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December 27, 1933     Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
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December 27, 1933

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PAGE FOUR SPENDING PROVIDES JCBS FOR MILLIONS Employment Furnished by Federal Public Works. W-shinzton.--Milions of men of all, r.-w,*enting virtually every li[m ,)1&apos; hphls::., in every nmk atul corner of the t't,i:e,l Sates. will be rescned fr-m the sb,nzh of un- elllllhlylll,,llt t12; tilth[iS .v(trks a,lm:.ll - lstratlon funds this winter. '|'l::.s fa('t lrt:sPnre,l i'elf whon lhtr(dd L. I,.kos. se,'r-tary of the in- terior and head of the a,lm:nl:ra- it.n, a!lnoup.t;ted that some S'_'j.:mL- 000,000 already had been alh-,tted to light the war on the lread lines. It is estimated hy Department of Labor experts tie'It this tnoltey di.q,- trillulod thronahout the land will provid, .g.22iU) men months of Oml)h)yment iu ad,lition to at least twice as much indirect or secondary enlploynlont. Reach Peak Next Spring. [urthernl,)re, it was announced at the administration thqt the eel- rune of work provided will Increase 'steudily nntil a peak is reached 'Seine ti!ne next sprinz, ahhouh winter weather will retard the pro- grain sonic.what. With weather conditions In mind tile administration took action on al- .lotments for road construction work In the far northern states first, so that something could he accom- plished there before winter An interesting fact In cor,,lecr:on with the allotments, it was pointed out, is that the secondary work-- the gathering and process!n of ma- terials-starts as soon as the all,t- merit Is made and quite some time before direct work on the project site Is started. At t same time it-was shown that o , the smaller portion of the sum allotted to a project is sl-,ont at the project site proper. The gre, ter part is distrihuted to indvs- tries far and wide or to what the administration knows as "capizal goo(I.u producers." As an example, there is tak.n an allotment for a bridze In New York st'ale. As soon as the allotment is THE POTHELI, CITIZEN ,w b-,2r.d ;.!,.r,.>::tTb. ,',.:,i,-s of ovrry rare !!t!,,n aL! e:en a hurried ehoekup will re,-al a counterfe!t." llowe]l starred his celiac(inn only seven years gr,. Today he has 2eL volumes printed In 30 languages. He values it at SYa-LcgO. 106,000,000 Trees Planted tlarri!,tr=., l'a.--.M,,re than lt, O'lOJ tr*s rai,,od i't state f,,re< nurseries have b*.-n l,!;tntod on l)ri- vately c,w!,o,' {a,d it, I',r,n..-h-:,:,i, S:,rCl-" l,%lfl. Ilprl ,iil}:: T,, rH-,.-,!4 id. tile (]e|qlr;,h-l!r ,,:- ! ,,", -T': Slit| v,;! tel.. made, contracts for materials are vi-i/c,r Friday. l)r..leti.rtl.- is an signed and the producers of "cap- ,,I,t,,metri,t with an -,qh'e al )14 Ital goods" prepare for an Increased t'h/iell Way. S-attle. and i> a re- nt(flat, sen! arrival in thi, virinity frnm Orders Spread Out. Sp,kanv. ,qleel is ordered from Pitthurzh Ilnii Inavelnents of ore from the min,. of Minnesntq--figurative;y SlUm king -- starts. That necessl- ta@(,., a,)me increase in sh'.Pl,ln= on tit(. (reat Lakes. and after the ore Is I)rooes,md and the steel fat, ri- soled, railr,md men are assi;:nv, I th,. task of haulinz it to New Ywk. In an instance of that k!rH. administration officials saM. th amount of secondary eml,loym.nt ttffected o)uld never be traced. The Increased steel output calls far mare Coll aud countless other mat,-rial es.ontial to the processir:z. (-'dins deeper into the situg,:an. they p-inted out that the h:eroas-d tax roils provide funds fr, r s':,.i, pnrchases a clothing and hmiseL.,bl needs from industries ,ntir-'.v mro- lled to the project f,*r x:i,',ch the orlgiual all,)trnent was ms,I< Again. they sl,,)w that m,,-, nt the funds allotted f,r irr!'