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December 20, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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December 20, 1933

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PAGE SIX TttE BOTttELL CITIZEN (.), ,, EDNESDAY, I)I&apos;CEMBER "*(l, 1.).,. Howe About: m Virtues of Quietness Selfishness Good Americans k 1933. Ball SyDdlcLto.W'NJ Sr. By ED HOWE IIERE is much to be said for this quietness so highly recom- mended. If a man talks a great deal in trying to fool me, I can usu- ally make a good guess as to what he is really up to. @ I The man not selfish is insane; puts his hand in the fire, whereas sane people know burning is the worst pain there is, and handle i fire with caution. Lately a man committed a terrible crime in a scimol house The neighbors sat- urated tile school house with coal o11. tied the criminal to the roof, and burned it .... The man was l insane, and unable to understand  .n;/il)taill. . . (1 roconlmefld that4 daughter marrlett to a snccessful 'Ira newspal)erS generally print this: professional man. Should she ever i) v prove helpful to u good many he In need, either would he more than glad to care for her. Recent. ,vho are thinking of going on the i ly, the son noticed a miserably clad ,.,,unty. lint are deny i g the linal I woman begging in the rain at a sub Idange. may find sometillng J way entrance. As he dropped a coin in the attic of use in the emergency, ! In her hand, she raised her bead as we dill.) * * * and he recognized hls own mother. Men who are careless, not honest,, And she was quite defiant, claiming Li, ht, ot N,,,,,Yorl, By t. t. STEVENSON llundreds of holneless n,el| will sleep on piers extending out into the East river this winter. But no matter how cohl the winds or bow low the mercury may descend, they l sporting goods store here recently. ]They selected about ,50 rifles ant i pistols whleh they piled near the  i door ready for removal to an au- ! tomobile. Then the burglar alarm 1 went came and the off, the police I burglars escaped, leaving their In tended loot behind. A few nigl|ts later the gang re turned and made another selection and do not l)ay their dehts, have l that because of her years, she had bad Judgment in other respects; It I no other way to earn money} Ilas been discovered that one-fuurtil  @, 1933. Bell Syndlcate.--WNU Service of all autnnmbile drivers having col-: Itinns are listed as dead heats In Thieves, Foiled Once, their communities. Succeed Second Time ! Buffalo.--Thieves hroke into a Ishment, cause and effect One would think, from the num- ber of Abe Lincoln memorials, that America never had more than three or four really good men in it . . I have myself known thousands of really good Americans. I am able to got nl.n fairly well with anybody, or anytldng, ex cept the politicians, who so per- w(,n't freeze to death. Instead of l of arms and ammunition valued at lying on newsl)apers or old rags, i about $1,000. This time they got in i,acking cases or barrels, they. away with it. The proprietor of the simple law of crime and pun- will sleep in real be(Is and thns, even the store said they selected only his ; tlJ,)ugh the thermonmter should show : best goods. . zert), they will be warm and com- fortable since their dormitories ,,,,'ill: FIND MUD.SLINGING , he steam-l|eated. 'l'imy will be able; to wash tl,emselves and their IN OLD ELECTIONS cluthing. In fa(.t, though ti,eir lodging will co.