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September 16, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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September 16, 1933

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the les- hfe&apos;" *Job 33:tD Christ, The I-esson-Sermon alo b the following passage from thq showed tian Scieuce textbook, .eSM what ltealth with Key to the ser I, b"t '.o :da> i;dkvL b:ddy. "God and to things after his OWn likenq (Micah- is reflected in existence, "l I truthfulne,, God in goodneu, oom-ilmpart tholr own Pce the enee Man made in Hill spir- p oasee8 and reflet Oo, a Garvey, D. L. I A pAPVi DEVOTED TO THE [ tTBt'ILDLNG OF BOTHELL L.._ D ADJACENT COUNTRY I A I'APE][t FOR ALL TIlE IIOME8 IN TlI31 DITRIC r VOLUME XXV. BOTI=IELL, WASHTNOTON, SATURDAY, ,EI'TEMBER 16, 197,3. NUMBER 45. the ion over all the rth" (IPI: me 21. Tickets on Sale at Pharmacy US half-century. Let us pause ,oment and see, not what we done, but what we can All around us lie possibili- .ich we have not had time to wealth which we have yet to As the pressure of increas-- and the urge of new discoveries come upon us force, we shall enter new era ofdcvclopmcn t which tke even the developments of it fifty years seem insnifica:r. the )ears to come the rn Pacific will continue as in st--to pioneer in the econom- ement of freight, in :asant and luxurious transpof of passengers. It will work, to give to the Northwest of transportation service. District Officers Pick B0thell Ca0000C0ventrySpurs ENROLLMENT SWELLING; iHopes of Tunnel Men BOARD ASKS BUT THREE For November Conferences InTalkMo_MayN00n MILLS FOR OPERATING Captain Coventry. late o! His Royal M&jesty's British Indian Army. spoke ,, at the Monday luncheon meeting of the Cascade Tunnel Commission and gave a very inspiring and interesting !County Treasurer N .R A District Chief lbriot Commander Joe Marks an- aoued Monday night that the First talk in regard to the proposed Cas- District Conference of the American i Explains...Relief to elves Data 0n W0rk[7 " +u.o+, Legion will be held at Bothell Friday Capzair. Co;'': spent _:c'.'en :,'ear lt'bl, NovHmber 3. n India and one )'ear in China. He .lneconference is the first big gath- i t:0unty ----r-J00-00taxnavrg00 School authorities and Bothell peo- ple generally were well pleased to hear the report last week that the enroll- ment in the Bothell Public schools had increased to 776 pupils. But they hadn't heard anything! Superintendent Warren C. Hodge an- be absolutely necessary and in Lll probability will be secured. The high school will be able to continue as planned with the elimination of one member of the fa.ulty. The three grades of the junior high school and the three of the high school have almost identical numbers - . ,:, ...... ;. h,,i i brought oat several examples, one was the ).ear and the membership A tota, ox .o .... eml,oys ........ I he tin o he ness in %Vashington, Montana and %Vy-[ t du 7 eR,ir :: ldnneX:dh :I nounced Tuesday that there ha, s been enrolled, being neat' the 215 mark in ering of I m of the 14 posts in King County is in- laming are now working under condi-I t . . -" . a large late enrollment in all depart- eaoh instance vited zo participate. It is at these County Treasurer G. G. Witten-* ...... aledlCausing flood aamage to excess o! wonts which has swelled the total to The great increase in enrollment i tions set up by the NtA, it is rove , meetings that the programs for the meyer, is very anxious that the tax- . ......... ice in Seattle [$30000,0)0.00 each year. Since it has 815. that must be taken care of makes It Dy the u Sl.l'lCt OII " ' " I I ..... -. _[been controlled the former flood water year' work Is mapped out and pep payers should get full