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Bothell, WA
December 20, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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December 20, 1933

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PAGE FOUR THE BOTHEI L CITIZEN WEDNESDAY. I)ECEMBER lq, 1933 The Bothell Citizen ]--ut.,t W.d m.-i;i). A. I&apos;. I;['RI0 )B' .',I'IIS('RIIq'I(}N I,A 1 E. (}Ira)ear 1.I Six int,nt h, .ll r, | hi'e(.- lll(}lll]l "- .,J,) lllarial,ly in ;|dVH||('e. I"l';I Ih'l' ,I, { pll ](1 ]HIll" Ili;id(" lilt,re Ili,,|lU% II% lm,V[ll ]tt!r ;tc,'ollli| all(l keepimd lh*" Ameriq,an Iradc. A. ii i.:he ha I1,>1 lhe g((l will ,,f AIIll'ri'all all(I lhe day ll]av i,Ollle when,lie will need our friendly help I,} an exlent comparable to 191t;. lq-.plav a,l,.rii-int rate, on appli- Thr(mgh tim Iener(,.qly of S.J. ';iti,Jlt (',qtv .h,,ilht be ill I)y 10 Bower. "File Citizen I)eean]e the ;i. 111. Wt-dlielay>. (,wner of a c(ipy of V,)hlme 1. No. I. of lhe ll()lhell In(lepen(h'ni lhis I l'iil}lic 31arkcl lillt.r arc 1('. per week. "|'tii, wa. tile lirM paper to! lvor(I for each iile. .Minimun] bt prillled in Bolhell alld I)ear. the cl in.i'Ve 2.-x". date of Janllarv l>I, 1903. The edl-' tot a, IV. L. Le.ser who I)roliglil l']lllere(I tic .t.c(Jild-.l;i. inallor )lay a wife and two small daughters to 11, 1933, at llie pot ollhie al llolhell, rIVa.hiliglon, ullder the 'live in Bothell. To pages of the Act of )larch 3, l:li, paper were printed ill the lcwal Miop and the oilier two were "pat- eli{ lnside." Editorial Department l)e'(.eniber 14, 192:--Mrs. Mel- lu)urne dates ele(.ted W. 3I. ofl Nothing of importance has yet O. E. S. l)r. G. E. Rlcketts ele('l-; been aecolnpli.hed l)y the Sl('ial ed W.P. ;,.i(In of the Mate legi.Malure hi- Ilecemt)r 1t;, P, i21 . l"relnonl I). i l, holttrh it hay, now lit.eli in()re than Yotlllg ele,'ted i)re.Mderil of Kt,ll- l.wo weeks .,,in,'e it a.iiBbltl. It there (]Olilmilnilv ('hill. i. eonsolintz I o Ielieve I h a t l)eceintler 1, 1932--Viliecnt K. eVell if I h e y (.allllOl. agree IlIJll o n ide;il ll]eastirP, liter lh)iilllall married )Ir.. Pearl ()liver n:ight give u. ,,li]e .)rl ofa(,rtlleh Zelhier. with which to holjltle al,ln tlnlil a regular .ekiail i; {'Ollvened. A plbll to make ...llpreme alld siipe- riot court judge.,- apl)inlive rather than elective is being corl.,.idered by the Stale Bar A.,-.,-'iation. A nother group i.s agilalillg for the at:)liMi- Inellt ,}f ('oulity government as I}e- ill all lllllleCOsary expensive liD- der modern COli(lilhli. I1 wotild appear thai tile lieliolichirie.}f lhe pr(s(,lll arranTt, llielll lind better pr(hl(.e re,,till> if lhey w,}uhl head off a ('h;illge. llothell resi(lelil,-have succeeded l)ecelnlier 19, 1!127 A .on w;i, I)rn h) .%It. alld .%lr.. ,l. J. Schoner. I)eeelnber 20. 192' I"rcderi,'k l)reeg elected 3laMer ,)l A.-hler Lo, lge. The Cilizen needs dates for Jan- uary 2.3 to 31 in(*ltl.Mve for lids col- Dnlll, First Lutheran Church O. Elling.,,,)n, I)agtor S;il lit(laY, ('lllililati()ll (]ass at 10 o','h.k) Nllnday ilorilillT, ,'glln(lay S,.h(n)l at ll) o'(.lock. Service, at ll o'clo(.k. wontle:'fully well in creating thai Noservice in lhe evening. (lllri,Mnms.pirit lill('kffrtiurld that ChriMnlas il]ornili service al l, ypilie.., tlle grea I holiday of Ch riM- 11 (fcl(wk. endom. Special church .erviees. Tue.qlay evening, Stl/lday School 81K:('i;ll gatherings and lhen the FeMival wilh Chrisin]as tree at commercial climax that furni>hes i o'clock. t, ho.e material gifl lhal expre. I A .Merry ('hri.lnias to all. ffoolwill and fe!lowMlip. Store, and[ t,ee. h:,,e t,e. ;'<'aH, ,le<.orat-Pentec0sta I Meetings (RI al(I every effort has been ex- tended to make Botliell all at-  at K. of P. Hall C0-0perative Merc. Co. B0thell PHONE 332 Xmas Food Specials Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Dec. 21-22-23 Store Open till 91 p. m. Until Xmas CRESENT " " the woncledul ff COFFEE ...