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December 6, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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December 6, 1933

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The Botllell Citizen ..o._ VOL, I, NO. XXXI BOTHELL, KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON, WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 6, 1933 $1.00 Per Year. 5c. Per Copy City Building American Legion in District Conferencel Plans Changed The American Legion&apos;s dmtrwt I iconference ill Bothell was an en-[ One story and no more was the .tirely successful event and the 1o-  decision of ll,e city fathers, in ses- ea I officers deserve eongratuhltion ! sion Monday night, with reference i for the completeness with which to tt, e prol)sed city building. Ar-ilhei details, of the hospitality were chitect Willatsen had reportedl,.arrled through. The occasion was favored by ideal weather that tentative('ost figures on the;wide h made the outdoor features  two story structure were from $26,-iof the program most enjoyable. 000 to $2>,000 and h e presented The visitors were representatives plans for a smaller structure still.frmn Legion Posts from all parts retaining tim second story assembly of King count)' and were accom- panied b y various special unils, l ball. Feeling seemed 1o be that ea('h of whi(.li (.ontrilmted to the no advantage would a(.('rue from general en{.el'aililHellt of tim occa- the ereethm of another small hall sion. The drum and bugle corps, so lhe de(.ision to erect the first ladies dril! teams, and the parade story of tim first plan prevailed, were impressive features. - Bothell was emlbled to ('fire for All the (oun( llrntn were present ' "" ' ' ' this unusually large g.dhering by and considerable time was given to the use of the lligh School audito- problems,'onnected with the work rium, tim Odd Fellows hall and program wl,icb the federal govern- the Anlerican Legion hall. r/'he ment is financing trot which is'program began with a dinner fit developed ahmg lilies agreeable to the Legion hall .'It 5::1, parade h)cal authorities. Several Hollmll througli tim slreels at S, conference streets are scheduled for improve- session at lligh School audilorium, ment. Olher improvements have vl,sing with a (lance at tim O(ld been projecled whi(.li (lepend ulYm Fellows hall. the willingness of property owners to relinquish right-of-wa.vs. Tile regular bills were alhJwed, a Features at sanitary situation reviewed and olher routine matters (lisposed of. Local Theatre: Chas. Graves in Assault Charge: Thur.,day, December 7. you will I)e able to see tim screen's man of thunder wrapped in the arms of ') the screen's WOlnan of fire wlien A hearing was held this morntng Edward G. Robinson a n d Kay before Justice C. V. Beardslee Francis will be at the Bothell The- whiclJ resulted in a trial date being atre ill "1 Loved a Woman." Theirl set for Thur.,day, December 14th, i lve was an elemental urge, fierce at which time Chas. Graves will de-i as the lightning and destructive as; fend a charge of third degree as-lthe storm, crashing all barriers,! ult in an action brought by A. E. i sweeping them on to the desperate l Read. destiny of those that play :lgainst bit. Read appeared at the hearing the rules. There will be a Bosko i today with his head swathed in',(.artoon and a musical comedy with' Calendar of Events for the Coming Week THURSDAY-- Bothell Theatre "I Loved A Woman". High School debate at auditorium