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December 27, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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December 27, 1933

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The Bothell Citizen VOL I, NO. XXXIV BOTHELL, KING COUNTY, WASHINGTON, WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 27, 1933 $1.00 Per Year. 5c. Per Copy VOTE SATURDAY FOR .... CITY BUILDING BONDS Saturday. lJe,&apos;eniber :.|th. i', the oil cha]Hberand t)e liremen's dot date f,,r the Is,rid ele.tion which monitory on the .._'(',,nd tlo,,r. The will provide the re,hey for the ne adoptb,lJ ,,f thi. p/at| do-v away unmieipal buihling. }';., a with tl,edanffer that thecitv may request from the eot]neil. Arcld- be (-ailed upon later to provile an teet Willat.m has prern, red a plan additional ,tory ,,f ,'ontru,.ti,,n. for the new building with a vmail- The election will be held at the er ground thr t,ut using tile two vity hall and ti,e p,lls will be open vtoriev for rnunivipul purp,-es, trom  a. m. to  p. m. and it will This plan was plated in The Citl- require a three-tifth n]aj,rity to zen's (lisplay window Saturday. ,'arr.v the tmd i.ue wJd,h iv it} Aeeor(Ih|g to the new plan. the t he rum ,, f 'i2.:J.O. A(htiti,nlal tire department and library ssitl funds are expected Iro]Jt .tate and fa('e on Firvt vtreet with the t.o]]n- federal SCHOOL REPORTERS WRITE-UP COACH HAROLD S. KEENEY lntr(luving a new featnre fc, r While e are deaHnts primar}y our "tl]ffh 'h()l notes" we take with ]re,thai; at thivtime, it i: in- great pleasure ill r]ominatin,- for terevtinlz t,, n,,te that ]:i.. baykot- I,all and bar-eball ree,,rd b- equally the Bothell ltildl SeI,A llall t,f a.,. ,tl t :-1 ;i I1(1 in ,.,. Fame one llarold Stevens Keeney. llarokl Keeney i, n-I ,,niy a ]](-n- inert luud]iarly known ;iv "'1'4)1).'" hl. a- a .e,;ioh hilt i a Wl;ff] ,f line l! is bol|t tlttin and appropriate habitsahd high hh.a, and idealv that Coa(.h Keeney >h,,uld bet'L, and i.,. a -plpttdid and ihr-pir;iti,na/ ell ;.IV the lirvt to have hi irtrait {-ader for y,,un;, :1,erL framed in gold and p{at.ed in lLe dame, I't:vJrtrl. ,,! tt,i* ['. ,i ,V. gallery of aceompli>h|llerJt, ra!ev 11ar,,l,t Ke,-nev ;,- IL,. linest Throuffh the intelligent {*-ader- ;lrld 5-ll{;irt(--r tlilth :-'l,'',l (',;It'h ill .',hip alld gtlidallt'e of tIA-. wizard t]e -i'ate ;lie! that i, v-rJ,i,leralde rllen|;lr. Bothell Jligh ha:-j,lt,-,nl- tribtlr. Ir,|z, ;t man ii: ;i:e ex- pitted a very su,'('e>f,]t f,ti,all l-rio]v.e ,,f .Jim]nit 1't,,-:. n. season. This f,tball team hay not It .extJ-. Iittjmz l,, -,h,':ide thb. ()Ill) I)rought glory to the .,--Lotd ire;l) iti -t,t,]:,,4tl. lr,,:u of and to the town but has st-uteri tLe I,.z,ll,ajj piayer>. I) :,i_,ht be INc*r'lllanerll l-.gJ.,,be>vi,)ll of the muc{; W,-I] to ;t{J'{ 1iGI? 'J:,- I,'..- ', in- coveted .";paulding Trophy. This t,-rvieved hv the rel,ott,:r ilh no trophy is a full vized ...ilver htlmll krv,x !,.d,..,. ,ii the purl,,:e :,,r the.q. nl(lunlelt ()n ;llt attta,.ti:e lcde-tal .ra.rtwtim. and it ,,a.