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November 15, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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November 15, 1933

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WEDNESDAY, NOVI-]MP, ER 15, 1933 THE BOTttI&apos;I+I. CITIZEN PAGE TtIREE S'MATTER POP-- Pop, He Was On The Spot By C. M. PAYNE // ( The Bell Syndicate. Inc.) Presented Weekly Though the Courtesy of Paul's (Bothell) Servii00d--Si00ffff6fi .................. Howe About: Slouches Slow Improvement "He Means Well" @, 1933. B,:II S:,ndi(ate.--V,'NU S(.r'iov. By ED HOWE LOU('III.'S everywh(.re who no'..'- lect their work have it in them to do about as well as any- 3Ion will cease to be sb,uehe. lo;lfPr:, han,li1-L dr!]iJ:lrds, killers. when they b.arn thpe ll:tl)its do not l,aY. That the:e habits caw rmt be made to I,',Y ig the sur(.st thing in the w-rhl. WLether we shall ever be abi(+ to leurn lhi, truth, I (lo lv,t kliox,.'; i;J fact, I "1111 r,'lt br (li COIJ r;I #+]. * $ I h:tve b,l:: b,*,n int,r.i(-,] iI a nlan I SE+( ' a[ i[l +rV:l',- of fo!lr c,r live rn,,Lth, tA a iR:!ll,-r of f'l('t. he is 1113" Si,!I. LH;V I|l(+r+ |llaIl forLv- :!v, 3,':trs -'.d.i I v :-b t., pay him lh(' ]:;. ":*..t ' ,)r:,j,]!r.,'rl! (,111. Ill;ill 1!i;ly [ ';I ?. ;:;.'+!..*';. l;'+i' : lily S:'!I. ',LP [;:I ". 2;?. V.P; 1.:I+P''+ ;':, bllt PV+q': lit:it. I . +- !;:n I a+':J :+!,:,. t,) l'.:.::rL ; 11:: ,,. ,,r 1.. :,+ : :"' ':J!3 11] + I,h 7Jl 'LIe 1i ; :.',-: ,-r:; a.-r;',, in ihh'l- ri,,:;,, i< a i:':L- :,,.::.-r: !d. ,',,:: .ll':qJ71' II a ]!''i - '.'<-; !i:', : ,m,'. II! ::+q!,r;)] ;,r-r,:qp |,," ;!l',l [IH' i"; II A i;"... :m:,7,,-.,.'.,.;:!. I,, r-i-:,-,1 in. +'1 "<, l +J+) t:', )'N".','T TI),) I:J+l(']l. ;)I.] 'l!O)'r a r+-;t>ul:;i] - L'.+r;;+'. . I) I-:.)'rv ) '" ;:r,,::L,I h,-,!1 : i,,'l] ritl<, :;hd l :;:;')"+', ;::.,,:i+Pr D':l;i,!;t :i,,n i, I-+,'k,,:.!:.": ,E1m,.r. ..s I iH:lr,-!l ,I,)''.l-r;4?r- " !r. I LlrrHF [1:> >ileht |,raber: -41. I+,,r,]. ::r;:lI nw slr.L::rh in the +,F,I+':I] a!H))i; I,) i'll +'IHIII+'F. li:it I /J;:l'+ L++[ (';IT h*,) ;;1:-1 [I)l) n;)l('Tt. ;:l;r] r-,-+.4%" !;e 1;I,)--! 111I : b" f,,+,d ,,:..-r..d. .Iu..:L" (lh ) :l,;,-al t+, th,. L,,:',I. l ', +..:n st!,.h in , :ll,:t!)le of.) Th,. +lirm.r u-';:l!!.') ! <(, ",..1 I >+)()ll |'+)[-L')+t 1113 i,ras,,r. l!l(I ,::)];171. v s(.rii+tHi'/'. I ;Jill ()l:)+ ):" i],('2;*t'ilT : "r:,v ,)f whi,'h ".'.- "-:'?, -f th,. s,,] A e,,rnI,12m, nL i-,-?h[Y. 11!11 ii.(I!