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December 27, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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December 27, 1933

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PAGE T%VO THE BOTHEI.I, CITIZEN D;I:I)NESI)AY, DECEMBER 27, 193: WASHINGTON NEWS The Bothell Citizen t,,. citie&gt; at,d ,.,atoll,+> of lit,, Malel A 1--i,.d We, lnola3> ,l,,a'A re<.vivean appt,rli(mnlenl of nniversaries ",*-""';+: '" "++"" '" "+, ITEMS OF INTEREST A. l'. l;l" l.l{( WS a-sesst'(l valuat ion of each unit. I h.veml,'r 24. 1.)25 -Mr. anti Mrs. : I,.,."R[ l"l't t N l "'I'E:4 . B. Ilargu married. ; i (.qw year 1.00 We are against tile bootlegger, l)evemher "5, 1931--Lee Wo-'+y Six ti ,ltl*. .tl against 1 i q u - r in polities, and leaves for Quayaqual, Ecuador as' Ble! Resume o! Happenings "IT+,,'," !,,,nlt,- .:;5 a,..*ain.l havin il in communities I'. S. Viee-('on.'.ul. I lhe Week Collected for Inali:O,iy in advan '++ here a mjoritv of the voters I)eeen;her21;,l.)28--LloydG.Eriek-! 0ur Readers lll.l)?av adtli>ing rale. on appli- do not wahl it. And rooM, of all we sen elected head of Knights of ,: , ;n ', I  > ,uld I,e in by 10 are againsl big license fees going Pythia Lealge. Paseo--State eontrol of liquor a. m. VG.d w-day-. " into trea.uries. I)eeember 2, 1 9 0 1--llennlng ! has been indorsed by representa- I'uhli," 51ark,4 lira's- are lc. per Senah)r Hov,al'd. lleprestntalive! Iearsn I)eeome. N. P. agent at tires o[ 14 cities at a meeting of word l,,f_.fl,,'lt t-,u,'. Mininlum Smith and Represenativc lfilger.' Blhell" 'the Eastern Washington League of (.bar,..,,' doe, this not Mrike you as a pretty i Cities. at Paste. fo,,,,,,a,i,,.',,"ar' +Clara Bow Coming ! Grand Coulee--Owners of land Etdervda-.>ec+,wl-"la\>'matler 3lay i required for construction of the .............  .... +'telin, lhqtl 11 ./ !! mt . Grand Coulee dam have not accept- l. l,,:;:, a, ,,e l'.' .m,,e at rh ,ee,,,- ...... '" ''+ " ' , natnell ineatre d o the government to Ilollwll. Wa,hinl<,n. under the ' s ...... % ,  (etsf opeltlIon the ('. "" ' " " ' ;' ; " " "t  purchase, and condemnation pro- Aot of %lar'h 3. 1,9. I-'ebrt dry 1M If st t'h is the ease , ..... , V eeedings will be necessary. ' "" ' " ' xil ,r Ill[Jr ")'IX 'It Fhtlrb(l;|V+ leeelllDer - , +lallflt't! - II ( e xs, I o lie {11 i | i " '' ' ' '" s.  (I it '('ue '!Chevalier and Ann l)vorak will Olympia--A federal tribunal of Editorial Department " " "" ' ' " "il)e at the Bothell l'lw; "' : " " " "+ lhl'- )lllC( ,ll,)[ll(I p I ' tile in i three judges has upheld the ,tate fully. ImuMealromanee"TheWaytLve'" occupational tax of 1%. per cent. Liquor Control Plan IMauriee is cast as a happy-go-lucky on gross earnings in the suit of I;dit+,r-ial c,,mmenl ,n ell(,rt. of Voters to Decide l l'arisian gigolo who gets in lot wa- five railroad companies to restrain the state from collecting the tax. the levi,brute h, pr,lu-e a liqw)r V,,ler>,d l;,,lhell will say "ves"[terwhenhe trie+.,tohelpat'arnival c, ffllr(,] bill }t:-- |,ecll ll+,.tlv ilega- ,,r "'11(,'" Sallll'(lav on lhe prolx)se(l],rirl %%hO i l'llllning aWaV l'roul a Olympia -- The state supreme -  " court, clarifying the 40-mill prop- tire i n ,. h a r a ," I c r. Sin,'e hE)lilt i,-t|e l(n' a lzlullivipa] )tll]lllllg. knife lhrox%e . t.l,o l),-,q)iv have ,dr:l hr liqu(,r it Thv ('ilizen x(mld not presume to I Salt rd;lv, l)eoelllher ;). ('];ll'.l erty tax limit law. has ruled that i.., llow the l,ffi-.l;tIJ' duly to pro- r.a.v x;hivh way ;mw)ne Mmuhl vole. i ]k)w will be seen ill "'('all ller Say- counties must accept the valua- . lions rived by the state board of vide a ]iqu,,r ,.,qttr,,l v>lem lime If x.ur l)'(q)erly i a.e,sed at $500 age" Mibs BoW b. seen at her hem cquali:.ation as the basis for the .-.hall I)e a- h,+ar perle'l ;l> p+)s,ilde, v.ur .,.hare f(,r lhc llew I)uil(ling il this pi(.'ture a.'. the parl ...he state levy. may I,v as Iigh a $2.00 per!p()rlray. i, juM ma(le for her. Seattle -- The city council of In ,,r, lr li,al I,,.t-..:,/il,maybe yea r :ld il i.'. u p I () eavh;Every ally atten(lilg with al e>- tln[,lt,vlahlelhv tax-i,)uid i)e moll- one lo .ay vllellwr it van I,e |)aid (.orl will I)e ffi%-ell all autographed .'eattlo ha voted to snLmit at the next city +dection an ordip.allee to erale, all+l l]l;tl 1. IhH"]l tax gel o1" Tit,1. "J'lw ('ilizell (.(,lllerl(l>lh;tl:pll()l() of ('lard free. There will ai- put da)-ii'-dt savinu into effect the illt, li:e l)t,;it" lle;t-iIl", a.- l,>.--il,le. 111,%% i ;I fav(,l';thh+ lime to buihl'o 1)e a l|arry Lal|g([(,ll COllle(ly all(l :-eortd Sunday in June and to eon- il...l++;id i.+ b-xit.d at Ib,+ point of ll(flB lhv :lal(ll),int of linalwirlg, la Bal)vBurlesquel,iddiecome(lyon linu, until the first Sunday in 1.;i..i?.-| ,'di,.'ti,,n. 'l'i:al b- >h.uld [.,L-l...allelnph,yn]enl. It. is alsolthi pr()gram. St.p:e:n!)er. i,..,,! ,,I l>.iili,'\>, l)riatv (,wrier>, timely t(, say lltat Elm tex,," l)uihl- I Nexl Tt es(hty..I t mary 2. this Spokane--Court action over the ...},o;,;d i:,ndb, i1. "1",. in-ute its in will hv]p to maintahl I],1+ pl'eS-lbea>t)ll'S greate.-.t fo(,tl,all pi(.ture d]wl'tt]t0nt of public works" rate R(,t ,+-i:,'.i, r I,r,wr 1 qmltie> ent hiul vll .ien('y (1 lhe tire lie - "'Salt I'day' 31illion" will he.h()wn and valuation of the I:i'et+-qa!e ..h,, + )i i.. p,,',ided, and an +'pp(d'- lal.llleiI1 al|(I will a(hl lnaleriall.vto .hdm Ma('k l{rowll. Leila Ilyam.