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November 15, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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November 15, 1933

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..i The Bothell Citizen VOL I, NO. XXVIII BOTHELL, KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON, WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 15, 1933 S1.00 Per Year. 5c. Per ..... Copy (;. V. Beard.-lt.c :uld t&apos;. R. Council Calls l_' dit rivt Th u r.-lay where- for Bond Bothell-Lake Forest road were dis- cussed with the states right-of-way The city touncil was in an ad- buyer" It appears tllat tertain journed session -%hmday nigbt and owners are out of line on the prices employed Archilett Andrew Wil- theyask for their property and a latsen to draw tile plans for the'way to correct ttm situation is proposed municipal building, and :earnestly sought. voted the resolution to build the i ,.too.., w., c... Bothel I Clubs an election to authorize $12,500 of' bonds and the American IIotel site was selected as ttle one best suited : Are Hosts to requirements, ! Date for the election could not be definitely announced but it is A large crowd attended the believed that it will be tmld about'commercial Club and Lions' union I)ecember 15th. The mayor wants a building 60 x 110 feet with meeting Monday evening and their library, council chamber, fire hall guests, the firemen, were prent and jail on tim first floor and the 100 per cent. A delegation of visit- second floor to be devoted to an ing Lions from Snohomish were al- auditorium, so present. Fire prevention was tile domin- k D ib :ant note of the meeting, Captian Bannic escr es S.n.,ow o, .,o Sheriff's n-l.l__'was present and gave an interest- ,UtlZt ing talk. The proposed new taunt- ---------- cipal building came in for muth Sheriff Bannick's speecl before notice as tile future home for the the Rose llill meeting of ttle East Bothell Fire 1)epartment. Side Federated Clubs left tim ira-' pression of a courageous and sin-: . (.ere peace officer doing his best to I=.asL Side Federated perform his duties nnder heavy i,andicap00. ,e told of i,isdeputie00( Clubs at Rose Hill conducting investigations in Se- attle on their own time in cases Sheriff Claude G. Bannick was where appeals had been made the chief speaker at tile meeting of directly to tim sheriff's otlice, the East Side Federated ('lubs held lie told of his efforts to polite the counlv wilil a .qaff of deputies at Rose Ilill la.-t Thur.-da.vevening. sllialler in proporl ion to population The program was opened by a con- t|lan of Lo. Angeles (ounlv in cert by the Kirkland lti;di School balld all(I everal tdhtr iiUllber ('alifornia. Allention was drawn added to lhe plett.-ure t,f tle even- to lhe g'eallv increased number of arresls for drunkell driving in the in. ('harlts V. BeartlIcc wa>ihiail- last two montlts, lie slated his btlitf in tile prim,ipal of fort.qail- ill crime rather lhan cleaning up tht mess afler a (,rillle has betll CO1111lilt ttd. 'Fhroughoul hisspteth lie made no reference to contemporary otli- cers .,uch its Commissioner J. C. Stevenson or Mayor John F. l)ore. e(I a.,, prtsidcnl, allnotln('ed hi> c(.)n] o millte chairmen and ,.al',ed f,r re- port. 3Ir. l't)ole of theedueation;d ('tJllllllittee pre.