information as[ More than 44,000 ,ortnwest tntnl I This is in decided contrast to the very important that voter.s of the dis- lathe keynote to certain relief measures passed in . . Ihas been ued to irrigate _'20000000 .. :nra mrlmled m the hats that have l - - " " .... condition in Seattle schools and trict vote for the 3-mill levy,.. ,-.n Sep-,,., At this point ns wnere aii E, ouue, I the recent session at tne legislature.. ..... t' a l eement of lacres of desert land and loamy tt a[ those of other large centers where temOer zo. it taunt ue ,,,,o.. ....... known a one of he fine t agrlcaltur in at IS I not an mcxease in taxes out peapie come in. To show communitYl Being well aware of the large anaount signed tne rreslaen s g" "fire lal regins in the 'rld'l " The project a' " ' . . - ..... 000 firms havel - - . s "lstatistics show a dropping off ' - th" 's " , :i. ". " tendance caused by the movement a decxease of seven per cent as the spirit and co--operation, everything wllllof unpaid taxes on the rolls, much of d !t :::e f:/:ranla ;uRn. :z2 ! was completed._ at.. the cost of $60.000.-,1 by ' . . . . . .' -"'11: .pe: =- woo,0000o00ob,e0000to,o, oo,o0000,o 2 00o.,ot.e00o,,,o00oe.o,,to00o00e . joyabte for the visitors. Noise will[ shortly, and realizing the hardships thin thateZ thefi, haveS reorPlianlzedCe thelrW ]hundreds000"00 and of  paymgna .t offd annua,',at the rate o, ]rand high rent limits and wrest part year for several years. This decrease bePl,ntiful as drum corps from Uni-,and problems of the taxpayels dur-estgabhshmen. gn . .. : :  s --- ." 1 !of the living from garden patches, lis in addition to several great "lathe" s In accold ce with the :n I :2 tO :S inT:;eft:: Pole" 'hile the added load has been quite in the past year and one-half. versiTy Post, Seattle Post and Auburn ing the depression, which now ap- f  w:t .e :l o Po, will be here. The large naval pears to be subsiding, he advocated l)lvisins of the President's agree- c [e: mento the r business code it is de- g get. " '  " - " evenly distributed throughout the three] The business men's association, firing squad of VOest Seattle Post will certain relief legislation, and with the clared I]y Phihp M Crawform assist-i. I called ......., r*-am o one man come to a l ou.u,ngs.:-- ,,='" ......  .......... t.= oangestion - - is meeting Monday night passed a reso- be,he color guard for the massed dis- assistance of other county treasures ant district manger. ,ireahtv' whv. su:e]v enCemen.. the fin the primary grades. Here it is lution endorsing the 3-mill levy and trio: colors- The parade will start at anti business leaders, and through the The totals of the separate states in -!pt')piu "-" tr, e ::a:e oi &%a.smngton can j thought' an extra teacher, who has wish to impress on the people of in  get to:eLer :,:. i p.;" ac.,oss zhe dream been provided for in the budget, will Bothell the necessity of it. 8 o'cck, publicity and favorable attitude of the elude 32,800 agreements signed ] 'I commanders and adjutant's din- press, the legislature passed the fol- %Vashington effecting 167,203 e m-of housan.l. ] her. at which the department cam- lowing relief measures, which are of t)loyes" In Montana a. total of 7.690 "'%Vith he :t..i .