-. Telephon(  contp":'y, which o:,e:'- l'mi t,+: i+,.ai ,q,i,.n ilwhMed, tlw ,(I 1hal our library i at'('<)nhiAn(|v I)eville. Mary (';trli...le all(I atez 19 exchanges in C:z'.':.I and It:. (.ntr,'+ :: ,+hl -].+:t;!d !,(. ix'l 1, l)li.]tin. 'l'lte l)lebeIwe in o/Ir ('olla-it;l'al|l .Mitchell are fealure<l ill lie F.a.torn \\;Vasldn:-ton, ]',:t be+q an e,i ,'2": <:Oe I" :i,.,. l,,rce I,, ni;nity <,f a ,.redilah]e eily Lmil(l-lcast of 1hi.'. lhrilling gri(lir(m pic- torero,raced in the superitr cou:'t rU't ,'a,,.,. ;r,,:- 1!+ I:r'.ialili '+" +ff it ill imi)re>\> lira x-Ulllt'r ffeT]-lltll'e whi(.]l wa a(lapte(l fronl ;t of Thurston counLv. I,*,'t inI!t;'+lW ,'- vl'ati,q xxilh llw dignity and pl'ivi-]M(,ry I) 3" the ...nine Imne wld,'i I';tll Venateho--Tilere is pr,,'.nDe h.ffv ,f h,('al s .If ,[vellllllelll+ al|(t ill lhe Salt rday Evel|illg l'ot, of a cheerful Christmas at \\;\'.+n- "FI -7o!+,;," "J']w (iliz(.+ !++.ii+.x'- x i-il,+rr, witli 1]w prore...sivelw of!There will alo he a eOlBe(ly all(l a atchee. Three thousand depositors |.h'll ii Jiq,;.,r l:tx .I.,.hl t,+ t',,i- ,,llr t(,\\;.lh "l'}Je.'-e l'eas(d/b;, l;!kpll It)- carlooll on t|le pl'(iglanl and ;111- will share in a $1(,.565 dividend . the clo.ed Commercial bank. IP,-I,+d "r,,'] 1},. N,;liiT.!:t:':l:rl'l +,r the civil works ae.-.+nistra'Aon will v/hE i.-l'A-r ilJ+] 1];1 Ii.+' ]+;t';+; +'i-- Zt+1]wl" ll+akl+ tlp the (.ilbe lr thelol|ter of The race ct,llledit.+ with by ' m+xx Imihlin. We lhink il w,, 'lhil)rizes for lucky palron+, distribute $13.7,,.,,) weekly, and l+,l-t-r -!.'.:;],! [,a3 ,,11.) ;t "-,;,[I lht. pri,'e, a|)plo rowers will split an $$000 IW4,1:-+' ' "", I}+:il l}i+' -.:i;+" l+':t-li:Y cheek. .,,,,,, :,, ,+.,.+,, +,',+ ,+,,+,.. ,,,,,,+-+,+- First Lutheran Church 8tevenson--A maj,rit.v of the ,',, ,;.I '.i,/,ali',. ti,, .... awi'+,,' HOLIDAY SPECIAL reide,,+ o+ +e,-e.+on !,.,e si+ned ..................... Ringlette Permanent Waves (). Ellingson. I'aM,,r petitions calling upon the city For The Business and $2.50 $3.50 $4.95 Sah rdav. ('onlirnmli,m ('la> at euuneil to call a special election to vote on a bond issue to finance the Professional Man Phone 712 I. ,,',.1,,,4. Llildav Ill(,l'llillff. tllldaV S(.h,,ol eon:truction and maintenance of or Woman . . power transmission lines to Fort Ilere i-TIlE l:,i:t+ 5",,u p;a<'e a C(*I( ,i[, ;1; I,}{)]1[} (' I" rdiy ill{.(}me el,q+ "O. OPk]1 11i1" l'qliil;ttl]e, alld ill e,ollt ;11 %.ur dral]:, lhi- will ;I.*IIF" villr )++ll++lici:tr.v ;11| hl(.