at 7:30 p. m. Lions Club, 6:15 dinner at M E. social hall. FRIDAY-- Junior Division of the Kenmore Chlb 8 p. m. at clubhouse. Letterman's Club card party, Junior High Audi- toritml at 8 p. m. Basketball--Town team vs. Phoenix Athletic Club at gym, 7 p. m. SATURDAY-- Library open 3 to 5. Bothell Theatre. "IIer Frst Mate" \\;Voodinville Jr. Club (lance at gym. Kemnore ClulJ Dance, Kenmore Clubhcuse Bothell Assembly, Order of the Rainbow for Girls, 12:30 pot-hick hmcheon at K. of P. hall. SUNDAY See Church notices for services. MONDAY-- Connnercial Club, 6:30 dinner at M. E. church social hall. Business Mens' club following. Kenmore Home and Garden Club with Mrs. I.J. Tegtmeier. Odd Fellows Lodge, 8:00 p. m. I. O. O. F. Hall TUESDAY-- Bothell Theatre "Curtain at 8"-Race Night Sammamish Valley Grange, Woodinville Gym, 8:00 p. m. WEDNESDAY-- Library open 7 to 9. Rose Chapter, O. E. S. 8:00 p. m., I. O. O. F. hall Anlerican Legion, 8 p. m. Legion Hall Citizen Publication Day. I't 1 First Lutheran Church tlmdagesandbotll eves blaekened:Dh.k l'owell on this program. 00rersona00 Mention as a result of an alta('k which was Saturday, December 9th, Ameri- Ole G. Ormbrek Settled at J uanita and Cleared a Farm Mr. OleG. Orrnbrek.;t native of!Kirtle, also born in Norway. is ltoidalsmo, Telemarken, a r rie(l a rl(I I i yes iJl ('enl ralia. They lnive tell t.hildren. :.was born in 133 of a family ol live .George. born Ih'tober 16th. 1.%I1, boys, three of which ealne Iv the il, Mirluesoht. lie died in April 'United Stales. lie was reared on 1.q4. Rena. born April 241h, 143, =a farm and reeeived his e(lueation and ,lied in lS!t;. ill tim public schools. Was ,:on- Mr. Orinbrek assisting in buih|- lirmed in tim Lt,therao ,.hur,'h at ingtlm lolhell SLutlmrl, n ,.hurcl, !all early age. lle came to Ameri,'a anti wits fill at.tire mendJer, lie on a sailing vessel in 1'3. being died April 1st. I.,.L :,nd Mrs. (rm- thirteen weeks On the vt,yal!o, brek died September lOlh, 1913. Came by train toS1inne:(,la, where Eslek. anolher son. was boin iu I,e took a homestead of eighly m.res. Minnesota. l)e(.cmbcr -lib. lSqS. lie ile remained lheir unlil 12 when ,.ame to Juanita will, his parents lie eanm by the way of SanFran- ill lug3 wl,ere t,e assisled on the ei,o to Seattle. afler aboul six farin all(l atlended the common months he crossed Lake Washing- ton in 13 and pre-eml)te(I 160 a,.res of land near Juaflita, on which he lived the remainder of his life, anti together with his ms pr,eeeded to clear a Ix)rtitm of his hind anti secure st,ek arid raise such pro- ducts as they could makt. use of. In 1R6t he was married to Mi,s Anna 3Ioaas. l-'otlr sons and one daughter was born h, tlieni. G,,n- lek born leeember lSth. ll;;, in s(.hoo[ asa boy. tie was married h) Miss Rena Gran .lurie ]lth. 1913, she ,.anle Io the ['niled St;ties :tbtnlt 1905. Eslek .,e(.ured fi0 acres of his father's v]ahu where lie coil- dueled a (litiry flll'lfl unlil 1922, when tie sold his I;il:d alld built his line nlo(leru I,ome in 1923. where llley now reside. They have IIo ,.hildn'n. lle is emsaged in lhe in- sllrllllt'e btlsillp.-s wilt,'.l - ern .%lulual i.'ire As<a'ialiOil il n ii Norway and (.alnt; |o .%meri,.a with lhe I.ariliers' Mutual (;(,upllnies. llis parents tllld was married to lie is a ll-ielnlJer of A>hler Ltlge. Miss Ilertlia Rude. riley live (.ql'F.  A. 3l.. Of I/olhellalida l!rili- a farm at duanlta and tlave two er. :\\;I 1he pre:.enl liuie is a 1oem- :ctlildren, G eor ge and Litlian. her of lhe llotliell ,.ity eoun,'il. i North Creek News Mrs. Fred Anderson is relxwted quite ill. Miss Elsie John.