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November 15, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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November 15, 1933

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TIIF IO'I'III-LI. CI'IIZI-N WEILNESi)AY. \\; )\\; I.:)ll{lR 1-,. l.'):/; I':\\;GI. F()I R Show Offering at Theatre this Week /'-,P.tF.RICAN COLONY FOUND IH IUNGLE Away From Land of An- T ,=,,.t:,v, X,,ve,,,,e,' >. ),,,, e.n cetors 70 Years. te ('laudelle ('olbert as tile sorst ,vom;ln in New Y(wk. with tire ill Wastlington.--Existence of wlmt lw r voive aiR' ice iIt her soul, i/I is terlned a "unique colony" of Americans ili tii torrid deptb or her latest hit "The T()rvh Singer". Britisil I.londuras itas been reported Experielive taught her not to give by tile Carnegie hlstitution of Wash-!a Mall il I)re;Ik Ullless yon want a ington. This isolated group of persons. 'brt)ken heart so her creed was who have been away from tile tiOlUe- i 'tgive'ell)i evervthillg, but hive and land of their ancestors for more make thai hard to get." Rieardo than ueventy years, was eneoun-?orlez, l)avid Manners and Baby tered by Oliver Rieketson. Jr., of i Lelhly are sis- featnred in the tilt institution's stuff in the course ,,.t,pllortin  ea...l. There will lie ;ill of a survey of the racial make-uP.olhe r of the lxq)nlar Pop-Eye The of that section of ('entral Anieriea. ;Sailor (.al'lOl)li collie(lies on the They live in what is kn()wn as tile "'Toledo settleme(lt," and are de- l)rogranl entitled "'1 Yam What 1 Sol'tired by him as "irreconyilubles YHII]')) frmn the soutl,ern states who, rath- 'lh're 1o(hly-.(lead t(nllorrow er than be under tim nortllern yoke, tonigill we love." This was the betook tllelnselves Into perpetual happy-go-lucky slogan of ''/'lie 1"Is"- exile after file Civil war." The ing Devil" lhe tilt'lure lhatcomes present colony prestimably Is corn-'to the Bothell Theatre Saturday Robert Dexter Dies Oysters.. They're Cheap Again... pints-- 15C pints---25c quarts-- 45c Fresh Crabs,  each .... Fresh, skinned, Soles, per pound Harry Given Market Items A crew ()t' 1,ien areunderWOrkingthe di-" Personal tho reelion of Jack 31ePherson. This is relief work 111111 is under.-Aood |o American Legion dam'e at Ken- be on a cash payment basis as dis- ntore Salurday nighl, tinguished l'roln the voucher sys- i ink d-" }l,r,'-,'n) :n,t 1,,i,I ,," Mr. ).I. lu.,!, I,.) F0110winguperad0n,., ..... ,,, ,,. [(';l'.t ll,q21,1i;tlitl:2 I,,r 1} ," -;t]," , 1 Ihqitll ('allll Ill ll, d)el'l lh'xltq' I Xll" gath(,red hv lira lli;ltkr!ill;- r last night ;(I 111:45 lit the Swedish I)o;ird t>l lti(. .\\;Hieri,.sll N',(i,,n:i hospilal where he was taken aholll } l"ur I'reeder. .\\;->(.ia!i,,n. A'.>,, a week lt). 31r. lh'xler WellI Illl-i lOl(t (d several ]arkre ll!itI-v,e.l slid der all opel'a|Jtffl veslel'(lay illtH.Ii_'('alif()rllia I';lllelJel' ('lilClllp];tlillff inff all(I it i I'elS)lled that he tier- movin,,z th(ir i'anehe- 1, Wa.i,il),.,- er rallied, h,n. illtd p;lirlled a ru-y pit'tlll'(" 3Ir. l)exter had been ;t re:-.idl'lll i,f)f I h e s I a I e . f \\;Va-hin,:- of i'h)lhell for ab,,ul eiffhleetl Vt':tI'> !IlIa IR'(',,il)Jllff ;i fur pr,hwing cen- iln(I wa. ;t lint'he]or, lie t,t,l|(l/It'ted |el ralin lleXl Io 1'Vi:.