(01]e ot lr +'+'1! +-,' I,, ') p-r n:,,tl!t for First hlouse East of Phone Office or Insurance that Insures Chas. V. Beardslee Pioneer Insurance Man in Bothell Representing the Oldest Insurance Company in America Phone 485 Bothell, Wash. one Better Merrymount Dairy a Division of Charmed Land Dairies Phone 8211 -:- Bothell, Wash. Clip this Coupon--Save Money PAL 5C NIGHT Present this coupon and 30c in cash at the box office of the Bothell Theatre $ i and you will receive 2 regular 25c tickets to see !i Clara Bow :: ' ', --99  "CALL HER SAVAGE :, Saturday December 30th. ii  Good Only On Thxs Picture  I Wiring Repairing - j Motors - Appliances Alice's Beauty Shop :,t 10 o',.h,vk. Rains to connect with the North '3  Servi(.es al ll (,'(.h)('k. western E!ec.ric company.  RADIO REPAIRS ..... wa,a Walla--A pre-Christmas E N the Elecmclan 7 per cent. of the liability cf tle Vincent K. Hohman :The New and Later id00nd ,,0 r+,:+o,-in+ W lms, PeoI,le's Sta,'_e bank of \\;Valla  Phone 39 S 13, Bothell, Wash  Cerdfied Radio-Trician House of Israel WaU, ,,blab ,,a+ +lo:,d in .<ep-  tse Ea;t ( Pac ae tember lq32 has b(-,-n ordered "-- .----;'--t.r-. PHONE 19 S ll ' ' ' life, d,.l),qvlin Ul 'n 3 '":l t,++neli,'i- Will I,e glad 1(, welt(my you ttt paid Dec,:nber 15 by the superier :,y'..:,2" at x,,:r,trali:, he pul)liv servi(.es held al l'redrik court. A previous dividend of 10 ,,, .;,,,, i,,,, +,,,+,-,,,, ,,,'",',u"ler Planer Ends, Dry Wood .mne,.. i,,,,ne ,,,, the wet i,,,,, vet e,',,t ,,-as paid one ,-ear ago. C H I N E S E G I F T S H O P wi|I +l'+'* '+ +7#1. a lld,I]|h 1,,1" tire ON HAND Be(hell. These Ii|eelins are heht Yakima--Fred Eberle, pioneer ye,,n:- '5 ,r ,.,,mpt.lin :t (' ,;i,-,' edu- at Women's Exchange in Annex Builting ,m.,,. All Kinds of Coal to Order he.eeo,,,I S,,.da:',,r ea,'h m<,.th Yakima fruit shipper, has rosiun- fd,+, xidh' v, mr (lixidend- whi+.} Cheaper in 2-ton lots at :30 p. m. ld. v.) sermon, sor}s ed his place on the commodity Op and a question hottr. "('(:))IF: board of the Northwest Fruit In- en Thuesday, Saturday and dustries, Inc., a a prott a-ainst yo, I.:,"e bq! ,,n +lrl,>i x,ith the ,I. Hi. ooke and SEE." the refusal of the control commit- Monday afternoons (::m:l.rany h:|V*" illt're:t'-'d if| va]t|e Bothell all t;+" in:,'. lhe,e dividendr.. I,lus tee to inere:.lse the nliilinlunl ``-a..``..`,`-`g.`-'`x..-.w`.n``-.z.n.'z' seheduled price for apI,les. Other ,o,,r,,,v ue,+avh+,,,>edalany leading shii,pers also are protest" ! Sign Writing ++ A.i0,,t" in ,'a,,- ,,f em,,ren('y. The Citizen i. $1.') per year. ing. O ^.,,,.r ,,ee,, ,+, ,,++e,,+ B0thell Telephone Aberdeen--Aberdeen's 101-.year )'oo t;+:l: ,.olve]1 11+t'm izll, Annul- old founder, Samuel Benn, who t4" ,t,, ,-:,<'t> When v,,t, rea,'h -lle Company IN Ttfl' SUI'F;IH()ll COI't:.T OF "l't]I has been votil2g since 1853, is now ;t(' ('| ,-91. (it t%lieI| V)ll t',i.]l |(, re- State ,,f .V;,shingt,,n fr,r King ')un- eligible to vote at every city,', v',t, and v,,ur benefieiarv ,'ill L,),'al and Long l)istarlee Servk'e t:'+ ' + '""'*+' '+ '"" ':'*"' .... * A Burrows .... Isal,vlh' E. I';vans. d,.c, ...... I. In I'r,,- eounty, state and national elec- Eben n(.