-. tLe p:oposed Cas-i mender and his aides ,'ill be present.:g,'eat benefit to the public, if advan-agreements have been teceivod by the cede b,w-'.e;-e: b:,:e "*`he,'ai,za;: poin:-'C0 0p Takes Over County Engineer wil; ,.aRe place at 6:30. tage is taken of the l)rovisions before district office from establishnlents era- ed out. ",,z;ro)r.t::,'co=i..imo:etea'lily -- Tk, main meeting will probably be the expiration of the limited time al- ,laying 24.800 persons. %Vyoming has c,omp,-:e w'_h c:,.,-.adn sh:pp!ng but Frye Meat Market Hunt Gives Talk held -t the high school auditorium, lowed: returned to the Northwest NRA office at the ;,:es-n: :.n:e dut- to a much will be heard and the: 1st-Interest is remitted in pay- 3.500 agreements effecting 12,3,)0 Mowe: mercha:: ran:me on the Orion- I At Club ,...,U0naa00 mesc, zgeDigr'itarieSfrom the new national cam- ment of delinquent taxes of 1931 workers, tal run and th:s grea barrier to sur- I ,nn,,nr it mak,- it almost an impossi-| "Ph n-nerative Mercantile Com- mander will be delivered, and prior years, if paid prior to ................. ,-- bil}ty to get the trade through our !pany announces a newcompany-owned ! The session of the Ladies Auxiliary March 1st, 1934. Football Prospects sound ports that is rghtfully ours." 'service this week, having taken over Stevens Pass Highw.y in regard to will be held at another hall, District 2nd--As a further inducement, ] He told of how the Canadian mer- the welfare and benefit of Bothell, Pres,dent. Mrs-H. W. Cramer presid- if such delinquent taxes are paid For This Year 600dl Inv. assisted by District Vice Presi- prior to December 1st, 1933, a re- chant marine makes the crossing of the market installed three and s the subjeot of principal discussion :he Pacific in less time than do the half years ago by Frye & Company, at the meeting of the Commercial Club de, Alta Elliott. bate of five per cent. of the or- After the meeting a dance will be iginal tax will be allowed, ships in the merchant marine of this which h added considerably to the onday evening, A. P. Burrow and By LOIS TWA]gT country, thus making up for the loss success of the store. George T. 5rieksen having charge of held for all the visitors. This is an exceptional offer to per- sons whose taxes are delinquent and The beginning of the school year of time and still getting shippments C ha r l e s R. WaRers, president, the progrrn and arrangements. -aticular attention is called to the brings about the beginning of the foot-[of silk to eastern markets in much stated yesterday thaft the market will Thomas D. Hunt. county engineer, d, i of less tlme than when they come through IiI ll   .... [ ....... i o -r [ball season which of course, s t " , continue under the supervision of Mat was the chief speaker and outlined a wrpgnlnp ,00,as0n I fact that it advantage ot ti, s .p lad-. 'reat interest to the students and the !Seattle. "'However." he said. "with a,Matson, popular meat cutter and that plan for a direct route from here to '--' ..... 0 ..... tunity is not taken netore maren xst,]o. ..... mmunit- flow-level bore this time could almost l ........... roduets of the the summit, by way of Cherry Valley.  --wT ! !11' I ......... will revert back to Iler peopne at tne co y. I [tney win nanum the v "In Ilnfler way l tne ,nterest be made u Intere t rates run high "'-- 're'lar rate of ten per cent per] This year's outlook is pretty good! P " " nnS rt nd es cial [leading packers of the country includ- which he said in the long run must be v Jv, -  d ue su " l ........ , ,,Cougars., are|On all goods m ra -po a pe "]in  Swift's Armour's Morrell and Co- completed to take care of the trave T. 111[ |   -gC]annum from the or ginal date of de-las ar as one ........ , ..]lv in silk "'rhe in*erect on a $10000-!  :' . 1lll/lllJ" K11!" I]llin-uenc-- "- -reat saving that can,Concerned. Although the team wm I - " "_" . - . " ilumbia brands. I rom the east side of the state to Se- ' llllll/ll,I- kill,Iliad SUI q Y- --,,= s ...... ar ' 00000 shiopment o! finis product is ap- .. I 211 ..... __ --r , ...... --^.^.,. I miss those wno grauuatea last ye . "  . t This week the store is featuring tne I ttle. ' = ]be made under tnss plan ,s p,t,u,,,,y 1 ....... ., ,.