(,Oll:-ill ;lltd i'eslallralllr- at various, places in 3linnes,)ta. alld voukl make .',eallle lIolheli, his la.l heill)., r (ill lhe hih- one of the lare..,l flit vellter> ,f way toward S,,allle. lie issurived :the worhl, l'lall> are ab-o OtlllJn,-d Ily'his brolhl.r Frank vh. has liv- for lhe live f()x mink and l,-!1 ed here wilh hill for ...olnelime. show whivh will be pul (,)l hv 1!,. l"llneral allll,)llllCelllelll has not yet Ptigct Sotlntl Fill A-r.(oiali(,ll al the Ea'le'.audil-riun ill Sv:tlb'. conic Io The ('ilizen. on l)eeenlher 5iand "7. Mr. War- 'sinski, a prolllillelll far breeder ,,f Subscriptions spe00a,ie, ,,,is present ",m(I ,,r,,u,i,e,' tile v,'hole hearted supporl It, the Pay Dividends ,,y t,,e ,,,,al,d E:npire00,s>,, . by exhibiting I,th live loxe. !and pelts. The state retail furrier. posed of the second and third gen- eration of self-exiled Southerners. It is well known that after the Civil war cob)hies of former Confed- erate soldiers were established in Brazil, where they prospered and their descendants have taken a pronHnent part In the life of the comttry, but the Honduran group apparently dropped out of history, Rieketsou says. Another "Lost White Race." He found what may be another "lost white race" on the hundreds of keys stretching along the Hon- durau coast line. He describes mem- bers of this group as follows: 'Tlley are characterized by a spare build, aquiline nose, rather htgll frequeney of blue eyes, consid- ering the almost universality of dark eyes throughout this area. and by a mahogany-colored complexion, more suggestive of long exposure tllan of racial swarthiness. "I was given to understand that they never leave the keys except to visit Belize, and tlmt their only occupations are turtling and fishing, ldUS a mild interest in coconut cul- tivati,m. My informant expressed an opinion tllat they were remnant of those early settlers and huc- cancers who referred to themselves as "the Iklymen.' "I can do no more than suggest tlult this tYl,e may be such a rem- nant. l,ike the (;:(ribs. tile3' are ex l,erl saih,rs. I,iving ill a relatively Salllbl'iollS aild lllOSqtlitl)-free elf vironliwlH, it lllight be exp(,cted tha(t II'pir gpllpl'al Iwallh would be found hi;her lhan that of the mainland dwell,rs." Finds "Amphibian People." till the Solthern coast or British ih)nduvas ltieketson reported the finding ot a strange "aml,lllbian peo- ple" known as ttle \\;yl{as, who had a distinct I;tltgUgl,,:e of their own and were alnlost e(lu'llly at home on lan{I or in the water. These, he says, "are Carib In- dians so overlaid with negro blood tlntt to casual observers they would unhesitatingly be classed as negroes, but their double racial origin may be seen by one or more of the following characteristics: A stocky build and a short heel. with correspondingly well developed calf muscles, or by straight, shiny-black hir." Unemployed Get Jobs in Municipal Lemon Grove Upland, Calif.