-,tnted tl,e ili|ltlt.,, i_)f tho>e he (te:ired on hi> COlllIliittee which inchided Warren C. llctge of ttit Bolhvll :ch()ol. -%Ir. Fager- berg asked tht president of :everal c()llStittlent clubs to nallie one nian If they are Io blame for budget rt- sl riclions or t)roltMs for tilt sher- tach for nlelnbtr>hip in tht road iff's aclivilies in St, atilt tim sherilI cominillee. -%ir. l{ilmali a,k for an t,ptr - did not .ay so. luldly for -%lr. Steven.-on or Li.- re- Woodinville Items prt_.t,l,a|ivc ,,, ret,,y t,, S!,eriff l>,annick'. rcmark,-, lit' a> told lliat tinie would be all,.,rded him at Mr. an(| Mrs. F. E(twar(ls c)f lhe lleXI llltelillff whi('h will (:cur Seattle were (iilll er gtle>ls of Mr. :,t Soulh Mcrctr Island. l)t-ctm),er and .Mrs. G. W. Ilughts Sunday. 15lb. Twelve club. ere repre:tnt- -%Ir. alld Mrs. Johll ,h)hll.,-Oll 1111(1 t(I at lht Noveu;btr IllevlillL. Mis F. (ltl.,,lafson sptllt Stllld;iy ill Sealtle a, the home of -%Ir. and Green Invites Bothell 31 rs. Leona M Gust afson. Mr. and Mrs. W. Carr.(taulller: Betty and Phillis.of Seallle vi.itc(I at tile home of Mr. and Mrs. G. tlughes Sunday afternoon. Messrs. Fred Kelly, lltu'leili Barker, Ben McMillan and Milton to Ford Travel and Transport Exhibit A worth while oplyortunity i of- fered to the people of Buthtll. ae- Lin(Igren atlen(ltd the melting ()f lhe East Side Federalod ('lul)s at cording to 3Ir. Green of the Green Rose lliI1 Thursday evening. 31otor Co., in tile Travel and Trans- The Woodinville Corn m u n i t y t)rt exlx)Mtion now in profsrc.-. at Club held its reguhlr mtelingTues- the former Ford plant. Vehielt.-_ day eveiling, Noveml)er "L Several and boats, passengers and freight items of interest to tllecomniunity carriers of ;ill ages aild places were tlLcussed. -%!r. Milton Lind- ;ire .,.lio',ll ;llltl lhe a(llllis>ion i gren was elecled Io lhe board of free. Tile ext).,ition is n(,w i)) pro- lrusleesof the Woo(linville ceme- gre:sl)ut wiltclot Saturday niLdd lery tilling Ill(; vaea)wy left by tt,c at ten o'cl,,(-k. A thp event i_- late 3Ir. Stephen ('olli('oIl. -%Ir...-pon.-(,rt(t 1)y lhe l()cal l",,rd dtalcrs Frank llare was eltcletl to lhe y(nl are inviled Io ltis inter- phwe of -%Ir. ,I. ('arl.,-oli of lhdly- tslirlffdi.'-play as their gutM:-. wood xvho rc,qgned. The prt.,.enl l)oard of truMees are Mrs. llare, Tht next re-mlar lni-tli:ig (,f lilt. 31r. Lindren alid Mr. l"red Phillis. Ladies Aid will be held a t tlie The young people t)f Woodinville (.hurch on Thur.'-day evtning .Nov- met, I.'riday nighl a! lit(" home of enil)tr 23. ;it  o'vlo(.k. Tht meet- l/ell M(..Milhln and ()rganize(I a club illg has been (.hange(I frtlt Iht aft- whi('h will I)e known ;is the V(o()(l- orlv,,ql t) lilt evttlirl,d "t%t)tql the inville Junior Chd). The folh)wirlg la(lies will lX)n,or :t program and ofli('ers were eh>cled: .h)hn Miglt)re, refrtshmenls, obstrving lhe (,om- presi(h'nl: .hi(' Slurd(.vant. vice- ph, litm ()f lht new addition t,, lht president: Ella Phillis. s(,(.relary-chur('h l)uihlink. A hearty invila- lrtasurer, l)lans vcrc made for a Ibm is (,xlended h) all vh(, are in- (lance I() by i',tn Salurday. N)- |(,rp..