^ roximatelv $2.000-00 per say in rans- I _ ,  ,_ I ]better shown by the following illustra- this yea, turnout, as bud :ah:tU,ha:: porL This one item in itself would[ Buy in Septemoer :ov::ene:tn:rin,,[ While no .surveys have been made With the start of the middleweight tion" I hoped for. and tne y a for the cost of the tunnel in shortltheir advertisement g, for such a road, aerial photos lve tounmment featuring an all-star card, IKin County tax rolls at the pre-lturned out are determined to do as PY-nd be the oeatest drivint- rmw-I many articles bought before the prlcelbeen made, contemplating such work. the wrestlin season will get off to a . - between well aS last year's team. .....  ,, ""  ....... --,^]advance which they are passing along[The engineer said that the present dis- g sent ttme show that there s er tnat couta ever ae tnount vl tv I ten and twelve thousand pieces of Those turning out are: Backfield-- flying start next Monday evening, back the spark imo the spirit of to the consumer at attractive prices, tance to Skykomish is 62 miles and September 18, at the Seattle Civic ] I Seattle and the northwest.'" he con- Manager L. E. Gardner has good the straight line would be 43 miles, & Arena when the Pioneer Athletic Club property on which taxes are unpaid Cleator, Funai, Waiters, Campbell, i bring for the year 1927. Suppose you are Wegner. Steele, Hartman. BriggS,cluded. reason for optimism, having recently saving of bout 20 miles or one third. hold the first show of the season- the owner of one of these delinquent?Green, Christianson. and Cranson. i At the present time the members )ut On sale which brought the pea- Mr. Hunt also stated that it would )le from far and near to shop here. cost $700,000.00 to pave the balance of offlcmll sanc h tax wa. a $5000 Endsteele Wegner Helm Vor , The tournament. " " Y " properties and t e .'.  Y . , -lure working toward securing, funds for tnoned b the Natmnal Wresthng A ] interest at the te ular rate on le Hatman M hare and MI inot , Y " " "" The " ' g Y. " " "g" ' * ' .... "[a survey of the site. It is thought ethe present highway, while a new adoration and opened to every wret-]thi s tax would be $26.31. as figured land. ,that after a-ur,'e," is made that it Fair to Have Fine ,o,u could be built for $400,000.00. ler capable of making the midd:-[ to Nov. 30. 1933. or a total Ofte$76gl ' Tackl es--Worthington. Underhill. lwill be but a shor'. ime b::ore the The proposed route would be ntirly weight limit of 160 pounds will defti ;,to clear the 1927 tax on that da - ,Edwards and Laugen. ,people of %Vashington ,'ill dive this Horses to Sh0w within King County and would bring h the northeast corner of the county into itley settle the question, "Who "s I the other hand, if you take advan- I '--a- - Johnson Jacklin reat project through to -ompletion. o ...... _ ............ September middleweight champion." Although'tage of this relief measure and pay  . John S. Hudson. president of the closer contact with the county set. a Gila and l--lentlce 18 24 it is a generally known fact th t - the tax on or before that date you will Kallm holds that recognition, there receive a rebate of $2.50. paying but Centers--Ericksen. Bird. and Andre- Associat:on sa'd ".ha' never before had .. Over forty members were present at he seen tLe en*`huslasm for the pro- the meeting and several newcomers may be though, as Gus says. someone $47.00 to cleat" the tax. thus making son. . and ncw business people were intro- tha; can beat him. If there is. this a savings of $28.81 to you. PropspectS -Vaughn. Chase, Sch!'otke. ject th3t h-s bee:: shown in the past :ft-w mor.'