-.on is visiting' relatives in Everett. Sir. and Mrs. Werner llarlnmn spent Thurlay in Tacoma. Little Jaqueline Doty spent the day Tuelay with Jane, Sandra SI iss |{owelia Sit n(l,,rs. S1iss I n,.(rid Borg, Miss Esl rid Carlson and Miss Slary Louise Borg vei'e in Seattle Saturday itoill ('hristmasshopping and later attended the tlieal re. Mrs. I:.alph llawley enlerlainell her brhtl_re ,.lutl Tuesday. lhree latlles were in play. Mrs. llackell, :i guesl from iloquianl, carried ;iwit) Ii rst prize, and .%1 rs. Vt'ell inan s(..,.r lil I. and Camila Boyd. Arthur Wiiltermule wh, wa' : Mr. and 3lrs. Lymar= Thrasher home from the Ad,.ox Trade anti fanlily spenl Thanksgiving in in I'orl land for I he holiday vaval ion ;Seattle williMrs.'l'hraslmr'ssisler, along wilh .Miss M:ii'i,m Sle(.le o! ltolhe]l. %V;iVlle lIViulerilltlle :llill Mrs. (;ilander. 3Ii,s .%lai'v .la.(, (,I' tqil 1t" Arlt' The I'.-T. A. will hohl ils re-ql]ar Suliday d]lllit,r gtie-ls i,f 5It. iilUl meeting Friday. A l.rl'Jd Prtl/rralil Mrs. IL il. Villierilule. declared to have oc('urred .rester-(.a's newest comedy sweethearts,{ O. Ellingson, Pastor will tie put on by lhe molhers. ' '" "lnd Slim Suninlervill".: Mr II G Dawson was home over l . . _ day aflerlioon a.t the h,eal black- Z.Izu l ltts, , "' " " ". ...... h re I Saturday, Confirll]:.ltion (;itlss tit .'Oliie oul and help. Supl-r will i,e "l'halll(s'iVilitr wilh ils tidally smith siiop. There were several will be see/l in the. I autical, eOllledv. Tt anksglvlng.. Iroui. ,rvall r % e :l, lu o ('lOCK.' ' " "" " served. " " . lhp (.plltt.l l)f wilne'ses Io the atla('k as reported" "" 's M lie" Shin IS lhe dry 1 e Is enll)loved ni a lot4glng cailip. I " faintly ,limiers ],, ht ller l 11 t ...... . . t Stlndav inorning, Sunday School Mi:s Hess of t|ic seh,,r,I l':lmlllv, ilit' milelidar lll" l;ly-I %eeko toT|ie('ilizen, lindinlriner v, lio of'ryes lle seat " . > R I) S iiine, lnd .M s " f f " '" " '  .'lav(r . , p " t .'.'.at 1() o'eloek, speiit lhe 'r]lallksl-rivili7 v;i.ali!n .%1110117 lttor-t! welqlll iiit.iili(,li were" lnd Zazu is his v, lle ,,l o thinks l s sls lor q li inks I "" '- "" "' "" ' " " "" f "pinnev were gtle. ,' ' " i ".', Services at 11 o'e]oek, with imr parenls ill the [.,,.ilM :il lhe li(lllil. d' .%Jr. :ili(l Mr'-. tiVIli. l(rr% botl is as good ts t %%1 o t Old K" gl-'-" .,. , ... i.. i ' givh,g di,l,,er of Mr. and Mrs. I Grove ('1 lllliUlii| V, t';t>t (d' lhc S;i ii(ll., i'- lheir fftlt,M  ill(.hid(,(I M,'. e strations ,,,,, for lliul lust i t,l ,,'ill (tllrles M, Girigle in S( lttle  --- laluzhsfrom Iegiuning to end. , , , - s Christlan Science niol,i,taii,s, and 31r>..I. Slc.warl. Mrs. S,.i,u- i "." ' ' ' 'r ! ) i ,'. ' i , , .i .. Uiilli. Mrs. l.tllh I'her ;llid dallgh- ,.r-00=a .V0r ,.C0minoll Next ..... Tue.dlv l,ecelnber 1"., Mrs. E. M. Rienaroson liaci a.l: Mr. and .Mrs. Williani Sanders l,.r .lean. Mr. and Mrs..h, hn "('urlain fit Eighl" lhe story of a [Ttianksgiving guesls, Mrs. J. 3I. :, u" Election ,,,ati,,ee,,<,,,,e,,, keepskl"l whosethe uiail,post (,tliee Lakelire': LewiSFrestand MiSSpark,SheilaMr. a,ldLewiSMrs, of], Society. Bothell have >., bee,, ,.e00r .,,,,,e i,,,<t ,i,,,,.: ..,',,, ,,, V,,r,,a,,d B j. fixed tip and have a (.oulplele iww Io lie 1 he ilt'Sls ,,ver Thanksgiv- City Clerk0 \\;'alighnn los]ev sa's oul Ofwolllilnthe red.butlleone,iSliisa wife,heraudtiAtherln Levis of Se.attle, Mr.! A bran(,h of The Mother (;hureh, outiil of p]lnl-ibing installe(I, Mr. .... those regislered in the old every 'tist, in Boston, Massaclnlsetts. : Mr. and Mrs. Win. ()lson and thatbooksarequalilied for the election the best she vouhl say for himi f Monroe. [ Iloldsserviees every Sunday at'family allended a we(hlinff re- .. was that he was "A llannell See "Curtain at Eight" tlle!ll a. hi. eeption for Mr. and :qrs. John Jen- of I)e(.eml)er ;)th and that t)ra('l('-' nmuth Romeo" Many hated him,!