-lt,(I ill lhe (h.velopment ,if our venll)er 251h. in lhc W)()dinvilh' elm),'h andStm(l:ly.-('ll()-l.uhi,'h i> r , it( tr'% lid h( r - ' t2ylllll;I, illl . ',. ', , l)al  ral)idlv ilt('rta>iliff iti ;i||t.lldaHtq. ll;Iv( ),(,li ('tit,2';i'Z '( 1[) I)l:tv ;lli(I l}i(' (,',iu>ili a 7'lc;il 11(,("(I f(,)' ;i(l(lili)llal lllilili( it- i)i\\;il'(I. Y()llli pp)lJh ' (if >l)3"e" ,% i-t,(,)rd iillt,iid;illCp ;l- ,Ii |lie c( iii iiliiiv illll,l'(,-lt'(I in l}i(, .<,ill|d:|) I;t.l. lli(,rt, t,,iti7 121 tq-t.-t.iil (.hi}) ;ll(, c(I I) lll(,i,l ;ll |ill, ;ll 1}it, Slilllt,i', -c},,(, ill l}:!' li< rll- Mc)lilliu l,)liil, I.'ii(l:l), N ,,\\;l+llll)t'i in'_' ;ilitl ,, ;ii ll. ),,i:lizl i,i,- -,r- I'!11. xi,'(' i)i I1,' (.',('liill'_'. Calendar of Events for the Coming Week THURSDAY-- Bothell Theatre Claudette Colbert in "The Torch Singer." Ashler Lodge, F. & A. M., I. O. O. F. Hall 8 p. m. American Legion Auxiliary dessert bridge, 1:30 p. m. at Legion hall. Woodinville Ladies Aid at 8 p. m. in the church. FRIDAY-- Child Welfare dance I. O. O. F. hall. Kemnore Club bazaar. SATURDAY-- Library open 3 to 5. Botltell Theatre. Bruce Cabot in "Flying Devils." Legion Dance at Kenmore Club House. Botlwll VSo Sedro-\\;Voolley at Sedro-\\;Voolley, 2 p. m., football. SUNDAY-- See Church notices for services. MONDAY-- City Council TUESDAY-- Bothell Theatre Barbara Stanwyck in "Baby Face." WEDNESDAY-- Library open 7 to 9. American Legion. 8 p. m. Legion Hall American Legion Auxiliary, 8 p. m., Legion Hall \\;V. C. T. L'.. 2:30 p. nt. with Mrs. (;inn. Citizen Publication Day. If your organization is not represented call The Citizen and give us the particulars J. J. Harvey, Active Bothell Citizen of Former Years By S. J. BOVtER To day we have anotherearly and a year l:ttcr nloved tile mill 1() comer, who was all active factor ill llollywood htrc it was ,peralpd tinder lea_-e for _everal vear., hi tile business, so(.ial and religious 1911 he went into the dairy bui- :activities of Bothell. hess near Arlington whicit he ha. Mr. Josepil James Ilarvey was operated Mnce with the exception born April 28th, 18, in the town of two years, when he a en',plo)- of Pike, Wyoming County, New e(t as manager of the Arlington ('- York, is the son of James and Eliza operative Creamery A..ociation. (Phillips) Harvey. In 1S66 his par- On ,March 121il. l,ql, he wa mar- ents moved to Petroleum Center. ried to Miss Alice Sheeks. who was Pennsylvania, where h i s father born October 9th. t"il at Partier- ifound employment as a carpenter vllle, Wion:in. She was left an land Joseph's time was divided be- orphan at an curly age and a(loptqi tween being a "printer's devil" in by Mr. and Mrs. Peter Gray being theolliceof the Petroleum Center known after that a 51i Alice Daily Era and selling the papers to Gray. Iler father William tweks the employees of the oil mills. In was a soldier in ti:e civil war. Com- 1868 he went with his father's fatal- "pany C. First Rement. Wi.-'(,nin ly to Wood County, Wisconsin. Volunteer Infantry. tie was killed where he attended the district and in the battle of the Wiklerne.'-'-. high schools at Grand Rapids, Wis- Eight children have come of this consin, later worked on his father's marriage, viz: Ilarry E. bt,rn in farm summers and taught district Auburndale, Wi>con.