-. ne,.esary for l.,thell t- Rivl, Wort!Jngt,,n {l,-'-a pretty win the Sr|tquah]de Valley rl,am- ','1 .my. pionship three ('onse(.utive years Jr, Warren Site v- lb.'. ;t darn izul ,,r(ler to make thi ac(I,d,itir,n ..... a,-i:, uo' :, re,/,,!:, f,.:, ,, ROAD NETWORK TO llaro/d Keeney is him,elf a pr,,- Ear; d,,Ln-,,n lie'- a d: rn .dl.,,l d.,.t of,he in, heU iffh 'h,,,,L feit,,:,. JOIN CONTINENTS lleenlered the B. II. ft. it] the fail .l,hnny 31ilir,re--"l'(,p'" l,eestft of 191s. a IranMer fr, an the Sabra ,,er ;,,rk the t,1;tyer>, lle treats Inter-American Highwcy Aria {liffh S(.h.)l in ('aiifornia. lzt 1Lem :,, :tlik,-. i-n't mean ,,r i,awi the st)]'inff of 1919 llar-ld t,ok an- ,.H li.,- kid. a l,a. ll,.'-iik,-;th]o in Links Gain Impetus. t(} himself a lle. Mildred Ander- , . - l,I-- ]1 etL,l .f ;.q:'lill It:,- wr,rk oHt '.t.)ll the atlrat'tie and tdented (,f !h, !e;tm. torah in- .;in {ligll%%';J V vsllal 'vhicJl daughter of 31r. and Mr>. l-'rank 1;,,i, Wa!t,-r. -'1',,1, :-t.,,uid I,,. ultitnalelv will e()]me,:t the eap- Anjler!otl()f thi..,,.ilv. " / l{:+-r, ext,',,;,,.i,,! the l.,f W. ltals of South Anleri,::l with large :':ii!Zii!Z?::? ::::J/ii:,',:/i: r;.).." "" : " "; . !. j 19am I']vleHih I t{,i]nk llar,,]d cities of North Ameri,.a has gaiued ' Kr-,.noy i- ,,It,- ,If ll.e im-I v,,;i*.iae new impetus fiel'e from a series (ff l  { La;- ex,r klr,n, lie ha> a]v;lys recent devel,pnents, forte]sting se- edtl('atit,n. I'tH ',',ilh m{-It,t:;:r} b,-,h fair xih ru-:,tel I rl,ink tie rious attentioa to this project at u(ulrage and for! itude and iti, ;i: i- aJ;,y, hHr ' !,,], i.,- {J,'k, I,,r the the next session of the Ultited States Calendar of Events for the Coming Week THURSDAY-- l;othell Theatre Manrice Chevalier in "The 1,Vay to Love" FRIDAY- SATURDAY- Library open 3 to 5. Be]hell Theatre. Clara Bow in "Call l ler Savage" SUNDAY-- See Church notices for services. _MONDAY "New Veals Day" Associated Chfl)sof North End at (;reen Lake Fieht House, 8:00 p. m. TUESDAY l;othell -Fheatre "Satnrrlay's Millions" anti "Race Night" (_)it)" Council Rebekah I.odge at Odd Fellows Hall at 8:00 p. m. \\;\oodinville k'ommunity Club at \\;Voodinville (lyre, 8:00 p. m. \\;Vomen's Club with Mrs. Earnest for 1:00 /clock hmcheon. WEDNESDAY Library open 7 to 9. Knights of I'ythias, K. of P. hall. North Creek Valley Grange. Kihwatt Klub with Mrs. Aggerback, 1:30 hmcheon. Women's I:oreign Mission Society with Mrs. Bert Nicholas. Citizen l'ublication Day. aufomo'bile traffre Is gainTng li-ead'- way, according to statistics com- piled by the American Automobile association. The A. A. A. summary shows that J CHARLES L. ZILSKE, CITIZEN BY CHOICE By A. P. BURROWS i Years of industry and thrift have hy hand fifteen a,'rev.f I'tnd. At, provided a comfortable little h,,n|e this time he ..,ld hie original home where Charles Ludwiek Zilske to Mr. Ellinger and thenpureha.ed three ;n.rev from Mr. J. E. Mohl| spendshlsth]]earld thirtks of the not far from Jdv former bolliX, et)u)panions tf former years Mr. Ilere he ere(.ted hiv pre.ent hoiP.e Zilske was born in Sukewe. (;er-alal has e,,]upleled tl,e elealJng tmanv, eptemher 24. 