--Unemi, h,yed men Ilave been put to work developing a municipally owned lemon grove here. City officials saw little possibility of seeuring revenue from a ten-acre lraet covered with rocks until the idea of the lemon grove presented itself. Once the tract was cleared of rocks men were given additional work leveling the ground and set- tlng It out to trees. Now the men are busy removing tile rocks of Cucamonga Wash for ose In the flood eontrol project, and tile city hopes to reduee taxes tlll'Ough possible revenues derived from the grove. Cow Mistaken for Bull Gets Revenge on Youth London.--An outraged cow which was mistaken for a bull soothed Its injured dignity In its pasture at Welllngborough, Northampton- shire. Partners there have retaliated against young couples who forget to close the gates after them, by put- ting frisky bulls Into the felds. So wllen a young man saw an animal trotting toward him and his sweet- heart, he tll.uht he had found a chance to dlslllay his courage. He whipped off his coat and threw It .ver the horns of the beast. But tile "s,wage bull" was merely an nmhlble cow with |riendly feeling. So i! dropped lliS coat in the pond iNovelnber 18. 60,000people thought Mrs. Lillian Kirk of Seattle was tem previously in vogue. it was jusl a stunl, bnt she knew a Bothell visitor Tuesday. A benefit dance to raise funds for fit was murder, when her sweet- heart's l)arachute failed to open. This was revenge, of a defeated Mr. A. G. Worthington was a ehild welfare work in Bothell is bnsiness visitor in Port Orchard the reason for a (late at the Odd Monday. Fellows hall Friday night. Admis- Through a special arrangement areco-operating by staging one of witi the Bolhell Theatre snl)scrib- the largest shows of fur garments ! ers of the Cilizen will be a )le 1o that has ever been held in Seattle, save more than the cost of theirlThur,dayevening , December th. sul)scription in discounls on theirl theatre ti(.ket.,. In another part .hr-_,._. _ riwd, but how was she to prove it? N.W. Reinstadt ls enlarging his sion is 25e. and the music is by the of the paper a coupon will appeari ,.*,'='l[lall Science You'll learn the solutiou when you barn. Mr. Reinstadt resides in the well known Ruben's Orchestra. !see this thrilling air mystery "q'he 101 I)istriet. The sponsors told The Citizen that each week that willsave the holder[ "Society, Bothell Flying Devils." Bruce (?abot, Ar- Mrs. R. (?. Rodgers left yesterday old time music would be furnished. 20e. on the pur(.hase of a pair of[ hne Judge, Eric Linden Ralph " ' ' " '  for a months visit with her consin The annual ball of the Federated liekets to the Bothell Theatre.! By usin, the ('oui ns yon (-an! A branch of The Mother Church, Bellamy and (?lill Edwar(l: are just in San Francisco Clubs of the North End will be bring your sweelie, wife or pal to! The First Church of Christ, Scien- a few of the htrge cast. .... ' ;' " ". ........ held at the Everslate hall Fri(htv, the show for ju:t &.. The arrange-i tst' in Boston, Mas.,,aehta.