- ,,.ry w,-ll. , ii LI Tln. 7:'t t ,t.:: " l r-::],.Illl,0,r i<lh;i: :h,t )h.t I ;'-:*< -;,i;,.d 15t t,) +l;s- :iI;.';l!) l:lP fr, :1 a br, diiPr .lilll ,',:,, a,-rN,.,t ++ar!:er. Next I lw:r,! ,17" ;I "h' ' ;:!H] a o!+lll'('h il1 lh,' :r,?-hb,,rh,-,d *; i ",'h we all alien,1 +.,I v. irh s,,tm r+l:,(.z:Hw0:. 1';()b- b',y "t iitri,, lat.r I first heard tim :,KI,!,,,rs :.!k ;+!,,,'It a lc!'iV11 a ('11II <,t.",:),]+ ,[:-L::.,+. av.:5, nwl whb'h :h-y IR;,.I r,, ',:-:'. ;i:.'t t +.y lnP._'h7 !,.tt t.b.- (,f i:s ",v,,L,l,.rs. (.tll o!;li)+) Boy Rides Bull to Save Thrown Farmer Tillin. <)hi(). -- .l()hn 1)euseh. ei:hteen, farm worker, turned matador to S:lve a noizhbor's life. I)eusch. 1)assing the farm of Uptou Alhright, stock buyer, saw a bull knock Albright down and trample him under foot. The yonth I,,al,ed on the mad- dened animars back and got a strangle hold on its windpipe. The bull abandoned the attack on AII)rig||t and raced aronnd the field, b||(.IHr)g wildly in a futile att-:,mi)t to dish)dge I)eus(,h. When the youth tire(1 of his ride. he slid off and dashed for safety I)ehlnd a fence. wife-h:-iVe worn ,)tit, Til ussin ,ld things with Su;ar creek men. town nlen, and world travelers, l mi'-'ht have done, and with (.s trouble, had I beh:tvod better. r,)rl:.ed berthr, and n('quired nlore ,f tile SOlllld Pdll(*;l|iOIl ;In(] OOIIIIlIOII <+,rise (,fferod daily in my J,mrn(,y Fi)ITI SIIZ,q,F ('re(.!i to M:tHll:l]ay. (;,),,(l "|dvi('e is very (,ld. ;11111 tll(,r(, ;l< iH.v+,r b(qll ll|l,;'h ll("d,' ill 1t. Viral IHC'II b';trll, lhHy ;1re :lbh. I, HI'r; qu!('l:.]3 : ,)Ii1, I,[i-T),)" i; IIl] )!}. (':l)ll'.-']i ti) [P;l(']I ;I )fill) 3 [hat '1",' ],llrHs. A: '-',,,,l ;I,]vi(.(, i1 I h:l','( iv(,( <P+'It %\\;;I < V F:,!IL'II I)y l'(q'illS. IIH l[lll/l:l)l. [liID'It'('II !l',lH']l'('(I 31':!!'< ::,,. 1Io s.i,t : "'l.,,:)rn. h. ;,b'-: '*Hlllh ilIId ih.O>;7i:;11  1he C;il],o ,f t J d Ir..'--- w }m I we ;ll'e ;111+1 I'+ 11" '. t);lt I)!ll'pH<+" b(q'll--A*]l:l| l:lli()ll +)I 'if(. is tl:<i:tJ,'d I1 ho'A dPli(':lTe lhP rlll'Ililt l'l)U|ld llw ;Zl):I]. and %h+ll('e 'h(+ starliti" l,,):nt--what l)mH1d: lh(' h,vP of 1+r+)1+orTy r(,qrlir(,s--what il < l:lV,flll t+) wi<]l- how far l],e en. 'lille l;SO l)f  +ql]1h ex l(':ld ,---vih:l 1 :r- the first ,'];lilHr-: l)f t.i)llll[ry ;Inf} !,.r r,,hHi,,rl \\;vh;ll kind of bei11 I!;1[)1!'l ) v,i)n!d h:!ve I|S I;o. lllltl wh(q'o .)fir M;)Rd ill )]i , hiinlil|l (r)|[|Illl)n- "['ht llH)rP X'( )II II Uilql a('t like ,.:u;iOll old |!H;I. I]11' ])(.