()ctaviusRov(Tollenthrillingdete-[ Subject of tlie Lesson-Sermon in sen at lhelome (,f Mr. ,lenseIVs fill) all cH izens are qualified to vote. With tlm first of the )ear the but who shot him? Jim lhtrvey, itive mystery at the Bothell Tile'!all Christian Seienceclmrches Sun- brotlmr and sisler-in-law. I)r. and new permanent registration be- OetaviusRov. Cohen famous detee- atreTuesdav,. I)ecember 12, and!,.. Mrs. Jensen in Everett. comes effective when only those tire etiaracter helps l(J solve thislbring )'our pal along for jtmt anlck-i December 10-God the Preserver who liave regisiered under ttienew exciting mystery. Ttlere will also el. (;lip tlie ,,oupon in this Pa-of Man. Si,nday evening guesls at lhe " " "home of Mr. aud Mrs. Sam ('lirist- lie anolher of llie ('omedy raceslper and it will make this possible, i Sunday School at 9:45 a. m. law fire voters, with prizes for tile winners.  Sirs. Alice King wire is spendlngll Wednesday evening services at enscn were Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Mr. and Mrs. Eslek Orinbrek hall I .[the wilder witll her fatller, Mr. 18:00 o'clock, include testimonies of I Black!eveningfthe.yKenneWickenlertainedand Tlm rs(laY3ir, and as dinner t,,tiest.s Tlianksgivlng day L0cal Grange to 00Sam,,el Benn at Aberdeen, and lhealing. Mrs. Robert Miller and daughter, i Reading rooms In tile church edi-i Mrs. Vandell anti family and Mrs. Mary J alneson. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Roehi of Kirk- E Tuexdavi Martha Ann, also of Aberdeen and liice are open from 2 to 4 p. m. or,: " and. Mr. and Mrs. !tenning Pear-' ntertain ...... # Mr and Mrs. Ed. Giikey of lrem-I Wednesday, also aftereach serviee ! Tile birthdav of Mrs. Paul Kohler son, Miss Beulah Pearson. Sir. Wen- .... dall l:'earson and Capt. and Mrs.! l erton spent the past. week at the The public Is cordially invited to was celebrated at the Kohler holne Felix Beaueliamp. ALL COLORS i J i Samnlamish Valley Grange will be' i held ill the Wo(Minville Gvln' i'l'uelay evening, l)ecember 12, atJ iS o'chwk sharp. They receive the I Traveling Gavel on this(l'de whicll should make one of t lie lnost esling meetings ill" lhe year. Nov-i iellv-Vincenl will bring 1tie gavel[ I [and furnish file program for ttle :eveniuff. The i'olnulill0e in c|liirge t lof refresliuienls for ltie evening isl i.irs. Erh'ksen, Mrs. Swanson and i !Mrs. lieYoung. Every ineniber is t expecled to be tllere. New ln,ks i)n lhe Pay Shelf at I tile lillrary are "Masler ()f .lalna" i bv Mazl) IR' La lh),'he and "Missi liisli,>l/' llv Bess S. Aldrivli. Thesei lw, I,.)ks are 1lie ]alesl ('Ol)vriffiil 'Waiter, brinl me Iome fith." li,.li,,n ;illll ;i cl ,li't, o[ Ivo (.viils "Yel, iIr; we have bhlel'hsh, lllaek l)a. whtleflsh--" pot day b- nla(le f,r ll,,,In, lhil ylll "I dolft cart about tile color Jlltt lllli% read ;ill , (if llte dlier !';iv so toFl nS It's fr,sll." 51tell' li, lll.;s l'(i' .',('. llor ,.opk. Tile next regular meeting of the:horn e of Mr. Miles Reimer. FIND THE TEACHER %/ Scienlist, I)eceniher 3. I s rl% In r dlllner t2,uests