-t them nothing, tlmy 'will have nlflny hotel convenieiPces, certainly nlore conveniences and c()inl'ort thuu ill s(}ule ttol)houses whicl| are, for good reason, called "scratches." Tim city has taken :Excavations Throw Light on Pompeiian Politics. Naities, Italy.Mud slinging at elections was prevalent at Pom- peii before the destruction, accord- ing to recent archeological findings. Ttle "IIouse of Menander," where sistently insult decency and corn- over certain piers and turned them men sense, and demand that I cheer into annexes of tile municllml lodg- them. I . ,rig hene. * * As far bark as l can rememi)er Two of the piers were in use this discovery was made, gradually everybody has been longin to see : last winter. A third, taken over is yielding up its secrets to the arch- everybody punished .... Well, for  from the department of street clean- eologists, who, headed by Prof. Amadeo Maiulrt, literally have left no stone unturned to establish the identity of the owner and recon. struct the tragedy that happened there In 79 A. D. The publication of Professor Mai- uri's findings in a volume of 500 pages issued hy the Italian state library takes us a good deal fur- ther on the road of Pompeiian knowledge, and reveals further de- tails of the house, which is given its name from tile wall portrait of the Greek poet Menander. Owner Had Nickname. The one interesting discovery Is th'lt the owner of the house of Men ander al)lmrently had a nickname. This l|as been traced from some election inscriptions written on the exterior walls of the villa. In one of once we have all had our way: I ing, is now I)eing put into shape for i know of no one who is escaping pun- the winter. It was used as a stor- isi,ment flow. . , age place for wagons and as a nlu. * .* . nicipal hathlmuse, where the lloor The story of neglect of old sol- i went to get clean wilen It was diets does not come entirely, or i warm enough for that. To get tile mainly, from the veterans them- wagons in, there is a long runway. selves. Back of every soldier is a As workmen were busy turning the half dozen or more relatives who pler into a great bedroom, men, de- further enlarge the story of his, spite the chill hi )tie air, slept un- wrongs, and spread it into every tier the runway and under the steps. nook and corner where a taxpayer : Some even slept while standing up may be Influenced by patriotism or ; and leaning against the side of the sympathy .... Oce holders are pier structure. also a vast army. and have a large' * number of relatives and friends l Muny homeless sleep standing up back of them clamoring for still in this, the richest cry In the coun- greater waste. Almost every one l try" I never go by Carnegie hall who votes is supporting a relative , late at night but what I see at least or a friefld Intrenched at the pub-]tltre e leaning against the cold lie crib. bricks sound asleep. Also in the 40s, the beds of many are the walls of these the word "l.'ulbunguis" ap buildings, pears as snppnrting a certain can * !dldature of a certain Julius l'olybl. With New York now past a hot us. The word "Fulbunguis" means mayoralty campaign, a ean|paigu mat|toured hands, or dainty-fingered. story of Indianapolis of years ago and It is supposed that Quintus Pop- Extra Fancy Turkeys for Xmas- Because 1 do n,)t like the I;oy Scout moven,ent, the late Edward W. BaR once attacked n|e, and we bad quite a row. In reply to his statement that the movement was necessary to improve boys. I said he had done quite well without such help. .Mr.l;ok came to this coun- try from liolland when only a child, but. with the blessing of poverty and good parents, became a very notable American. IIe not only made a great fortune, which is still doing good, but. as editor of a per 25c lb. Colored Roasting Chicken 22c per lb. Luti Fisk all ready to use - 3 for 25c Oysters - 25c pt., 45c qt. At Harry Given's Market Personal Henti0n Leonard Sill is nursinga i)roken wrisi. Tile Citizen wishes you a 3lerry Christmas. B()thell .t()res are open nnlil :) p. m. until Christn]as. "j'hv lxellll|(H," ('()Hltll:,flil 3 (']li, ;tllxJJial'y llJ('l ]a-I ,V(.