164. anti pn.evv. itraveled Io l"ostorh]. Ohio. in 12 Mr. Zilvke way reared in the and worked an railroads Jn h{o L]llheran ,hur,.h. In the earlier and Michigan for a nuu]ber of ,ears. part of his residem.e ill Bol hell he lie arrived ill Seallle in 1.. :lad joined the .Maceabeev. a ]nemlr.. ieanle to Be]hell h, work when the vhiphe re]nemberv with a gre;,t, Wlnsor millstarted h] AtlguM. 19. deal of .atir-l'aclion. lie iv abe a Ill 1.91 he Iiotlghl. tell :wres fff ltlemher of the Kni.,htv of Pytida,. :land fronl .[l'. Konnerup. In the lie way lhe oldesl of a family or inext few.vearv he worked f-r It. live brotherv and two vivters, iIN J. Cajn . C()., az]d when the Ct,- fou]th hr,,ther. Albert. was killed i()perative Shingle('o. ealnPOl)ened ,,n the l;,,svian fr,,nt during tim Mz'. Zilvke went to work for that World War. Two nephewv h;ve it,(llnpany ;irld relnained wih |hell{ ('tune t(} lhiv ('(Ul/llrv IJul are <llp- .Llnlil lhey ']ose(I their vll)p, lie lved It, hav rt'tllr/](,({ I(i lh*:ir ;I]o l)tlr(']ulsed :{}1 itllorevt ill 1he hoii)p. t.Oll(.ern. Mr. Zilvke Ie.;Hne a t.ili- 3Ir. Zil-ke has sull' mtwh or zen of the {'ailed Stales iu 1!; kit,. lr,,nl ;tM]tlna bl;l Js now mto:h and t';tvl hie firm vote J',J" %Vzn. 31(.- iuil,r,,ve(I and it is ll(,t(l lhat he Kinh.y. ,t,ay erlj,,y hi- h,*llle {,,r l,)al|y 3-0;,], l;y 1920 .Xlr. Zitske h:,l ,.le;,red 1o ,',,t,le. ('laren(.e Nttel and II. 31. ]1,,3! N rth C k N par, i,'00pated i,, a 00l,la00t, par,: I,,.I,I o ree ews iolt the Bolhell w;,lerf]'otj! Thu].- (I;]3' niffht. 31r. ;,rid 31]'. Wt.rn,.r /lar/,**;t]l Each Mer]'vmmt t l.airy ('11.1()111- :lll(l f;'mily "|'111 ('tJriMn{av ',,ith er received ;I IRaLl|il'lll (Nlle]l.IHr rt.i:tlivt.> in T;t.,Jna. this week. It, :L({diti,m to the ,{>u- Mr. :,],,{ 3h'.,,. l',us.-e{l lli,.km;,, a] l'eaturev il pr(widev p:we l,w arm ,,n ,Vavne .'.pen! ('h]ivtlt;i, (fated I]]eln()s and a'('(,t{nt. ;i.,id ;tl lb,.. M,dne. wilh ]e/;{lives. II)il/ty refererl(,e tah]ev. 3h'-. I ]+-rm-.hie of .',eal t 1. is The ptlt]li(, lit]h! lo pre,en! the in wilh h,.r d;{u|tl(r Mr.. 'P. ::pread ,1  :lt}er'lll(.iv{n till;Ln('ed h) liar! man. and .,,n ('latnde Eekl,],,I lhe vale of ('hristumv .eals. anti of lh. lliet land l]airv. ;The Citizen iv infornled ]hal I]1(. prol)]e]n of tinall(,ill K the 1934 mtltt- .[r-. ;,n(1 Mr,. ;',,re lead ell- :paiffn depends upon lilt re{little, tel|; Jn,.(I ;11 (IJnrlor rhlir.l;ly CY- coming ill {'or vt;llnl already de- enin_, t,r 3:i...",I..h,lm anti Mi,., livered. Ne->. al-o fi,r Mr. and 3It.,.. Alftt,d Jt]ln>on. much legishttion toward this end Civic Body Buys Quarry Thur(lav the i]l,allalion ,, f was enacted In the legislature meet- " - ]n";viith44ret:atdst:"lr:i:tl:'tion " the is]Ore ]_elPl.llg G,ant ]'el ,,. v;, ,e, ,;ra,,:e .,,d ',ukU,,.,, report ays "it tan b sdd that as: t ,. n .