-in. l-'tt)rtl:ll)- isehools winters. Later lie learned 5th, 13, and reide with hi.- Ir- ]the trade of millwright which he ents. Ada 1-earl i,rn I)tcelnl'r followed for many years, tie came 2<.)th. 1 4. at Auburndale and ditll to Washington in 1888 and worked hi infanty. Charles V. b(,rn at ifor a time at Ills trade for Black- Thorp. Wi.-corl.-irl. Aprii:D",lh. i.q. iman brothersat Snoiiolnisii. In the is niarritd, having one vi,ihl and ispring of 1889 in company with reside in Seattle..h..-epL L. boln !George and John Bothell and La- in Bollltll. April 2);th. 1-:q. ed,:li- !layette Barnes built a shi)lffle mill ed in (.h()oI.-. t,f'anl and L(uii,-- just above wliere the bri(lgt cro...>t.-, rifle, ixtlt[tlcky. ;;};t-i). !:t- 7r;id,i;ll- ithe river and operated tllider the ed froli tbt L(,ii>vi!,_ 31cdica t'ol- :name of Bothell Sliink,le ('Olilpany. ltTt', tt. >l,n! ltll ytar.  ai I'llitl)ll. riley soon enlarged the inill by add- ('hina. a- tt n'.dica! ilii-.--icqi;ll). inffa lumber nlill and philiertherc- ls li!arril.d ;Lt Ltqiivi]!e. I{i.n- Io, clianThig tile llalllt, to lhc l-;(dli- tricky, .\\;ii'2ti>! !l.i. 1912. :Lid i lil,;v ell Ltinibtr and Sllingle ('()nlp;iny. t)ii tht. >+<a[ t,I t!" iVi!er,t,.') ll,,.- In 1893 )Ir. llarvey sohl his inler- pital, llValvihtiIv. ('t,lilt.,.li( :ii. e...I in the mill btisilli.'>r, tO lilt" .\\;Tii('-.I.iy ,,,Fli tit )[qili, qil. Bolhell brolhers and liiOvt,d 1o M:ly-,ti. l-.G.i-:i:;irii-,ed',\\;'i:}i;iili Montborn, where ht eMal)lb-hvd a Siiiilti. ttt-) i,;'.,= td,() (!t:t...'],l('ik slore and kept tile po:.l olli(.c for aiid a (,ii. l-'r31ik _%I.. b)r;t a! )hqll- flint' yellrs, ll/ovillff frolli !hei'c 1o borli .%1":} 41i. l-tl;, i> i!m!ritd ;|Jill ]Ja]lard in 1{)02. Shortly aflcrward ha> :l ,)n itIld d:t'IT!,tvr ar:,l i- lib- he btcanie intereMtd %vilh sexeral in, t)li a i:trln Ii,lr .\\;r;ir:oti. men in lJothell and they forllltd Halpii A. t,orll:tt .%IoIilb,r!i. i.'ei- :tile arrival, they estorted tile brid -t h e Fir Luniber Colnpaliy. liic. ruar) 121t. l.<e L. i_- married and North Creek ta, caravan to 101 Conmninity llall and built a saw mill about one nlile hli, q;,' ,,n. i-;ivinlx in T:Lc,,ma lit iwherea rectption was held, about west of town. tie sOOll sold his :|lid i> empl,,yt.d ili :ii lire VII , a ey lewsthreehundred guests being pres-interest in this company and to-dtliarlinenl +,f tLat ,.ii. t-ar, .\\;. ent frolll Seattle, Vthile Center, gelher with E. C. SutherlaL,,,q'ii i;i ia:,lard. I-et,rli:r) 23r11. IY 1/ lilt. * !Olvlnpia, Renltm, Redmond) Rich- col) IIetcliier alld J.('c)(ty. organized 1.)2. hc i: <i ra(luate t,I 'i:t l;lle v0e0er-winter :,mo,,d Ilighlalids, Silver Lake, the Woodland Shingle {'t)lnp;iliy. l.nivcr>ity ,,i:i, ;i.e I)e,:c,. ,: I. --  ',Lowell, Everetl, Granite Falls, lnc., anti btlilt a shingle niill at S.. ;il>t)ii raclua<t ,,I ll:r'.:,Id t'nl- Mi-- "qarjorie %Vinter, daughter Botiiell and this conlniunitv. A Fh'h)ck. In Julie. 11106. tic sl,]d his vt-r>ilv ii: lit- i)_q-cv 31. ii. ;ili(I of )It. and Mrs. Ralph Vinter oflpiilk and green color niolif pre- interest iii tllis t't)lllJaII.V :;,ld iii i> n(,w a t,i:i("<i,'ii:' pij>it.iri iii l)istrict Nt. 101. becanie tile bride!dominated throug4iout in the dec- partlierstiip with E. i". St|| t!t, rhllid. I;,,-.l,qi.. [i--a :A,>.