-etts. 1:  ?:;,::rgOIe::l: |:;ll d:lt;P '; ' ; - ". " .: "  . November 24th. Miss Rulh llolds services every Sunday at Wh3 do inen  intlo be ' Dd co p, t3 f rnelll with Mr. ,Iohn.on uaranlee.-, (lies" to Baby Face Girls? No use ell Business Men's Club Monday Beardslee and Miss 31arie Kuhn warning thenl lhev will have to our readers the coupons will I)e 11a. m. . puhlisim(I nlol'e lh:ln enough times Subject of the Leon-Sern]on in fill out for them selves that "t]aby Mr. Floyd Irelan returned Tues- to save vou the vest of votlr sub- all Christian Science churches Sun- Face" was a])oul as "illno('ent " ;iS " Cleopatra an(I as "helpless " :is a tiger (';it. Barbara Stanwyek and thirteen men, lhe JiM headed by Geo. Brenl. will apwar in "Baby Face" at the Bothell Theatre Tuesday, Noveml)er 21. 3Ien al- ways foun(l her "in" tlUt it look a long time for their wives lo tin(I her "Out". Hoboing Pullet Takes Long Trip on Bumper Itaerstown, Md.--When Alve3 C. Zittle left in his auto from near his llome near Boonsboro he did t;,,t kn,)w that lie had snottier pas- evening, will be the represenlatives of :Bothell aIRl Kenlnore respectively for queenly ]lOllOrS Oll that oct'a- day from ('helan after a very sue- sion. eessfnl deer hunt. lie was away al)out two weeks. , Arlhur Rea(I. lhe blaeksnlith, i.', Arthur G. Morgan and Lillie planning lolnove his business to Thornlon both of Woodinville have (.'otlage Lake where he plans on secured a license to wed, a(.cor(lin I'eillI"r in his shop lllOrliings and to lie available during the allernt)ons to to(tay's Seattle papers, to go out to jol) that are de.-irable Miss 3larion Steele enlertained to be handled where lheyare. Mr. with a bridge hmeheon at her Read hag. been loealed in Bothell home last We(Inelay afternoon, for nearly four years. 3lb-,es Lolabelle Lighlfoot. Fran- Messrs. U. ,I. Erick.-en. \\;V. I'. ees lli](tel)randt and Glen \\;1"illock. Nim.-.. l)r. G. E. lliekelts. W. A. Anli-Tubereui,)si';sealsthisyears Andel:-on and C. V. Beardsleehave will he pu...hed by a number of (,r- been p!aced(,n Y. 3I. ('. .\\;. c(,m- ganizalion- lmxin, ]o(.al i;Ilil, ill ulillee- for the c()luinff years .',()l'l.;. I;,,thell. Amon,.., the lb.t we rl,,!,..\\;1 the >evenlh anlllHI] In*'*'liIu.  (d l"drell1-Te:wher>. (Jill St.call1>. l;,,) lh(' I(izl ('()lllll 3 bl,(ly }w]d l;r,l s(.ripti()n so we su,,zgest y(,u SUll- (lay" seril)e now. I November 1.q--Soul and Body. North Creek News ( ?(,;It ilme(l (rein l'a'e ()ne, Misses In,rid and Mary Louise l'org. Mr. ()rville Winlermute. 31i 3hu',..,aret l)aniels.n, Mrs. San(h':'. .Mis Polwe/la S:tl(ler. Mr. and 31r>. Vi].,,)ll all(I 11 d Evel'el|. 3Ir. slid .Xlrs. ]h, mn)et, .%lr. and 31r>. lb,land..%lr. Lenard L',r:-(,n. 311-. Schunlan..Mrs. Hulh I'l)(,r, .ll'. 311(I 31r>. I1()111")" Y(!!lTly ,,1' l.:tur,'!. 31r. an, I .Xlr.. Ear] Tarl- Sunday Scht,ol at 9:45 a. m. 1'Vednesday evening services at :L) o'clock, include te..qim,nie of healing. }.{eadiilff rooms in the chureh edi- fice are open from "2_ to4 p. m. on Wednesday, al.