-- ]e race of "The Heights ha,, pr,,!uis(.d I o I}ting '   ' Sleeping Gzant," a huge rock forma- a general rule a mot?r,s!. ,,he h.i]s Uoa. on Mount Carmel resemhling a ,uu>it. f,r dan,.in-. ;ic:llltea::lstlftti;sre:':.::rtn .ri; I ::17:1;3  figure, has been sa,.ed f,r The 'h,,,I ('hri-.!n,a. provLu,, put t,n by lhe plJpils ,f bath ro,n,,s have few dnhculties. This applies For years quarryin operati,,] s Hrlr[r.r l{m dJl'p.|i,n ,,I Mi.,-v ,'41 even to the visitors Jn states requir- lmx't, b(,en carried on "It the t,aqe, f :Ii] n deTatol s lit(rise of their tXI,,, head of the hi.-torie h,,,d,, rk .hd,r, and Mi,v N,..-,. x,;l,-,(,,1 ;,,,,I the h;i]] war- lillet/ ...,lh;t| no.,.-t;tmi- ...... lien it leoalne t th:lt thP ]nff I't,Hn "In six states--namely, Callforni.l. " rpt,miu,.d. .lr. ;lad 11. profile wouhl be ruined if thpv e,m- ah]e. will]lift ;t>.'.ir.t;t],.P;{ttd.,,.,[,:r- 1',-;{:. congress. Colorado, Karts'is. Npl)raska, V'ls{t- tinued, the S (epin (;iant Park ;,,- ;t|ion (,l hi <'hart,irt,, "ife i:e :el J..t,  ,m i ;,,d "'l',,p'" in }lJ. t.>- + " .';lllt;t (']HU> 'HIIle ill th+ ['rVOll ;!" " ,, " , . Ilihxvav enthusiasts ltere have forth i ('(!otttp}i:{, tti. di:h.,.::* . . " " ingtoo, and West Vi]'ginia--a non. see]at]on aequired title to the l,r,,p- Mrs. Vfilkirt. and 31r. ;txhy. '{'{,e la>k. :Ht.;Hi,.,, j-. ;t rl];{rl .f l,v;l]tv. /ruth- reeoverd from the te]al,orary dis- resident must seellre a driver's It- erty and obtained a em]rt ir,jme- (;r;lllde ;Iti(I the {'.-T. A. ft]nishvd Izt a(Iditi,m to (lrix rt. ,,m. ,,I i.,- ',,It,-,-. and ;, p;tl :it all tim,-,, illusJo]nnent of world econlie de- tense. A visitor ill the hitter tion restrietitg the oper-tli,m, ed |h(, |re;L|b ;irl(l lhe (;rtlri|Lt,t,nl I,ression, and the next pronounced three states, |lowever. need not se- The quarry eontl)anv h.w,v,.r. ((,Irlp;tri.v ,I" S-:It!]t. "r;l.C HIlt hm,I- ltl,n |1 e w 1 3 ;t,'q,{ir-d -,'i,,,. l;'ri F:ri,-k-,m "'P,,p'" {((ellev J-.a Ul,tur] in the hUsillpS cycle st?tins cure a lit.ease to drive his own ear moved its operations to the I,r,v.- re(l> ()f ,-(,llV(.nir. elf|-. ])llS(., ;{lid (lelixerin,l,,r /'Jri,-k-,-h- :m,- ,',,:,,'h and l.,: de-erve:. "ill lho likely to crystallize sentintent in if he resides In a slate where all of the head and negotiations ln,r , Nwlh ('reek Valley (;ran,re ,,,+.| pr;iJ-" i.-.,P1-..Jrit'," ip {';lille here many quarters favorable to expan- tle he 1]1;111;11.f'1 t, rind tim, t,, :, /,L,:H /It '.L,,,d. lC;lil:> ]Hive sion of inter-American motorists' fa- amin-Hion." " operators are lieensed after an ex tiatelv were started I)v the "l:Y('J;l- v:trt(lwich in -Id]it-i,.]tl ,.ht- ,,rk t,, gr;L(htate '.il}i |i,,],,,{ h,,t: tl.e f;. 11. 5. in 1!121. The l,dh,virt la}i },e |,,',k e{ l, i,i- tirM prole>...i,,]{a} (',,;,,'hi],;z L,-r,- arm a! the .,,;|hie |lille !H-;.';Ih T;tklrt d vonle workal the I'. ,,f W. /I,,r,.Jl teat'bed here for I.ur y:;tr, and dtlring r lhat tJmu br,mght ,',,n-id-r- al)le re,.o,,.miti,,n l(r ,,tttr-t;tndit,;2 tealnV in football, ha>k,.tb:Hi and baveball. ]n 1926 "Pop" orl|er,.tl the .t;tle Normal at BelLinghan and durirlg the two yerrs in hich he attend- ed this s'hr)o], al.