[|or /111'3" will ".:(,t :if,,):,:. A |llalI ]II+)l'lllA Ill+' )h;l[ he nl;ir- rN,,1 a \\;v,.nm!l ',\\;'h. had Iivod all h-r life in ItHtol: ;IIH] tm:trdin:z '.,)t,(,s. aml th:H sho \\;v'is so little ,qviliz'ed 111el \\;:'hel he 1)()k her to :1 hoL,, he pr.vhlod, she f4trnc. L" )rt:lT(']lO: ,)n t}lv \\;v;)]]I of the ;'+)oreS. Homing Pigeon Returns After 3 Years' Absence Athmta ;a.--WiHiam Sto(hlard, t,r+,,ni (nt .-Ihnla dry e]e;iner, has )'(.1,,,rt+.d the return of a Ii('nlill :,i+.+,n lhat he had turned lo()s+, tLl'P(" 3(*;its ;lO. NI<)(l,];(l'd S('llt s+)Ine l)ieons to ::invil]e. 1.+]a.. "Its) |nilos from At- ':11tl;t, rP('+'lil]y ;111<] cl(lek(.d then] n [ 'h,.ir ),.urn )li::ht. Wh+,n they ar- i !'i)"] |lHr+' ,\\;t'- +)he oxtl'a. N[()+l- [ hlr',l 1]),)uht the pi(,(m W'lS n r::!,,: ,,f :!,i< tn!k :1],,,!1". the t()\\;vll .;r:tl+r. t,llt it :i, !': ,+"[ '"+':l'il)r:;I] l',:f, re;i('t,s to a ,::IHI (,11 il< I(".'. !.,,,. ,',,;b'i ri:,, C7.. v,ld,'h m-<t of ;.( I.;'Z'.,., :'S t:i.-)H-<'le had oIi]y :.,; r,l ,,".) I , -::,: ;":" I ','.::5 ::r,,ur!,! five year., ,,l,l ar t!.tt ti,':]+,, and "It six hear| ,+';l|'iI; E)f a >t:]l :real(,r thin, slil] !;lI'[hl,r "I'A::'." itIl'] more n}ysterious :h:l: :he t,,;'.n +.r the oily. The : ,.i:t:l -rs r;'5.d it "Ti)e World." S!n,'* I',' ,,1,1 Suz,'lr er(,ek days. h,); 75 ,:)P- in the I,a-t. I have i-i,,,l .!:,. ,,\\;rn. the city alHl the , , )" ]  4 I . : " : 2 " : +rr } J :  V e n,)t ehan:zed "f .7,' i:::  !,0"+'n +-hlh()rat]+)n. ::" " ; " :F ' , .'i: :H <:' | IjI'F2+HI I1:11" , +-. f':,r. Into w(,)'](l r . ." ,, , ."], i %,'I":," I'';t - , - +:+-. +, i-:,,< ]+:)'.-++ :... ;v,.-. Th,, ' ,-: ..... I i >till -;, "-: -., i- 7h,' had a Stod+lllrd "i'i!e I,i+",h ,'\\;'ell W011[ to the vory :, ,' it had 1,'ft thr+.o ye'lrs before., -:',,,!dar, I l,P!!evo the l,ieolt was :,u2,t .;',d ;a+:d tn an-thor loft. It' ,.,.a< 1hil| "rod hedra;,'_'led whOll it at-. riv(,d hero. Steam Shovel Reveals Natural Refrigerator Superior, .Mnnt.--A steam shovel ,)l)erated In l,la-er tninin' a+'livities alon ()re-.on +.rl.(,].. he;it b+0re, re- (.(n|]y nl:Ide .'111 iIlll)+Irt:lllt M+'1)h,h "+ disr+,xory wh,.n it bit ira,) a suh- hq'l':t/JOal) i('+' IH'd of Illll<nl)wli d,,I)lh. "|']1o i,'e d,'r, ,-i[ /lpl):lr,,IHly <.l'e .t,d by l!:!1;Ir:ll r(,!ri:_-,,r;lli(ql. \\;\H-. ++()Illld h..;H.:11h li',H I+,,; ()t" --I i(l( r,. '. ()! <'] ;II' t.(.';711r+'. I!H' i,,' \\;,;1" ',,if"" '] "++I' :1 ,' I)i (,i .-, ,'' ,tJi+ . 1 -;,. '+,:'[} 7:I"; '1" ( ' L ,. },':I !