-a) after each -ervice. The public i:, cordially invited to attend our chureti service slid to use our reading room. SIortal.-, alld hlHl()rta].-.." v,a tl:e .,,ubject of tke L(:-:-oll-serlnon ill all ('hurt.he:- of L'hri.t. SvientL-t, N)vember 12. 1,ohten Texl: "The ear:)e>t ex- i)uctal[,,nt)l the creature aiteth st.n;er. Se(mt. and :\\;llleli(.(ll l.tq2i(,ll Allx- \\;Vedlwday llill!. Ihnl Erivk>en I(HI ,,l l.,,v]l. 311'. l:tr:.p)) ,f St.- D,r lte n!;lnilv,lalion c,f tl:e kql lie did not discover that due of ili'ary, i,l(l a l,arl in lhe cerell(mial>, sill(.. Mr. :),1 M)>. .l,,e Winlvr ,,I (;(,d" ,ILm.':l!b. his h:lf-g:(,wn pullets had perched I!l,,,l the bumlter until he reached I.,, sulk, (h,ah, r-. arc. ]::i,l(li('at,- ;t)l(I 31). :lI(I ill'-..\\;i "l'l(,ltlp-()ll ,f .\\;ln,!l Ii,' ,'it,Hie, It> xiAt'E c,,m- ;ql,.,,hvrdstt),,n.. __'"' mih, s awav., p('d hi nmkin sale, hr. ,t,,, ,.,,:,, h. C. Randolph Dies r I.:l,. ,,,i.,,I ,,,t S,,i,,,,n IIow the chioken clung to the in re,.(,ivh) u>ed car prh.e I,,,)k- .Mb-.-El-b..i,,l,I-,,n. 3Ir-. lh.nrv I,,lh)im: Ir,,m tim l; "'Bie>-e,l bunlpOr and came thr,,ugh un- llltder lhe N. R. A. e()d,,. Th,' ',(1(. s(.,'at('hed is a mystery Zittle is trg wen1 int,) effect November ;;rd and A. ('. lan(h)tpl. ],, t)(.(.ul)i,.tl Yrlllley :lIId )Ir. ]'iI1;ll' llani(']-c)n i.- lh,. l,V,q,'w lhal kn(, !i, j,,Ial ill to sglve, since" t]lat date the (lealerr, have 11,(.' cilv 'm. t e t'e ',)' lll;I/l',,' .''qlI'"' wel'(- lir>l\> ,f 3Ii-'- .'.lill':,Ia'()l)>()ll :-.(ill/lit;file lightlheyt,1 .i:;tiit}y couIlt*'ll;th,'e."tlk' () L,_,Id. lliill KNOWS HER STUFF been unable to appraise a used t.:lr, i,- -,,lie. .\\; kindly t,hl >Wllllell)all. of Se )*h.. SuI,t:). ti,y II;tnle .-.ha'd liiuy lt.j,,ice ;.ill ti:e !() X),ll(H)l ll!i>l'f)rlllfle C;lllle, l.);i>...(.(I 31r.. 3Isrl!p tit';If,-, r i> a kqlp'-I i'q' (laY: il[Id lit lhy likrhte()tl.llu--.-,hall The funeral of Mr. I". W. Lud- ,,ut ,if life's pivlure st) quielly 1]mt a f(.v, day- ill lhe (',lul)llrllil)'.ct)l)l- lil('y be eXal.e(l '" l'.'.g:15,l('b. ) t_ infftOTl (,ceurred Fri(lay from the ip v,;ir, tl()1 misse(I ft)r ;1 v, 311'. it'l  ill> fr(,)n ()13nl)ia I(, ;lllend 1he "J hi. Lt-:.-,li-serlll(,li al>,, illciLlded "to Rafferty ['ndertaking chapel ill ILi)uh,Ii)h Ul;l(h, his appearall('e ill V()d)wr-1'Villl(.!' rJUldi;ll:-, lhe f(dt()in;., pa:_-al.'cr, Irolil 11,e Seattle wilh the E(tnlonds L(lge B(,lhell -(,me fell ()1" lwelve year- .%Irs. San] ('rlrir.lrrl...(.n. Mls. I,%-. ('ll'i.liall S,.it.ltce texlb,,,,k. "S,.i- of Masons conducting the service, a,z(,. ]{llnl()r said that he }la(I been SaxI.)v alld Mi>, \\;'irinia Vandell (,n('e and l!eall h ilh J{ev t() lhe 3Ir. Ludington's death came on " - " " ! N(ivenl)er 4th at St. Luke'.,, ho'-pi-a 'Oiltra'Itr ]l(' proved thal he allen(it'd the I).-T. A. I)azaar all(l:S(.lil)111re:.."by Mary J,;tktq" E(hty: tal. Ile ]lad been a mining n]an for /lary al)i]ily. ]"l'i(lay. .ove)lll)el' 3. l.'ridav hi,lit, pt.rld> up,,/l I]:tl (d t),,d. ,d,,,d. aral )ears and until recenlly was lo'al- lie wa.