--cc-. i.c b- ,:ii- l)f )It. I){.ar Vod(ltr iil..-o of 101,at a!orations, tile refreshment table bouglit a shiliffle mi]] ill-;Jr .Lid,tall- ried. .--illipit. but bvautiftl] ceremony sol-iwas etntered with a huge bride's (,olnb v,hich lhe' t)per31td uii(ter "|'lit, llar,.3"> ',,-i't ,-ry , .... einiiized >aturd iy evening Novem-leake which was c, ut by the bride ttie nameof ilarvev a!id Sulherhilid uwnl)er> +i ILp l-i,!l,t-} .%1. E. bet llttl, in the pl-eseli'e of one'and passed to all of the guests, for abotlt lliree )-tar..., viiCli tit. (.htir,,t, lw!,,i!7,:;it,t',i.)'i >l,'"- htiildrd iiiid lifty ;tieMs. friends,The bride aiid groom receivtd botlght )Ir. Sulherhilid'.'. ililerest l, lip. i),:iiliil,u(-,!:-Ir ,,-d. and rlatives, in St. Johlis Danish niany beautiful and useful gifts,: Lu,iierancl..urclL in StatUe, the both being ,,ell known here """Personal H(:ntion ' "'"'" "' "' '>"<' """ pa.tor. Rev. Alfrtd 5tlrellseli per- aboot. They left inunediatelv aft- N,. 121. 1-. & A. M.. uili ,)l).-t,i;(' - " " 1 tlcir ;tP.iiiiai t: >!It" tu)lliill. .\\; 7"1 ,|lid f,,rn,ed tilt nuplials ;it :30 o'clock, er the reception for a sliort wed- by calidle lit.,hl, as the young COil- ding trip, aiid UpOli their re{tirnl (31at|de I)utton was in cotlr{ t()- lo, i,_'t, liiTid):ir3 i--  xp:c)vd +,c> lit, pit = .-t,x)(:l before the alter which will be at hoine near 101 st*hool onlday as a witness, pi'e>t, nl ;it,ll ll;tkt, ll.e ;itidrt,..- i,l as dtcorated witii a standard the Swan Anderson iiomestead, i Tile l{enniore Still(lay School the eVt, liilig. ba.,-ket t)f large chrysanthemun]s! !nlcets at tile Cltlb house every .]tlil- Tht. Kelitll(,re (_'hib auxiliary ;ill ali(l fourteen tall lighted tapers in Gloria Jaeobson was on the sick day morning al 9:45 o'clock, hold their baz:l:lr alid (lilintr FI i- tandlebra. -%1i.-.- Elenor Campbell list and abserit from school last sang "'1 Love YOU Truly" preced- week. , It is rel)orted that tile Moyer day night tills wetk ;it tt,,.ir chili building has been rented for asand- h(,u.,.c Tht.rv xilt al:o be a cake ing the cereliloliy..qm was accon]- Arthur Joilnsoll of Nome visited wich and sliort order resta/irant, bakin,/Colilest ith prizes Ior lilt panied on ILe organ by Miss 3Iary tjc>t layer cakt and tle be.-t it)ill 3latson, ho phiyed the wedding with Nels Tronsdai Thursday anti Mr. llildreth Ludinglon aad his c:kv. march froln "'Lohenrin'" for the Friday. sisler Miss Ruby Ludington of r entrance of lhe bridal p:lrly, q'lie  Victor Jacobsen and \\;%ayne Seattle were busine..taller.atThe bridt, was lovely in a gown of Wintennute were hunting in tile Ciiizen ollice Thursday. Granger-Tunis drt.alll-hiut' r-atill, which touched Stevens Pass hills S;dtirtlay and A dessert bridge part)" is bein lht lh,l_,i...-lie wore wllite Mippers Sunday. 'given by tile Anierican Legion AI It,), tu,lip (if -%lr. iili(I )Irs. ..\\;. aiid htr veil of crealll llite silk Mrs. VanderskJn all([ Miss llelen Auxiliary ;it 1:30 "l'hul'sday, .Nov- -%I. Tulii> S/iIltla)-..Nc,vetlfllvr 12ti, illusion end)roidt-rc(l in xvt ile htlng i3ockMad, i'Ol'liier rt,sidtlits of here, eutber 16th, at the Legion hall. ill 1 (,'vh)ck (.ciilre(l lhe nlarli;it2e o',er her hcmlll(.r Io tht helii of but litlw of taltle, si)ellt tlnday The ltVt)llleli ' ('hrisliiln Tenip i,f theirohlt.