-,, sSorl:ening ff 1 lb. can . 2 7C _lii" - i,.l 3 ,,s.49c " 3 lb. can 79C ' PearBrand, $1 49 i Flour, 49 lb. sack , Mixed Candy, ,. 25ci Mixed Nuts, Ts.. 35c Chocolate Drops 2 lbs. 29 Baker's Chocolate 1-2 lb. cake 19c Baker's Dot Sweet Chocolate 1-2 lb. 21c t.rdctive place Io visit during thel -- Ribbon Mixed C, andy, Crystal White or P G Soap, holidav,_a,,. , Rev. Wm. Wt, iteside, Pastor. 2pounds.. 29c, a0nars, 29c ----- = ,,,,,,., ,,oo,,,,:,,,0 m a-c--ig (i-- ' Cream Oil Soap, basts 1 9C I're.-sreporb. indi,'ate that the lireaehingat ::10p. ln. Xmas_ ..+,_P ... ___ars' i Toilet Tissue, roPs 29c large I'ari hotels are losing mon- Workers from Seattle every Sun- } ey. That the vohlme of I)uMne,, day. Eve;vbo(lv welcome. h;l:, dt'('rea.e(I froln a pollll where  i <,,e,-e, .e,, pr,,.ta,,,e t,,a 0o.,t The New and Later rtte, *uuacco ,,i,,,,. l, ,,,,, ,,e re,,,em,,ere<i ,hat House o, Israel and Can<Iv. i t, he l"renc.h people, in their agita-,, aeainst paying their debt to Will be zlad l,, wel,.ome you at  } Japanese Oranges, 17/.. t.l,e l'ililed Slate>. made Amerh'ans the publh" rvh'es hehl at Fredrik e#:trenlel.v u,l,veh.ome in their cap- Miller'. home on the west hill,  Now: A Recipe for the New Winter i per box, . il il, tl;,I .mle txv,, years since. If their: Bothell. These meetings are held II Danties, JACK FROST CAKES great hotel. are n, l.slngthe pros-theseeondSundavofeaeh month __., iiGrap efruit, SgdAe00s' 23c per, iu American visii0rsit isal:at 7:30p. m.,d. v.)sermon, ngs Ill .... together with 11 other  __ oOranges, _. _Navels, doz. 25C Ill:ely flint inanv,,ther lines haveand a que.qi,in hour. "COME ]tlil MARTHA MEADE treats Free i felt. their absen.e al. Prehaps and SEE." fancy in each sack Drifted Snow i Bananas Golden Ripe, 'l[,, "Home Perfected Flour.  I ON i --  3 lbs. . . 1  Bothell Pharmacy 49 lb. sack . . 1 1 sO  Cranberries, 2 lbs. 25C White Clover Honey .4 . i Yakima Spuds, 5b0alg b" 7 3C Candy Headquarters 5 lb. pail .... :t) } $1.00 Liggetts Chocolates, . . 49c Co-Op Blend Coffee t)iT" i Sweet Potatoes, 14. 19C Pound Box High Grade Chocolates 2 lbs ...... O1 Fancy Hard Filled Candy, . . Dairygold Milk ca6ns 33c i Celery, Lettuce, Cabbage, Caulyfl0wer Pound Jar, 35c 12!-.i..i.___ Armours or Al_ i Choice Meats 2 .i-2 Pound BOXHandChOcolate,Dipped, " 79c" x.tltteF, Red Shield, 2 bs.. qO ii Choice Young Turkeys Lowest Price Chocolates, Pound Box, . 2Sc Sugar, 18 lbs. for 89c ' Our Leader, Xmas Wrapped White or i Pot Roast Beef, r 1 0C Crackers, Gr,_mm 2 lb. box 25C i Round or Sirloin Steaks, l'_ Large Variety, Gift Boxes, of Leading Brands, Best Quality Chocolates. ' Full Cream, 1' _ 2 lbs. . . J . Lean 1 75c to S3.00 neese, 2]b . OC i Ground Beef, per lb. 72{: 5 poundvalue,BOXGiftChocolateS,Package, Unusual... 98c Deviled Meat, caSns 1 9C i Morrells Sugar Cured Hams -- Bulk Candy-- Spaghetti3 lbs. OrforMacaroni, .... iil) ii ;" [ Half or Whole, r 18C Hard Mied, Pou.d . . 13 No. 2ean, ! Pure Lard, per lb. Chocolate Drops, Pound . 18c Asparagus, all Green 1 7C 7C Cream Mix, Pound . 18c Flour Apple Brand,  I lfli[ ii Choice Lunch MeatS,per lb. OCl'llq [O" il.OCi'l r,i Rogers Mint Wafers, Pound 29c , 49 lb. sack lid l .Uii7 - Candy Canes, lc, 2 for 5c, and 5c Rogers Chocolates, Two Pound Box, $1.00 "The Sweetest Gift is Candy" FREE 1 VALUE, Lustrous Lifetime Chronium S O FTAS I L K T I D B I T T R A Y The CAKE FLOUR With Tops of 2 Packages --- Mail tops to Softasilk, Minneapolis, Mirn. Per Pkg. 29c