(ill(,la 3 al the ('llll)}i()t1.,'. q'he f(,ll()v;jI, (d'- ricers ere ele,'ted f(,r the ('n>uin,,., year: presid(,nt. Mrs. Lord: vii.e- president, Mrs. ('lark: secretary. Mr.,,. I'rentit.e: t reasnrer. Mrs. Rad('lifie. William Vaughan avhieved an ambition i|e ha Iol,g cherished last We(h|elay hen he took an airplane ride lroin the Boeing Fiehl in a machine equipped with dual controls. Willianl won his ride through an elimination contest, be- ing one of ten boys to qualify. One boy in the tell will be given l'urtii- er privileges. The Citizen is SlAg) per year. Citizen Public Harket LINERS Lt: lc. per word per issue. Min- imum charge 25c. Tel)h.)> in huntiles, y().r (.hoice of Iron(lies for l(k.. The ('it ize)l. Archle Elliott is houle after 'spending some time at Klamath;ter. Barbara, returned Tueiav I i Falls, Oregon. evening from Spokane wi|ere they Get your ('hriMmas Goose have spent several weeks in tile in- l)u(,k" front Goring's, one i, Tile Kenmore comnturntx.x " " .'sun-lterest) of Barbara's health, wltich on e er Stndax In day ,hool meets " . "' ' ." iseems much improved. :tile hall at 9:4;) a.m. I m For Sale Weaned pigs. ph<)ne 4"ql. 12-'-'0 p I i Kennlore folk are riving a hard itJlne dance al their clui)llt)u>e Sat- For Sale--A nl(xlern six room f urdav night. (-;,)()d muM(" al,(I prize- " house and one lot. Citizen office. iare prontimd and the feel, 25cent: I per couple. i It is reported that Milton *Verier For Sate-Acreage on paved high- ', was lwought home from the Vir- way. Inquire Citizen otlice. iginia 31a.)n h,)spital last nbzht. ;Just how .-eriou his ,',)nditi(,n may Mi.s Ella Fries please call at The ]be The Citizen wa, nnal)le to learn. Citizen office for two tickets t() the Be)hell theatre. Mrs. S. G. Crawford and daugh- , . . . 1 The Mies Iar.v and Rachel , 3Ir. Andre I e(hleault IS a.lstlng I fat tile J. ('. Penny store ill Seattle! Beardslee entertained the Sept lhe holiday trade. Mmebras chlb to a delightful tle fluring Isert luncheon at their home The Co-Oper;|iive Mere. ('o. The afternoon was several extra clerks llired to help!spent playing contract. might not be out of place. It COlt-, paeus was, therefore, an elegant, or them h;n|dle the Christutas trade, t eerns Lew Shanks, several times dude, a person of very refined ) ...........  Remember December 301}| is the nmyor of that city. According to tastes. ]'lte ',. t;. T. t . WILl meet witht Vs " _. , .... date for the bond election to , the yarn. he had cards printed; This is borne out by other evl. Anna ltt e(me.waav after-! ........... hearing his opponent's name. A dence in the villa, for there are rel- noon, I)e('enl)er "',. at 2::{(.)) " In" the..innance ........ tlo[.nen s municipal ))nil)l- trusted henchman would start out ics of works of art and fine mural . . . lng. 1 leer mav De (llnerence oi interest of the Wlnte Shlehl Ihune. ) " " on a tour of ti|e gin mills with those l paintings, of a library and there is opinion about the building but all ,'erda. Laying a nickel on tbe bar, i the magl|ilicent collection of an. According to a telegram received i agree that everyone should vote. he would call for a glass of beer, ttqne slh'erware, t)v ('. V. Beardlace from Repre- :|n(I, as he drank alone, would ex- widely read magazine, perhaps Silver Treasure Found. planted more common sense seed in sentallve Bilger the contract for i Right-(if-way for the improve American homes than any other , bert his ilearers to vote for the alan The latest find In this house, the Be)hell-Lake Forest Park roadment of the Be)hell-Lake Forest public man In hie period. : named on the card. Then he'd or which gives every evidence of hay- i A public speaker lately said to a !: large audience: "We have exhorted ! youth to succeed by hook or ! (, r utile by crook." . . . Most of the litera- i ture of the radical disturber Is,' false. I have never received such advice from anyone in my life; I have never read any such advice. Mothers give daughters no advice more persistent than fathers warn their sons against crooked methods when they go out In the world as men; the Scarlet woman is no more marked example of failure among daughters than t the thief or loaf- er among sons. $ $ Before submitting to any danger- ous operation, or engaging in any daflgerous enterprise or action, try and fin[] nut what the e,)tnmon sense in the case i. The advice of any expert who gets a fee on his side of a transaction Is very likely to neglect the common sense of the customer's side . I like doc- tors and bankers eli enough, but if ! should engage In a pill or bond transaction with them, and could get a little the best of them, prob- ably I would do it; and. plague take them, I know they have the same disposition, in trading with me. The worst henpecked man I have ever heard of: llis wife makes him wash for and intimately care for a baby by another husband * During the presen,: depression I find that In my household we occa- sionally recover something of value from the attic. These articlewere condemned and sent there during }be higher standard of living days, b,I lti('t) wo have dqrlng the past tWO or throf y+'ars I)eon I, tlfll  to north Everett Highway, Phone 21S4. 12-20 For Rent--One and two room cab- ins, light, water and heat fur- fished. Inquire at Citizen office. Scrap books made to order. Tw, sizes and permanent or loose leaf styles. Tk.. and up. The Bolimll Citizen. Stumpage For Sale--Old growth cordwood, hop-pole timl)er and cedar poles. Write J. E. Van- Brunt. R. No. 1, lx 74. Wood- inville. 12--] 'was lei yester(htv to the North-; der another beer. and having drunk Ing belonged to a rich and highly " . i from the requireKenmnreaseboolStrip property.f land Christmas flowers, holly wreaths. it, would depart leaving behin(I a cultured man, Is the treasure of an-i west Construction company forl rad will ood supply of the cards. Sh )rtlyl cient silver objects totaling 11, $93.(kX). !As this is now a part of I)istrlct potted plants, he;ether in 1)loom, after he left, another ainu|ks hench-[ pieces, which has been compared 146 there will be an election at an hardy azalias, lily bulbs, peony man wou:d appear, lte'd buy drinks[ with that other famous "treasure" IN THE S['PEItlOU. COURT OF THE.early date to authorize the transfer roots. I)arlington Sunset Gar- Stt,. of x.Vashington for King Coun-. . ........ ., - . for ever)body present, and in he- : of antiquity found near Pompeii. ty. In th matter of the Estate of '0[ tnls sl, rlp OI lane to ,lie state. , dens, ])hone 455. tween rounds would inform ills hear- ' the so-called "treasure of Boscore Isabelle E. Evans. d,.e,.ased. In t'r,)- era that Lew Shanks was the man ale," which now Is In the Paris l bat,.. No. 5S0S4. N,,tic to Creditors.' Notice is i'erehy given that the un- who should he mayor of Indlanapo- Louvre. :d.rsign(-d h;(vt, been Sill)elated ;(nd  have qualified as executors of the es-' lis. The silver treasure Includes some I tate of Isabellv E. }','ans, dee,.ased; s fine cups in Hellenistic style, chase(} i that all persons having claims against For no good reason at all, save wlth scenes of pastoral and rural .aid deceas(-d are hereby required to ,s(.rve the s;llne, duly verified, on said that he was once a public office life. Tbere are other cups, which ,.xecut,rs ,w their attorney of record Christmas Tree Lights holder, the story of a gentleman who consistently won at poker comes to mind. So regularly did he clean out with those who sat at the table with him that they ganged up