(: ;+,' : ' WASHINGTON NEWS ITEMS OF IHTEREST rief Resume of Ha:-,penincs 0, the Week Collected i0r Our Readers Olympia -- Receipts from the new state business tax have pass- ed the $600,000 marl(. Ohnypia -- The promotion of .Iolln A. l)avi,; ef Olympia from district engineer to construction engineer is announced by Laeey Murrow, director of highways. Olympia--Superior Jud'-'e "WiN yon of Thurston county ]]as or- d,,|'ed that Jay The:ha.% former state printer, tnrn ever to the state $10,000, state printing l)lant fun(Is. Seattle--The superior court of King county has or(!ered the coun- ty commissioners and tlle S,,attle enuneil to redt;ee th(.ir lmdaets to cop.form with the .l+)-mi!l tax linlit l:tw. Topponish --T.o'*islaticn ;ri','in. mu:deil)alities r(!vell/le fl+Olll ihe sa!e of liquor f<)llowin': 1he r(,- })':1] ,,l' l}:e ]Eh ll:!el'Ir'l!'iit will 1)o SOl2':h( t13" 1'.(+[il'-'+*llt0.{['.e (]ell- l<,n cf T,'pI,('ish if :m ,m|'a sos- sion t)f |ill" l(".2'!:]:ttlll't i: e:dled. The nati:)r':tl for(.::t service is prt+I):triu t+) l!l:!ko wt-r nn I)Hs|er ru>t in the K:tnk:u forest of +l!0.01)0 aeres, atld on the I)end Or+qlle for st of about 7no),000 acres, whioh has been a(ldt+d to the Kaniku. Couloe -- Among tt:e towns sprin::in- up near |he Coulee danlsite is I.'ranklin, three miles away. The OWLer of the tract has l,latld 4() acr+  in t,)wn h,ts, which ]i( is .eiling at $70 to $100 ]:el" ]f)t. Ol3pia -- A resolution advo- eat:| tlle return of a]l tax-ex- ('lllpl twoperty, including e]luFch- es, hesplt:tls and munieipally own- ('(1 uli!!ti'+'s, to the cou|)Ty tax rolls has l)(,<,n a(lopted })3" the leisla- tivo comulittee of the Str, te ('oun- ly C(:;nmission, rs' assoeiatir)n. Okano'an--ltelef in Okanoaan county will he ,i,,en to 7lie lle:,dy this winter lh','ou:rh the s|ate ellH?r: ete 3" roli(,f <qn(l coPn|y .V( I- faro I;oal'(i t]lronz, h work ])ro.!,?ts. Direct reli(f will be hy (ti.-;l/bu- ti,')n cf surt)h]s food iwn out by the fodelal OVel'lll]leD|. C|lsi('l,: --- The D'a]nond 3h,.t(h eolnpa!y has fini,.-]!,.d I)l;lll':!!'..t" the COllere|o follll(l;:l:ou t)IoC for t])o f:laal!l (lll'llJ:]o and ":(,Uel':llor for is eh,etrie p!ent here. Tim eon- er(,le I,lo.,'k wei:!Is 1:',5 Ions. \\;'I,Oll l'ini:dH'd Ihe pow,'r ph'nt will h:, (,nelose(l in (ho I)1"(+snt l,ov,'er h,t)o, which will be done 113- ('::',n(in th(, w:(Hs of the 1,uihlin:;. "?h, pl:,ut will orer:tto ;thcIllt 1+)u ],:!IOW;!i's "tt ftl]l e-t:)ae- ity. ,V..n:Hc.hc.o --- With s(veral of tll' ![I'.:(V1 l]l[.C l:tel(iIla plants in this d,)'.'ict a!r+,;(ly elo.ed and ; e;])(']' wit:dine I111 lh(,ir actixities 'th'.; week, (h- a,)|lnal fall apple ],al'vost is ral,i(lly (h'a,.,'hl:z to a ' e]oe. Sbiph:+!nts |O date have ):o ;1 .tl;72 e:trs eol)lp:t]'ed with , 5';22 at 1111' ::1110 tim,, last year. .