir i,ndvls. ('arl tl. t;-r,.ts. Of 1 .NI2W Yill'k ilIvtts[71tt'!i[ llli!lt% l.dlllcd iillt in Hit htt-rview. [li,'t" tile War, tht- [lt.F t-at,ta illiCitly[i'll.lit -<- }r" .'tl!;,, li;l trild,.l , s:l;,] 3Ir. lh-rets, x ];,% i[!IFTli7 l]il" |#:1" )*qlr. h;i:-; lllil:!i, fin t-x!i:ll'-fiv * <[H[: I,$" thl + iliillli'id;tt of Ill'i: : ii,;,i tl.-!,i. - UI,+ilI rt, lil e>;|:L'. "In rq)llle eilit.s ov,-r 2.1 [,,r CiVil t . of' tit- btld;et is r,-q,ired f,,r i:e*.r- i,r-I lill the I,olid,-,l n,l,!,,%-,!rl.<;; in i'tlln!,;irlllivo!.v ft-,w +'ir. Tt.. ,!,,:'S ttti-: clial';t2 run h->: {hlill ]0 t,i,i" (-t.lil. t, Vlltli :ilii,H,xer.]lql , ]. .'7,'- are :t,l,1. i.d for rc.lirlqn,nt c,f t.,;id% we liid that :is tii<_'li 'ts olie-th:.rl] ( th ilicllnit, (if a ('i[) Iil;i  hr. 12t't',!,/] t" nit.el debt ch;IF't'S. l",lt'.e ,.bAits vt*re elntrac.tt2cl f.r the ln,,t part ililrili th0 boolii period, a:d iu mlii'ly il' not most (..<isi.% fire coni,l,rnt,ly o11[ of line with i,rt.ell( ev,,n,,nii,. (,ouditi,qis, when redtwed ino,me arc c'llling for subst:intal lowering of taxes. "Ill New York qrcl other large cit- ies where larze office and hotel I)llildings have been constructed. taxs b,,,ve not declilmd in keeping with the lower price level of com- modities, with tim result that the operators of ti-ese buildings_ find themselves paying taxes which may be douhle what they should be un- ,ler the changed economic situation. These high taxes, with their roots in the fixed deh!s of the cities, have been one of the chief causes of troulde for the hoblers of mortzaze bclmls." l',,intin out th'lt the debt situa- tion of American cities has been further complicated by tle fact that most of the bond Issues were for short terms, neeessitatin frequmt refunding. Mr. Berets urges longer term financing for permanent mu- nicipal improvemems. It is nnwise. he said. to ismie short-term bonds for an impravement which will be used for thirty years. Negro Farmer Walks 60 Miles to Plead Guilty Mobile, Ahi.-- Go,rge Roherts. thirty-six, negro farmer, walked l miles from his home in Clioet-l county to reach Federal court here and plead guilty to ln,lictme;ts charging him with the sale of fire gallons of liquor. Judge Rohert T. Ervin was s- moved by the case that t:e made the sentence Just one hour in the custody of the United States mar- shah Roberts began his sentence and in five minutes was fast asleep. When he awakened he had been a free man three hours. Meanwhile a collection had been taken tip for him by Deputy Marshal Will F. Col- lins, and he was presented with a railway ticket back home. 25-Year-Old Love Pact Between 3 Carried Out London.--With the weddina ,,f Mrs. Mary lleh.n Parker and John Weathorald in T,,w Law. recently. a love pact nlalhi betx:,,,.n twin hrothers 255 years a'.'o w'l carried (int. John an,1 .liin!0 W.:ilhl.rald de. velolled all alt;tt'iiln,.nt for Mrs. llilrker, who if a whiow, a qnarter of a centilry ao. ()r:P nf !ho br-th- ors be01ilne ong:!cd [O her. and the ,,th,.r :ls s,, ,i,,u,.ast ill i"*ili tier that lhe throe a,.'rorl that tho I,rid,. tO-|V shell]l] llo+',,l!le the, h,,r+.t.:.op- or Af the lwin..qll,| rb:i" if ,,ro ,li,-1 li. s]iIibt II;:i rrT, ,* ?;,'- :;rv;',,r. .J;illlt's ,1;,',1 f,,,tr rli,,: r!, :,z,, .T,.i,r, On Friday and Saturday Harry Given Market will sell Mayonaise at 23c qt., 15c pt. Beef Roasts, 12 1-2c per lb. Short Ribs, 6 1-2c per lb. Also Sell ICE Commercial Printing at The Bothell Citizen Office DRUG STORE Specials Thursday, Friday, Saturday Haskells Milk of Magnesia, pint.-. 23c Rubbing Alcohol, pints,. . 19c Mi-31 Solution, pints . . 39c Pure Russian Mineral Oil, 49c 50c. Pepsodent Antiseptic . 39c 50c. Burma Shave jar . . 43c 60c. Sal Hepatica . . . 49c 50c. Lysol .... 43c 25c. Phenolax Wafers . 19c 1.50 Kelfood ..... $1.00 The Original Advertised $1.5 0 Crazy Crystals . . always in stock Idle Wile Stationery 24 sheets and 24 envelopes 19c We dare you to show us a better Stationery value-72 sheets of fine paper and 50 envelopes to match, all for 39c CANDY 1 lb. Fresh Cream Caramels . 15c 2 lb. Milk Chocolate Bar 39c 5c. Honey Nougat Bars, 2 for 5c $1.00 box Artstyle Chocolates 59c All Bathing Caps at a 25 per cent Discount for these three days 0nly. SOAPS 10c. Colgates Toilet soap, 2 1 1 for .... | li Sunny Mond.y L.un00r00 So.p 2{1(: 10 cakes . . . Life Buoy Soap, 3 cakes . 22c RADIO TUBES All 226", 227", 171A, 280", 245", ca. 49c Bothell Pharmacy Member of N.R.A. We Do Our Part