on him to get revenge. So they hired a professional, noted for his abil- ity to deal whatever he desired, to give the feeder at the puhllc trough what he had coming. The profes- sional alleged that if he couldn't take him nobody could. But le evi- dently overestimated hls ability, as the politician tool{ the professional for plenty. $ are about the size of cocktail glasses, decorated wlth miniature scenes from the story of Baccbus Half a dozen larger cups. as big as half-pint glasses appear to have he longed to a set, for there are one or two smaller cups made in the same style and bearing similar deco ratlve designs The collection includes a large silver' center dish for the middle of tbe table, evidently to hold fruit. It is ornamented in the center with a figure personifying the city of Pom- peii. Other objects of the "trees ure" are a large ctrcular mirror sur When the score had been settled, rounded with a frieze and bearing the conspirators met with their hlr i inside an idealized woman's head. ling and reproacimd him caustically. I The cups of Hellenistic style are "Well," said the professional, "I dated by the Pompeilan experts t- couldn't do a thing. Whenever I the Second century B. C. glanced at him, he had his eye nn me. Gentlemen, l've seen many an Sanmel Benn, Now 101, Hale eys hut never one so hard and Aberdeen--Samuel Benn, 101- cold." "Why, you idiot !" exclaimed' year-old founder of Aberdeen, is one of the conspirators. "That was feeling chipper and f!t as a fiddle, the reason we lint you on that shle and the only thing bothering him of him. That cob} and hard eye Is lsa touch of 1,inclines:. he inform- glass." cd rc,:tmt vl.i;o;s :,l his h,)m(', lie * skcd for nlor,, callers to drop in Curious what the love of money and talk o(,r tl|e affairs of the will do to some. Sl|e Is wealthy.: day. Vis!(r. at t),o l;onn }mnm her cash hahlnces lit several banks report bN'..) t)o lo,,k:,nz halo ;'nrl running well Into five figures. Also hearty, the ,,,:t :,, hs ail-':',cd in s.hs has. a s,)n it| Wall Str,,(,t and a 'ea|";. fat th(. a(ldr,,ss below stated, and file the san1,, with the (,lerk of said Court, together with proof of such service within six months after the date of first i)uhlication )f this notice or the (m- will b,. barred. ))ate of first 1)ublieation Deember 20th, 1933. CHARLES J. PE,%RSON, Vll,t, IAM A. EVANS ",d JESSIE E. KENNY, Executors of said Estate Address: Both}l, Wash. ALFRED G. WO|VI'HtNGTON, Attorney for Estate. Ib)thell State Flank Bldg. Bet hell, Wash. D,c. 20-27-.Ian. 3, 1934. I IN THE SI'I'ERIOR COURT OF THE State of x, Vashington for [ling Coun- t)'. !n the matter of the Estate of Sa)'ah Mitchell, d(ceased. In Pro- bate. No. 5.1S9. N,)tic( toCroditors. Notice is hereby giw.n that the un- (h.rsign-d ha.,4 b,.en el)pointed and has !qualified as administrator of the es- ;tate of Sarah Mitrhell. deceased: that 'all pers,,ns having el:tim against said deceased at'(" her,,by required to serve ; thv samm duly w.rified, on said admin- istrat.r or hi. attorney af record at lh,. ;tdt!,'ess !),'l.w stated. ;end ill(' the sam(' with the Clerk *if said Court, l,,g,th,.r wilh proof of suoh s(.rvi('. within six m,)nths after th,' date .f |i,'Sl pul,li,'nti,m tf this n.ti('e ,,r the F;Inl,, vJll l)o hirrol D;tfo ,,f first i)nl)llc:)tit)n ]),'oem!)vr 2,,t h. 11,:)3. .T A M I':S Mlq'('l!l",[,l,. .\\;dnlinitr;,t,,r ()f aid F:lat,., A ,1(1 v,' s : S,.a t t I,'. A':  h . II I" I) N,) 12. X[.I:I.I';I, T XV()!:TIIINI;T()N', .\\;ttl)l'tl,-y fol" Estate. ll,))b,')1 ,;,t- |LI;Ik [;l(lz. I:,,11), 1]. .V;th I,.o. 2,-?.7-.Inn 2. 1934 49c, 75c and $1.75 string Westinghouse Mazda Lamps 25 -40 - 50 - 60 and 75 watt 20c each - 'Box of 6 $1.08 Floor, Bridge attd Table Lamps $1.00 to $7.50 Chase & M0hn Phone 182 .'. Bothell