-o sere,l a ;t-i-t- ant. (.oach. In 1.L , llarold took over the d,- ties of head coach at Anat..,rtev er:e ]n,,re ba,'king fr.m the tu- ported 1,118 mils of all-year Bur- ! historic Indians who lived at Azta- The workmen tossed the frt, gs dent av well as the towns people face roads; 1,393 miles o dry-sea- lan, Wls., ate buman flesh as a reg- on the ground, believ|nl them dead. f lligb where he vuc(.esvfully eoaeh- as "'|%p" Ia a ,'hampit,nship in son roads; 547 miles of earl road ular artiel of diet--when they lAtter a few hours In the un they ed for three yearv, each sIr|, and trails and 104 tulles of unde- eould get lt--!s reported by Dr. S. started hopping ahout. Four s- 1931 fot]nd lhe vubje,.t ,if our veloped roads. In a total length of A. Iarrett, of the Milwaukee pub-leaped" . i treatise back at B(,thell here he The ('itizet] is indetded t, K JR 3.]63 miles, lie museum, he foundation was constructed i I T could be nearer to the I'. ,,f W. t,, fi,r ,-,me fr,-e advvr|J.inff last Fri- Eeonomle seetlons of the forth- In a eoml,rehenslve report on the134 years ago. , tion to purchase the leae. A prh.e in {lr. .",'Lqli;tr :-(.:-:-i,.]] ''ht.>*1;t) |6'I{ O]i li;P ,,t.;,rd tr,:rtd, thanks oil]lies. Npe'tking of Speed htws, the as- of S,qO.0(h) was ared upon ;tml the nJJH, lect.IHh,.]" 2,11h. and 31r. ;tt,I ',, "'l',.{," :tllti tt;tr 3- vrttiA ;]slh. lte,'eut years of econoniic depres- sociati.n pohtts on] that the regula qu:lrl'vinz confined to the base or Mr-. 3[o]-;tn (.],. i,.t, 1he lit.:], a,iA,-r,-,. .-i, n have retarded the earlier rapid {ions vary from 25 miles per hour tl;e fi..ure. ;l|ld >'v]l(I deffrcv.. A ('(,In[nit|,o ];,.,r,-(- l-t;it:,j "'J',,p'" i> ;t square l,ro:ress of a route from the United limit in Missouri to 50 miles in - - w;,. pp,,ihtod ! , pur-h;,se CUl,. tates to l':tn'tnm and, except in N,,rth Dakota. Nineteen states Frogs Alive in Clay ;it,,] .-ilverv:trp. A ,',,,,,,ti||ee v,;,. -t ,.,A-r a]a{ .,zive-ever3one;i n e(itla ] 31exico, little mile'lge has been have disearded the Idea of a set. ,'i.;m,-t.. "li,pt,- are |e'v men that built during the last year. After the spend limit, substituting a "reason-i of 34-Year-Old Wall ;,1, apl,inted t,, h,y a I,aket ball ;trt- :t.- ,,,1 aJJ r, umd Ie{],,w. ;Is hJter-An]erican commission report is able a]id lwoper speed," that Speed Sehenectady, N. Y.--Examination with (,ll:er k'r;I],.,e>. All Inen)|)el*r; . , ;Lrll |() ,rff;irlizt, ;1 l';l{rt |o ('(]]ll,p.|t "'l%I/" K,om.v. published and suhmitted to en'i depemling on conditions under, of a bullfrog to dett.r.;ine whether .la,-k 'ioat,)r {Ltr, dd Keenoy i gr,ss, it {s highly probable that whi,.It the car is being driven. Thlr- {t may have lived in hrd clay be- Were pl;t]t]ti]. I( t.,,i],,, to the h:,ll ;t- tilt,, a n,;,n av ;ll(,]tp :w,t{hl like either official or unofficial efforts teen of the states fixing definite u(,'tlh the fm]ndation of  Schenee- nighl t ,, t:,Jhl henvh,, , m,.,.t. I 1 Lad an id,;]i "'l%p'" will be made to organize finaaeial' urtx{nn]ms stipulate 45 ntiles per tady bulhling for "4 yeara, was un- and t(, q.