.hs Each Monday the at- Here we have Hanad, t horouffhbred duced. tour:ment should bring the man to Your payment will not only bene- Edge, Johnson, Crim. Moyer. Amsbury. light as the entry lists are open to fit you alone, but you will place the andTheDarlington.first squad h'as not vet i tendance at "he luncheon has been Arabian horse from the Kellogg ranch Will been:increasing and in order to handle ad-at Pomona, California-Hanad ishere Commissioner " ditional numbers *.he a_-sociation x,.'a- shown jumping rope and is ridden by picked but there is plenty of good all. county finances in better standing, the F/ the main event n this initial[present smewhat depleted cndltingo ar towad let i are approximately $11.0,)0.O).00 ning "-h[ :or= rainer Mark Smith. [ Speak at Kenm0re program. Kubey has signed a bou being of necessity due to the fact that material from which to make a win-i frc'd to secure :.arzer meetin quar- ininglthere team and it is expected that which', are now n the Smith Tow- Hanad is one of a carload of Arab- 't:lt:}:ey inner, a: C'O e;. he-,unpaid taxes in King County. boys under the coachin cff "Pop . e! Basement a'-ra--% ians coming to the We.,tcrn %VashinE-i tion'aJh" rated anaon the middle-! Another avenue of relief :,s alto c)f-I(eenev will ,lo biT thins. 'Please Send in Your '" Fair for ,he 1933 show f, om Sop- I The team has a full sche,lule het!' tember 18 to 24 .and will be a grand- County Comm ssioner Johr , '. wei<,t in the country are slated tol feI,'d to h," .txpax'er who is :p:able '_o " N R A Pledge Cards cla.t, in the e:.'ht 10-minute round make full payment of all ,te!inquent of them. as th,'y have been Imet unl stand attraction day and night. These vonson will t)e the '.:.u,.st .;.. wimh:p. They are Gust Johnson. [taxes under the foreelasu e pto;'ision, to play 11 games this season I andPure bredthe AabianSoxhibitionaeishighlyspeclaculartVained imorethe F CommunitydaV night nle:q in,Club voh .... ' .... " t Schedule [ throughout. The horses have n,vet',the first social meeting of the fall so3- grea" Swedish middleweight grapplorland this too. is offered only for a If!u- I who ,s well known to Seattle fans and[ited time. and must be taken advan- Paulsbo at P, othell. . Septembm 15 ' -- - Thor Jensen. Oregon "Dane", cn'ltage of prior to December 1st, 1933. berSnhmish23, at Snohomish. Septem'UmitteeThe effo:tsto secure f'he:he signatures:cal NRAofCOm-the been fore. exhibited in the Northwcst be-lsOn.of the This Commissioner will be the first on aappearanCelocal plat- , form since the new administration sidered one of the best in the game. Under this provision the current 1932 Jensen has not appeared on a Se- 1 taxes must be paid in full, and an in- O'Day at Civic Stadium. nght gan;e, c!tizens *`o :he ,Trms::mer s pledge have Thc Arabian will be nn the same I stile mat for more than 18 months, stallment of one-twentieth of the to- September 29. met with m.arket success according to three-hour program with the horse book office. Other prominent menwiE but tn the meantime has been beating tal amount of the delinquent taxes of Next week's issue will give definite- Postmaster Arno:t Mohn. secrctary, racing events, the McCleave world'sals attend the meeting if possible. the bet foes pitted against him in 1931 and r:'ior years, with a like in- ly the game which will be lined up In checkir. over he returned cards, famous jumping horses clearing seven I Besides the speaking program, the othm sections of the country" A staliment being due every six month for October 5 or 7 and October 13 or however, i: :s founJ '.hat throe are and eight foot barriers wifh riders; ,commi.ttee ha arranged for onte some ou wh.,-'. Y.v,. 7.'