(.ivP a fife lime in(.,)nae (,f 5 to to all Points bat,.. N,,. 50s4. N.ticr to ('r,+ditors. lion for tbe remainder of his life.  N,,tirt. is h,.,',-|,v given that the un- pormat:entlv registered I i $1J l+r m,,nttL "Use the Telephone-- dvrMgn,.,l hay,. i ......... pi,,,int+-d and He was . . (i,te ,,f tl,e in,,-t attra,.tive fen- i,av,. ,,,,...,.,t ......... .,,,,,,., ,, ,. ,++- yesterday under th+ ne + stat+ Phone 713 or Call at The Citizen OMce (.tile, :+f thi,-f, wln is timt x<nt do Its Faster" tat .... f Isab,. ,+ l'L I+;vans. dr('r:tsvd; laws. that all ]).l'S, ns |lltx'illg (']itilllS agtins[ IlOf ]ave t(} .e]e('t 1lie ex;l('l relire- said (1,.('t'aql .|t'(J hvr(.by requir+.d t,, me.l, ae in advan,'e. You van be- Lloyd F. Gates, Mgr. ,+,.,. th ...... n,., d, 3" v,-rified, ,,n said Train Kills Cattle in Tunnel ,+x+.ct, tors <)r their att ,rm.v .f r,q'or(l ,.,.,,..,,.,d.,...t.,...d,,.xr.,..,,.,., at tia' a(ldros. bt.|)w stated, and flh+ Goldendale -- George Garner, Rill | , (l|';l'v y)llr iIl('}l|W ;IS early Jk,|]m]]. Wash. th,. Nillll,. with thr ('l,.rk -f said (7,,ut't. farmer in the Centerville section, '-'" 3, |.ke :t. a,,.,r .-1. or (h'fel il aveord- tog+dher with pl'(,,f +,f such servi(',, reports tho loss of nine head of 353 ili,)i):j!Q.}i!,!!i,!!!l![?:i,i?i(ilm:::il cattle k,lled when struck by an AUTO illg |:' yt,lll" |)lefereIIce ;El the time. within six m,mths after th*' daD' ,,f Phone At::erica will play m,,rc in the ' " - . S. P. & S. train. The eattte were FIRE LIABILITY caught in a tunnel when seeking DR. G. E. RICKETTS shelter from the recent wind and INSURANCE DNT[STR',"- X-RAY ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,+,,.,oo,, i,,,-,,,,,e in-ur,', let,err and reere- I SCHEDULE .... ][ 3.;.I x I Washington ati,., .:,, ,,,'-,,,, v,,, how |o- | 3 Shows EverY Week [I " "',,r'./s.'ia Etate. rainstorm and were unable to get . out of the way of the train. Bothell dy'., e:,rnin- xill ive in,.,,me for and Saturda A,l,t,.,,ss: 1.oth,.ll. Wash. . Eslek Ormbrek ' ..... I Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday [[ +.IA+'I:+ICD ';. ,VCmTHINGTON. |+m0+rr<,xv- I'ay l)a3 . f+)r y,tlr Play Att-rnry for Estate. Two Mills to Reopen __._----.--- I,ar..'.' '['[IURSDY, lOko *11 t,,,,h,,n Slat,. P, ank mdg. Hoquiam -- The Grays Itarbor Phone 681i Bothell READ .+.+. AE I,,,, ,,Je. i. h,. ,,h,, ,',,,,,,,. Maurice Chevalier in ,,,. 20-'27-Jan ?,. 1:,.".4. Lumber company and the E. K. I/I .ladv, like 1he,+'. Wood Lumber company will re- " ^ r,,.i, ,, ;,,.,r ,,+t, "THE WAY TO LOVE" Blacksmith A+I, +I+" f e;lhe'.'" AnnDvorak Everett tlorton IN Tlllq Sl'I'l.:ltT()lt ('()I'].T O1 +" T}tl. sUlne operations next nlonth after .tat .... f XVash ntrt,m f,,r King Coun- three-year shutdowns if l)resent BOTHELL ew locati,,ll at ...................... Betty Boop Cartoon tv [n th- m:ttt,.r ,.f the I']stato +,f plans materia|ize. A 8111all crew al- <,,,,,, .,+,,.,,,,,..,,,.,,,,.,l ,. ,.,+.