-. |aken It) the ]l():-,i)il',l] a/l(I " lt,[]()'.',>.;l\> ;| [t,','':--;(I) v,.)Ii'-.t'queIl('e ed at Sixes, Oregon. In former passed awav Sun(lav the 51h. lle Mrs. Ed Lan,..q,qs and (hlughler ..... )., vearshe had been a wellknown lnm- b, said to h'ave a brother in Ilk,i- Shirley 31ap (d' IH('hm.nd liiall- (,t lhe lhlln(qtall1. (,I ,e,,,,tt p.-l:" !. her man ill this region, tie was a llaan slid alRdher brother in St. lands, were week end guests (,1 ............ I)rother of I). II. Ludington. Louis. .%h-s. Mary .lamest,n, 1hey eanle: ",,'hat's this? ,our house lal; over toatlel,(llh(','(q'epli(,nat 101 i Public Harket torn up. Things are a wreck." " hall afler lhe Vod(le)'-Winler ved- I "Yes, looka like the wife has start ding. i ed her mid-season offensive." Mrs. Joe ,Vi]son who has 1)een! LINERS PYREX , lO her hed for several NO NEED TO HURRY weeks is ll()W able to lie around some. 3lr. an(l Mrs. Viehn' l',,)yd Rstes: le. per w01 liar isslle. Mill. l,ave m)ved lille their ht,me to imum charge25c. live with lhem s. Mrs. Bo)d wi i GIFT SET he there to care for her. Thursday eitlt ladies froua this Stock salcsbooks ";5e. perdozen, two for 15e. The Citizen. eomntunity motored tt) Ii(.hmc)n(l:: llighlan(Is it) lhe home (if Mrs. 1 - 11, qt. round covered casserole. I.:d. Langh(is tt)altend her 1)irlh- A. Goring, please at this oIlice for ,i 1 - 9 in. round pie plate. ,lay part). (.ar(ls was the diversion I two tickets to the Bothell the- of file afteri|t)()II with a dainty hln-[ atre. I 1 - 10 in. utility dish. eheon served at twelve, i t "Forgive me for talking that kis.- 6 - 4: OZ. custard clips. Fourteen  relatives and a ,fevlTabletSbundleinformndles)10( your ehoiee of friends gat.lered at lhe home oli .... The Citizen. the other nfght. I'll admit I was 1 -bread and loaf pan. Mrs. Squires on M(,n(lay evening."- hasty." "to help her (.eh, brafe her Idrthdav]Beautifullv furnished rooms for "And you won't do It again'., .... anniversary. The evening was rent, also eal)ins. Inquire at Alr- "Well, I won't be hast)- again." all for spenl playing cards an(I refresh- port Service Station. 11-15 STONE-AGE STUNT nlents were served. ! $2 95 Mr. andMrs. Sal,lI{olheruwl td'!Scrapl,o()k, made to order. Two hon]e of .%1)',-. Rt)lhermels part'hiS. I blyles. 5Ix.. and up. The Iothell ',-" at Mr. and.Mrs. J()hn l"aulk. They, ('ilize),. i -3_..-;,...:,a _ t ,,,., ,,,, .,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,- I ,tl,lr Wi,,lernmt,' av,',mlp;,ilwdl., r S:th' l,-e,', & l't,nd Piano. '" Chase & M0hn " ,,v,(,dc,,l,dili,,n...'SqS. 3|r-. 1"..I. 31r. and .%lrs. William (risen, ae- (i!y. Sealth'. W;t:-t... 11-'2'2 , (.(,militated I,y )I)'. T.itlt'ck, Ill()1(H'('(l[ Rocky--That's a fine hammer you Phone 182 BOTHELL )t, st.:l,!l,, i.)i,I;ty a,,d atle,nletl a i l"or Sale Sra,,).er,y l' m'-. t;t:,- have there. UI|il 1)]et'lJrtk  (,I' ]t,(';I] iur f;|rltier>. })erk'-. f,,r h,.'c,:t: ', in,t :tn,t (,::eeri> Stony--Yep! It's made out of ) "l'i,t. f,]h,wi),,d i- a v(,ry ('ll(q)lll';l'r+t f,,r ui)i;tlul. 51 `)') I*'r" 1 (1'=' ,t mwle of my wife's first biscuits, in( '.rod ill1,')('>iI,..  r,'l>,r! ,,t,i,.I;] It. Ilin,d*v(:,l t; 2 I: ' .