." bee:: :gned th,. l"lnpcrial P, llss}an Cosnc.k with other entertainnlent in line wi)h the flashy grappler. Thor is one that can thereaf)er ;Intil all of the dehnquent 11. , -(" %','i,h Ih('{I' elt fearless r'i(lor. nnd dan- old Cl stom of the :lub a::d "t r,'a'. Conference (;am@' T,-=,> cx: ! -.,-a-., "::v,':ed ,'' ]*:'9- be relied uDon {0 (to }]iS t, est to score .o are psi,I, interost hein ndded .... c)&,,,,, o nnqualmie gt Fh'hc':; =-..;-:. "h- [- [ [=5"-::'! :e:::uxvns!e- c'o)s and he 2)'Pat Nol'thwes Tndian g(,t-t)-;-ether tim(, ;: 'xf,(',!, : a wm ovor th,, .wodish urappler. Jan- ta tho ,mpnS,1 halanm" at t}:e rate c)l ........... 3Ia:',v in- l,,;v w,,',v t).enting chiefs and dan- ' " # (.)cto},e) 27. Tsaquah :it ,>th..H .t:.:e." -.- . ":.':'q.':7 5 O1"1 :l('('C)ll)lt ')f ;in,/'ht.: pr,)=);tr.', "7. ser, Las m( ,+, and ,lef,a'e.1 pla(?ti,':l]]y'( ) ('en* )or IIlnl,.!'A .!o:1 JHnel " I n dislaIt IUtIt of )"H ) ,"()H;ItV t}l" (:'-'rI1 , - .... " .... .5"." "'-" . i:. TM t ",va: a=av:.: a t):l=h test in Gust. l i,-tee) :hat w,uht have a(-c!ue.t' N(*ve!nt)er 11. BotheH qt tZ ,1<:a:" ! ! .::P: ....... - ]n addilh,n to the aitneli()n r)f n miamime!' will .=l)eak t,':]:." r::: 'h,: t,re- Fro.ql 1929 t) 1922 ]nehlsiVc 'lensenl illl(tel' ttle rOall]:!l" I'.qtes on aecoIlnt of, 2T.,k'tI'l]'3,I 17 : !< np-r .,, "3"-" " ::_-!-'. : 3.". ! e ,: "hat :oF-I':11]()71:i] and i!llevnational eharaeler, Ll;inl :1{" l(Hin/()lt. 1",)[ thi:- ,'c,gOr clam  he w,)n 243 contests while lo- t Anyone in,crested ' Nov(,mbo 30. Kirk!and a+ t2,c,,h,,!i ,r. ::'- y,-,-:. =...::: "= ," I n,: beet<  the gi;tndsland shows will offez eham- all are )'equ,,sted t he ,: h,' m,.,'*- the delinquene.v. , The admission for pratt:, ", =am'3 TE;.=," :" ' : :-7:  :7, :he p+.')ffieelpic)n:hi l) ],) /'n}linR" cantos(s, nmtor-i in  1)l)lll[)tl 3- :|t 8 ,,''i,,'k. ine ,)nly one This kind of n record'in this p:trt:cular mode of p.tyment I cert:=inlv establishes him as n favorite should call at ,.he cffice of the caunty will b,, a,lults 25 rent, itih ,-h>n'. 15 at.':" "n:- :" : ".'>:k Th, s, whn mizht ey(te laces ec. 1 'I'h,' f:,!l :,n,l win',,: :;),. ,! rn ..... ! tn cop the +c:lrnament. t)e'l,qr,': ".,,}1('I(' ."11',1 (le!:l:iy :l!l,t 51B,'I f'e!It':" F1F.(t !"tde sohoal ln. ,E!:e ':" "?-;-:" 3-! ":.. ":,:a::k c.n=! .......... ,)f lh,, ('1nL will fe,t':r,. + . " ,.ine %"'i' :C)'dD(1 ')H* *he ,<]]l-/,ar ,i,c)!aIl, ,,,e, ' , [ Largest Fair in West K';b,y w!]! ,)ff,. f,n hi initial I)! o- the, ,)t;Iy ,me not havin a !:'ms"-,.': f .... lZr:mL whg"h i ',, he p!esented at !last vo'!"s mort back. D.%NCE AT KENMORI-- __ (;range to I :i . ..... Pomona """ "'":'' ' " $110 [ ]P, othell will tar': thlr.= c, ff Tho .e.-'._m._',=e ,'mm':n:'y ('tub i of he %Vestcrn WashinTlon fair at flourish an,l -,rill 'ix'e 'l.= an !de ,'i a'-,o:s-r- - a.-.-:. at='rtay the 16 Puvalhlp has searched far and wide The V'(.,O+,rn %Va.hinL'ton f'.r ,.ach To Meet at Meridian t -- .... ... ,,,.,,,, ,o, ..,, .,,,.. ,,.,, =,+ ,. Ilwhat the squad can 3o.  "h r -.'- -o .M':.c w.!'. be fur- fat new and spectacular . The Woo, llnville Auxiliary to the[ .. ;-'- n=b,.= .:-ch,s',r,'t. Fair week in the fairway amusement the one week )ha !arg,'.? .,'ndar " " . " " .... t)f :lrlv fuji" w0:-;t )f !h' .M Orthopedic tT.pi)al will hold their, [ The ame .tart ":t+ :3n xn.t :r_o r.:=h2 "- .... ;.p! f:rst n:oo':n.: of th," sea.on at )ho Tho n,'xt regular nlectin "h0 nf a?'en,tna,'e i d,,ire.l T?-..  ".':u --.eo' S,.',-.7"" 7" :: ": -..," %1: zcme c,f the reat azicnlt),)"tI an,1 ? .... v': . indn<tinl ,.xhib}+. "Fh' f't.' ".'." t]," ..'1] I'iV<'V. tL. ,),. t,, : ..... }:! -, ,: 5. : h,.!n,. 3" P,':!y T;'7.',! lr:{ctav },[:! C.:zn'v l),m 'ms (;!ant,' w:l: ,,' v,)';: <'U,t,q," ' ".v,,'" ?,,, :, . "= V ":i 7= "- . .-: -: ) }'",'('. "" ,' * 5'( PM .\\;[[ "':,"1- }',".t ' .M,,! .i ,7 (;: ,rl::, .. I, . \\;M !.'.:! " ." 2?" - .t. T" "" "' [ =' '" " . :!:: *'.i;z): :' " , : v..-l.. .' !" ' "! i". ": , ] :"" .... ! / :"'': ",:;. >' i"' " ' ' .:I ;  ' ' ! I I