-.l (la,17tltr Mary Ath,e (if her gowil aiid a dainly wreatli ;is guests of Mi'. Trondal. ere|ice irliioll will mcei wilh Mrs. i to \\;Viii. I.. (;ran.t.,er t) tkalle. of l)ilik ro--e bll(l hthl it in phice Mr. and Mrs. Jot Whteler xvitli Ginn Wedne,,.dlly, .Novenlber 22nd,7\\;Va,..hin!ton. in thv pre:-t.llee (if over her hair. |'ink ()piitlia r() )lay Ti'ontal of I)e,,.hastin are 2:30 p. in. All friends are invited, t',venly rvhitive.-, aiid friends. Mi... and wiAte I)ouvlirdia nladc tip her caring for Mr. Vthtth!r's fatler's bridal I.nqtict..% fa...lil)nallle gov,n btlsiness ;it Tliree Lakts whilt r. )Ir. (i',ltes goelo E]il]a toin()rrov Shirley IIickt.ils ill tie piano, play- ,if inid-ni,,.*ht hhlc chill(in Cl'(Dt' was Wheeler is in (;liieago alleii(ling:lO allend the ftlneral of Chas. tl.:ed the wedding niarch lrtHn )len- ()i!l |))- lhc maid of holi()r. -%li.s l|ie fair. lie will also visit rehl- Pa]lner, previotiso wnerofth-l+]hllil (h,lss(,lin anti L(lllpnrili. The rinlJ Ghidys ,lacobson, slit; ii].() (.arried a iive in Mithigan and ol|ier points Tcleplione company alill olht.i'vi.--t' -ervi 't ;ir. rtad tiv I:tv. ('l.%de L. b()tiqiitt (if pilik ()plit, lili io.-t., east. They %vere lit)liSt Izliesls of prl)li/iilenl in lllat c()millilnitv, liValk!-r of the )I. E. clitircli. TiLe . " I)rhh, was gontd in ',,hile ilk Lilt]e l;,lirlic \\;Vinler. till|sill (if)li'. Wlieelcr'.., in()lhtr Mrs. l';itil Langlois of the lh)thell (.i.,,1. ali(l carrit, d a boliqtiel of liie I)ride at- Iloxer girl, wort a 'i'rl)li.,.(llll iit Tliiirs(lliy lind Fri- ('h,aner.'-. b. liali(liri7 ()tit |ill atlver- lali>li;in i, .v-. her -i.-lt.r. lle]tn ;i,.- dainly (p, vii t)f pink crepe and (,at- day. liMn7 n()velly ()il his c;ills nt)w. a llrid!',-n;;iiLt "o,,qe l 7()';ii )[ ['atslvl ried ,I i,t)/it|ll(.l i)f lhe Salile lh)wtrs. \\;ir. ll<ill.-. Aii(l(,r>()n (if t;ill](' ill- Tliosl) fr()iii hert' who alleli(led liieili() lit)ok l'()r Mi()l)pinli:-l-. It i.- rl,tli i)rT,.ili(ly a!id ,,arrie(l pink - a t)r()(hl('l (if lilt ('ili/.tll oflh,c, r()--t',... Mr. ('i:lrcn,'e di'!,l,,il (4 S(,- Itii(h,d l]w hlidt,2T,,()ln. Thc |hill|- ltio sUl-liri,'.t I)irllulay party .%11','.. fire iIt.p;il/lilt'lll illi |In'Jr lit'w Erh,k.,.()il of llcverly gave for Mr. The Ih,:il'l,e-I)ickerson t)ee f;irlil- :illlt, ;iclt.iI 3..- llv>l rii;lll. Afler lh( > fir,, v,'iTiliV :ilil l!it, itHl%i)r i)| Ibdll- I.]lic'k..-)li vttrt -%Ir. ;|lid Mrs. Wil- t,i's rtliiii(I li lh;i| fill- i llalb)ll;il -civi,,t, ;i Ix, i',iF-o di)/livr w;i. ,,1t. )li. R. 1)..'.;l,ililii.y, i,)p :lii- ,li, Mr. ;ilitl .%Ir-..'.4iilh,l', )li'. aim li(mcy wi,cl.;. N()! ()ill3 i- }i<li(,. Itw -,,r,d :ili. : , } it I) <"'!:I ]'' b f!. ili_: i1 li,,. 1',,1i. il. E,,r+!l I,i,_<l_ )I1>. ll',llldi IAinl('r'.. 311'. Ih)l7, (dlh,>l ll)riil )f ..,(q,lt.llil,-! I)lll it., !,ibt -t, '.,,r- ,i ,-, ;l_-!..".7:i!i ,ii .,, <, il', !- ,.! i,,,, .,! I;,,!!:, il ;llid ................................. li<,llliv, l,.-I l)r, ulllC(,- ;I ll,, iiltC :11),! !, -+ c',i-7 ,- " ' ) ' { ))'" ..... , ,, i' 1.." ',% - ' " ' .',ili. -i,;) .... .I)<[ir,- i,..i;ll, t;I::'(' (',,ll|iIIUt',[ ,11 ]l,l(' I'()llV. (ll;llily.