\\; :hCl'i er+p ::nd ql|iek l;atnrin [1"11i!. whi('h n,,e, ::.:italed spo+dy )!'!l+}iilt:: of tIl ii)p!,,, eomhined tO shol'lon lh(! i);lel,ill, t:easoIL Indian Tri%es Dwindle l,'(,rl '%V)I')]I. '['(L\\;IS." -Texas In d i111., \\;\ h+) iIh,'e till Illlh'r(q] nlore I h'All ]t N U:OI), h'lve i]w[nl]ed to ;1])11t7 1,()) Iii l)rl,-PIIt. I)(,ae()f11] !H'11\\;l'> +)f !]11! .', lh:lllHI flirt1 ('llllh,'!t :is tl"il.,< lie I,.hly with 7h(,ir - +:I/l'.', g r)I; !1 1'+'-; '1' ;I ', D ']1 In 1'O]]( -.'ollll)y, T+";;i ". World Bus'ne=.s  Declared on Up'm'n Washington. --An e.;,;ur, in business, sin]il'tr t() ih;ll ( )l- joyed in the United St:th,s Im der the l)hle eagI(, t)f the NItA. is be|rig felt thr(mhout th'_- \\;wu'hl. Aecordi|lg to oIli(.ials of 1he I)(,- i,artment of (onlnler.e nlilliollS of workers are retul'nilg to elu- ployment in tndustres in | a13' countries. Wages. :leeor(liig to reports to tile department, are the highest in ye.trs. Since last winter nlore tl.9.n 5.000.04X) enll)loyees have re- turned tu work. it has hoen esti- mated. U|eml) oynent in the United Stntes at I)r.'sent hus heen Dhleed at 11.()7o,0<)O. Since winter 2,0(X).,)() have found jol s In this COl]ntry. The t<)tal (,f r'rench uneu- [)ioyed. 2l.t)ll. showed a sharI( decline agait)st .1 large inere:lse in 1932. hi Italy nllenll)h)yllel t at the end of April \\;\as 1.O59J)(X). about 45.0(|0 lnore than hi AI)ril. 1:)3_ . I)nt t]le decline fron) the .1anuary ]liff]l was nl:lr]((ql. (ernl:ln IIneIIIlllf)ynl(qll lit the (,11d t11' May. 7).'2:+'2 !11.1. was 1:1 l)(,r cent" under 1;11111:11".'," HH(1 I per cent under 3I;13". 1:?,2 17rTiM un- +,illl)}oynl(,ill. 2.7-1'_'.(X)t). \\;X':l, 7 l,er velH uwler ,I;lltilary alld } i)er 1.) .... ('('lit LlIidel' 31;13'. +'"' ()n 1he I)asis of fi/tu'(,s e,)m i)iled I)y the Ie:lgu++ of Nations. industrial outi,ut ha risen ah)ng with employnlent. i..i.4.41..&41.41..i..i.41.& 41.41.& 41.&$ & & $   & & & &   & & & & * & &  &    4,. -e 'k- .e +'++ BENEFIT DANCE ++ 4," . Child Welfare "* f; ,e e, " ODD FELLOWS HALL . * Friday, November 17th, 9 o'clock * + , Admission 25c. . t * tttttttttttttttttttttttt*ttttttttttttttttttttttt Distinctive , Personal BUY YOUR CHRISTMAS Greeting Cards From Alice Burrows Citizen Office Seattle Product 63 Designs l* I Clip this Coupon--Save Money Rode Rods 1,000 Miles o Boston.