- CLEANERS Cottage Lake C. L. WlLLIAMS Screeo Souvenir I,:,,,.. N-. 5",1:,". N,dio,. t, C',.dilors. read)" has started work prepar;ng e N,tic.. is h+..,,by giv,.n that th+' un- the Grays Harbor Inill. one of tle l.'ollr mih', e;IM of Weu,dinville l,, : w,..u,,.e SATUrDaY, IE. o ,,,,,""' .... ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,t,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,s TAILORS ,ltmlifird as admitHslrat-r c,f the os- largest on (;rays Harbor and an i,ll l)llV;|]l lli,-|+xxay Wit;.+,ufl ('.mMlilli|l rex-elf t,, Clara Bow in tat,. ,,f Sarah Mit,'ht.ll. (l+.e,,as,.d: that industrial bulwark here until it Sll()l'll()llIS r all p+.t's.ns having claims against said closed |I1 1Lto0. an)' :,-;i,,n I lall |w Izt.M l- ]mve p l'l.g " " " lrm, :-a.nd 1,1,. Iurlht.r parli,'ular. "CALL HER SAVAGE" ,1,.. ........ 1,,.. h,.--,, ,.+.,,,,+,,l to ..., ,-,.  l,, ]2,:,], a,,d e,,,, Sa|,,U,, th,, sam,. d y vvrifi+d, r,n said ndnain- EmlflOves to .'4:udv 1,tunnl,r ress Ir,m " I,) 7} l,q.arli,,2 ',,,I,,' N,','. l)l,li',nal lle- ist,-,,l .... ,,,. his att,,rney of + r,.,',,,'d ,at " " Rep i ing |,e,' ,+,' f',.ii,':, Harry Langd0n in "HITCH HIKER" '] ...... ' ..... +..,,,,,. stat+.d, and ill,. th+. L,mzview--An ,ducational club, ;iril,' with th,' +'l,'+k ,,f said (',,urt. a r .'ft(,rlv.m.. Stfl,jecl I,, I wl :,rn :,I Ii+,' _+ d. ,,I Baby Burlesque Kiddie Comedy t,,,.,h,r with l+,,,,,f ,,r such s,-rvic,, to be |.nox+n as th,' "W,.yedhauser L d Apldnlmvnl An3xherv + i;hin six t,,.mths ,ft,.r th,. ,it,t, ,.f eltlb", has b,'-n form,M by 5o ore- I1[1,l ry : .... ,.,. ,,r TUESDAY, .I]['e , tirt pfl,li,.;ti,,n ,,f thi: n,,li,', .... " ,b. p!(,yr' (,f that ro;,unY an,l will HORSESttOEING. ACETYLENE - :ltl, will i,, t,:,rr, ,1 .... I,:,,, ,.f first I,ubli, :,ti.,t T,, .'+ ml,,, |,, =in a ,,t'. t.z',crar+t +') ,w+.up.v WE[.I)INGANI) BRAZING. CAR S d's Milli " " atur ay ons :,,,,,, ,,,:,= ,.,, ,.+,,.,+: ,,,,,, |., :, :,,' '"-':':, Phone 781 Brings A X l, E S STRAIGItTENEI) |l'lll' " I' i .I \\;3,1|F Mi'I','III'T.I+. " A Football Story ','"+" .... ' +'f <:i+l |:<t... ]'*Z| V.,tl'. "" Ir:in i hair,an. BI MPFRS A N i) FENI)ERS I,,tl ",. .x,H,. .-:.:,,,b. w,+, ll,.' xpl+,+, ,1 :.t '! ....... '.r.. is ()tlr Driver t() ..... REI'AIIeH) Comedy and Cartoon I: I." I, N,, +Y ,I,  i-  ' I  ' i ' P ' : ...... " :' Ir':-- Y() ])()or \\;ti t',1;l' ; \\;h +'l'+'itll'<+;rI''" ,,t IuyOurScript-SavcMoney :'"":'" + .... +: +:' 1.:,,-.:.*'.:,'. ,t'  -;' .:t 19, a Sh,,w. Ask the Cahicr I: ,h.'! x , ! , " i',, 2" 7.1.+, : 11,'! iir;,' (' '+', ;