| ready |,,]. l{i, joint, il- ",,uid b, it. I ,.rHy i-h I had a.istance to hasten the early corn- hour and eight make it 40. Ider way here. :l,,ze year ,f art J,li,'r- ,at,let {din. Idetion of the routes as far south , .1;tlhl/i(41 ,, f (,Ill "er. q'h];r.l:,y. .%rrt,,Id Lanff;,n ! tl,n't know as I'an'(ma. - " - ...... [ The frog vas one of qve nn- Ill.october The la(iios will {earthed by wrkmen while iavlng a 1,I luck lutu.{, and I,oss |h(' The most recent authoritative tab-i Prehistoric Indians tpipe line along the |'onndatiori. The serve f.,r Lat 1 a]t writ]m... |hi.-, bt{t in elation of the present status of . j,,h. my t,piniot "'l'(,1f' i a keen e,,a,;h, htghways on the route between La- I Practiced Cannibalism frogs were Imbedded In the e!ay ]0 tea,-t,er, an(I .uI:rvis,,r. lie de- redo, Texas and Panama City re-[ Mihvaukee.--Evidenee that pr,t , feet below the surfaee. Methodist Episcopal Church site which has interested arehco '. ogists for many years, Doetor Bar rett declare. that human hones found in refuse heaps at Aztahut are almost unbelievably numerous. The bones are almost all broken open for marrow Inside. "Revolutionary as this Idea may seem," says the report, "we are forced to suggest that the evidence points to the prohahlllty that hn- man flesh was here used as a regu. Mummy of House Cat Century Old Found Norton, Mass.--Workmea raz- Ing Metealf hall at Wheaten col- lege unearthed a perfectly pre- served mummy of a large hoa.e cat. It was wedged In the founda- thin of |he huildlng. lar article of (lh,t whenever It was 1 The eat, Intaet even to Its ,,I)tainable, aml that the htm]m] flesh [I whiskers, mast have lived nearly was handled In ew,ry way pre,'isely !{ a century sgo. Metealf hall was as was t)l:tl Of the larger animaNi| built in 1R24. ,,f thp ,'Imp,,." L eomplete hive(lu(.ation. (I;(3 rtitht. The featur,, wa..'-ent coming report of the Inter-AmerI- In the pa:4 six years ( ',,a,'it Ke-tt- t,ut o.r lh,. sla,rt wave ,-ir,',tit. fan highway commission, tt is be- ey's football |eanJs have won the lieved, will demonstrate the proh. ability that construe]ion of the high- Northw(.vt Washinfft,)n ,'hampit,n- Pentecostal Meetings ,,av from the United States by way M]ip ti('e, won three 'Otlnty . (.hamph)nships and the Snoqu-]In]ie at K. of P. Hall or Guatemala. El S:,l,,;5:;c Valley <.hampi(,nvtqp twi,.e arid ilonduras, Nicaragua and Costa Riea to Panama would give deft]rite tied for the latter thi. year. ]{ev. Win. Whites]de. l'astt,r, encouragement to comnt,,rre. "lgri- Jlarohi has never refu>ed a ,-I,.d- SHnday ."'L,,I at :;:t# p.m. culture and hind sottlenJent. lege f,,r an iutersevtional kraine:ln(] S{,.i;i] ntvlir]k, Slmt]a.v eve]lirll/ illn the ex,'epti,m ,,f t|]o Enur,,- at -:, p. m.. >p,.;ik,.r *i{{ {,r I:e. 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