--Mr. and Mrs. Cllarles A.  I)el}snlore ;11111 two snmll daughters, the youngest only six months old. ar- rived at the hon,e of rel'tives here o after riding more tha| 1,0OO miles o on freight cars and hitch-hiking tlle  rest of the xv'l fronl El Paso,  Texas.  Heavy Oe(o|:('r llai|lfall o Spok:me--Oitr-];r wa the wet-  t:est |nolilh exlwri< need in tim S!;,3kane coun.r.v in the hu4 51 5c PAL NIGHT ]>resent this coupon and 30c in cash at the I)ox ()fticc ()f the Bothell Theatre and you will receive 2 regular 25c tickets t,) uc Barbara Stanwyck in "BABY FACE" t: v+',u's. Total pree!!latiou for the  . "+ " Tuesday November 21st month 2.7'2 iue]les --- Inore { than (lott!.'e the nor'ntH, which is ,, 1.17 inches.   11::11%" l)rO;r(('(S Al)p|'ove(l  Good Only On This Picture Olymt)iq-- I,;ihtv pul)lic works  ...,.+.......,.,.. projeets, with an estim:He(1 cost ....... "'%""''*" Of $102,00f),tl00, have ])een ap- IN Till': St+l']':ltl()lt ('()I'LT ()1." "}'ill: I.\\; + "]+ll!-: FIt'|-'I;I(t;. ,','It'Jl" ()1" 'l'}li': pro'<e(1 ])3" the vtato a(lvi>:ory pub- St.l- (,f waM,i+tct,,) l,,t. K]tIK (");lh Nt;tI" "I \\;V.shirtt+,n I",,!' I.;itP: (',,11[1+ Iic WOl'k3 board. Included are the iv |ll Ill,* Mntt, r ,,f 17),. 1-:--l:;t, ,,I" v. lit )]1)- 31;,It,  ,.f :!:, |"!;t'. ,,f Coulee (ltnl, ,I,0(10,01)0, an(l |he N;+IlIII++] H. M,.tzb.r. [,,.,.,+:t:,.,I II, +'),!i-:)i)t, IHyth l),,',;;,d. In ]'r(,- " " l)rol)ate. N,,. 571:L N,,)i(',. t,, +'t.-,t- I,;,.-. N,,..-,777. N,'i, +. l,, ('r,.(lih)r,. eattle Skagit i)ow(.r l)rojeet, $25,- , it,,r:g N,,ti,',. i- } ,.i,.I,'. t:;,., h "!,:,' ti:,. un- ' N,,ti(',' :4 0 ',+|,x ix'+n lh:tt t|t+ u!,- d,-!Mgn*'d )l:l.s I,e+.n ;!I)p,,int,-d and has UU0,004). d,.)'siffn,.d has "h,., )l :,l,l),,inl,d and ;,;t.- ,, ; ii,,I :,> +\\;dm)I,;l tt,; v.!+h Will +New l{ri<!'.e I)l';)l)OS('d ,lu:lil]++d ;is I.]x+-(,lltl'i- ,,f I]1,. ,.:);tt, ,,; .\\;Iih,+N,d (,l" +|11 . >t,,:, ,'I" '');I itill;L .';tlIHl'l li. M,,IZI+.r. I),.('+':++(1: th;t ;I I:itL. th,+.:<.+l. 11:;; :][ l, + ,.i1 h:!.- .... ))+.l':+qls )/H\\;iIlg ('lHJlllb: IHiIIS| s',i,I JIIIZ +'!:(irl:F ;,IZ: in,'I ':+i'i (I,-c,:s+'d :trl, A|nlira--Co:l:;tl'tlCtion of a sus- +lH',,as,.d ;,r+. ,.)',l)v r,.,lllir*.d 1,, ::*-! ,. h+.),lC, i,-,lili),d :,, ,i .,. t|i, .;tnw, Den4ion bride t/cr()s2; lhe Cohinl- h(. s:Hn+., (lu13 \\;.lili,.ll. ()n s:;tbl I-:x,,',- d!l!3 ,.,iJ+i,(l+ ,! <,,!,1 .\\;dI)+ini-lr.t)r - ';l'iX ,I' ]l+'l' ;tlt+)" ,Q," ('|' I'+,',,),I ;I t]! 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