Ml'-es Goklen Text: "i aln the Lord, ;, Thank.g" '" g " ' "-' ";" "'" " your lloly One, the creator of Is-Mary Jaeobs(,n. Evelvn ]ler,qq)(,ol t S in]el J l( o|))n (if S( It rael, )'our king" (.1sa. 43:15). !and'.lr. ,'ti - ; ' . .'el - Alnong tile cilations ',vhi(.]i (.Olll-itle. Miss (;]ildys .]avollsoli, Messrs. prised the Lesson-Sermon was tile 'Wayne ,Vint(.rmule. Ri,.Imrd Sh, tz. following froui tile Bible: "G(,(I isi Rh'iiard dolins(lll, \\;'ielor .Iohlison nly strenglh and llwer: alld hetlind Arthur Johlis(lli, inaketli ii1y way perfevl" (li Saul.' Thirly four of lhe .N',rlh ('reek 9,>., I V.ilh, v (;i nlrl u de]f !Z'l|iOli allended i l .... ,3). , .. ,  ' ' Tile Lesson-SerlilOn also iiwhided and helT'd, pill on. . lhe. Prl'rauj'. ,* .% liil- r lit I,olllh L kl Nil ( - (,I 11)t2( ] n !lhe following |)assal2,es frolu t !i' ; ! ..... .] I b),k 'SI di lll# V, tlt it', ,,ring('- i(?hristian Scit, ll('e lexl ". ',''-I i.. '" ' ' ' . ' ' ; iill.,of lheir daligh|er aud son-in- hiw. 3Ir. aild 31rs. Sam Ihflhernieil. )I1". and Mrs. G. Vandell and fanli- ly iiio|oi'ed Io Seattle lind were tlleMs at lhe. liome of Mr. Van- dell's inottier. Mr. aiid Mrs Geo. Stead were also in Seall]e. 7uests of their daughler anll family. Mr. arl(I 31rs. Wall or Saxhy were guests (d'lheir dauffli|er in Sea|lie and laler ailended the lhealre io see "Little V(omen." Mrs. Sqiiires had as her tliests at lier home over the liolid;iy her daugliter and family: 31r. and Mrs. Leonard AImquisl, alid dauThler Enid of |/uhl, ldaiio, 31r. and Mrs. A. J. Francois a n d vhildren Lois aud lJud. Mr. a n d Mrs. E. A. Francois o f Everett, Sir. and Mrs. l)ave rlVilileririlite and 31r. and Mrs. JoeIVinlerniute. 31r. and Mrs. Marvin Watts were irlt daugtllers, sous and lrandchild- reii. Sir. and Mrs. ,hie WiL,.on ;iqiler|aiin'd lhe folhlwili wilh a .diiliier ;il lheir lioine. Mr. and Mrs. Viclor ll,)yd and falility aud Mrs. M a iy .I a l lieq ill. Tilt' IxOilliloi't' II(lliip ;iiid (;ardf'ii" {'liitl ill Ililq'l till .%I1-. I. .I. ience and lleallh v, ilh Key to |helreprpsenl,ql fr,,lll :iilT,,r,'rll Iftrl. ,,f "l',.,_'luieier .%l,,nlla),'v('liin.,ill- "I see there is a discussion as to' , ! . ,ailh 21 " [;i;illLq.l> ;llld lipi Illli. il v, ill I.. ;illlill;il{ures' ILv Mary l>;iker I,Ahls:,lhe('(>UlilV lhe llei#t place for a woman to kp "There is nl.wera| ;li'l fr(!lil(;li(I, lilit. Ill,ill lil l li,,lillit.ilil,.r> t,, (ilii-ll,i;i.. I);i113. r;i,'li iiw:ill.'i' ix '_'ill Tl,,'r- ', ill hpr lllOlley without loshig It." '%Vliat WOlllen llEifl tO |)e taught I<)llillipd#'lli't' }iti' all l,wer. ',iltll I, ,,nj,,se, I lhr llltlTIdlii. .% ,t, ii,'i':t- .i-!"d !, lliil2 3 iS how to koel th,r rllonoy w|th- ticklll\\;,ll,i]Tt , 1111.% (d]ll,r lli'AoF i' |(i -Ilpll(,r ":i- l'lX,i'lt i,. It,' la,!i, .... f ] t' ;i liD"21;i!ii ;il01 It'll i''tlIWlii ' "" '-, liii' .,,il|li I.;ik,. -1,.,,i.ll- {,i;tll. i . , ii :H' -,'it. Ill. (Jilt Sl, itqldilig it." di>l,,li'V I;,,d" J.--" -.--,s- " ' attend our eliurcli services and tolSatur(lay evening, (.ards were eli- use our reading room. joyed by at)ut lift) guests. With "God the Only Cause and Creat- the refreshmenls a large birthday or" was the subject of the Lesson -'cake was serwd which was a gift Sermon in all ('liurehes of Christ, it Mrs. K(,hler from I,er daugliter., guesls al |lie borne of 3h'. WatUs' } Mrs. Julia Jacobsen had as parenls Mr. and Sirs. Ray Watt. l{ielilnQnd llighlands. Mrs. "]'i'on ;did had a fainilv gatliering tit lier ;htil)e. allolil twenl %' gut*Ms hlehid-