-';<i-h proJect. In the sourhw,.t, will t,o spent elsewhere. Elo,.rrieal equip. ItllPl(t will come from :-:ohr-r:,.tad) and Ceulent fram the fi*'Pls nf e::sr era Pennsylva uia. Naval experts say tt,at m-t ni the $2R.0X).0Ot) allntte,l for n-::- sliil, eaalruction by the adminis:rati,,n wll be spent 'inland" for ma:-riai: givkng secondary empI,:,ymor,t to OIOIISR ads. '}'he Imb!ic works officials h:tve ma(l, every effort to distri,ht:to the fund., In mmh a manner as to give every section the same measure el relief anti allotments have l_en made for projects all the way from the Virgin islands to tl-,o Philip. plnea and from Alaska to the Gnlf. Frauds in Bibles Are Revealed by Collector R'm IVrancisco.--The experience of John Howell. owner of the finest private collection of Bibles in the West, reveal that even that book does not escape being a party to frauda and deceptions. "Every week some one brings In It Bible and tries to sell it as a val- naltle copy hundreds of years old. But they are only 60 to 9O years old." Howell said. ",Rome of them have been stained by soaking in tea or coffee to give the pages the yellow tinge of ca- titles "These staint! pages easily caa be detected by examining the Ira- per--if you know what to look for. A BII)le printed on old paper trom plate engraved from a photoltafle copy of an orl!Inal work Itl=o eta h" tl,,t,,ot.,,1. Most collectors IIIVI Lutefisk 25c 3 pounds for all soaked ready to cook Fancy Young R.I. Red Roast- 22 c ing Chickens, per lb. FancyWhite Roast- 15c ,:,,..L,, ing Chxkens per lb ,,,.. :::i,i .l,t, ner. had ( h,'i.t.,a. " di:,',-r 'sill, li,- A. t<r,,ne famil3. )1:. ::r:,: 31!>. (" l..,'q*iling(,f E,I- Pers0nal.ention Harry Given Market *'"""" i:,,me,d ltr. and 31r,. I;. E. Ri('k- ell-. P S have calendar a,e, ,I. ,',,l..,t,;r:,,.,,,, ,d Mr. and Mr,. fie,,. E. Rutletlge we a ,a-i,,,, I,:;md spent ('hrisl,na,s ,,f Seattle xere ,,_,uesl,- at the Allen ,..fnr you. ,,itl Mr-. (;railam , m,,ther'. M,'s. ]l(,Ule .n lltllt v. I,la .la,'kit,. Gee. Elliot( and wife ()f Klamath l-'al/r. Orezon. are spending the .ftt,,ll..  tl*- y,,ul/,,_, men from tit(, t'. t" (" xh,, war, }l()lllf' We tllded h(,liday: with lit,me fr,lKs i Mrs. llurtsook announces thai[ Mi.-, Irene 1)insmore ,h,, i- at- )lyr, qi ('a'.d:/]L Harvey While anti Mr. anti Mr:. W. C. l-'ord of Se- the library ,,ill not he open on Sal-!lending the Ilellingham N.rmal i, L,,ui- I'D-PJ. attle were ,..,us,Is f Dr. and Mrs urday as usual on a('('ount of the spendimz lhe h)liday ,vith her Mr. and l.y,,n (,f Seat- Rinehart Sunday eveninz, elfeti()n, but will he (,pen on Fri- parenls. 31r. anti 3lr,. Ge,,. Idns- el,:. and .'r,. Arn,,M 3h,hn and The Kenm(,re ]h:,me and (;arden (lay from 3 Ill 5 p.m. Inure. f;,.mi: 3 :tie (-iri-lma, dinner at the ('lub will meel at the home of Mrs. l)avid i'plx, r of Ahterwo(l Manor 3!st.-hal IL E. Rl ,d ,..,e r:- w.trned t "..I. l-:ri,-k-4-n L-hie. Nel,n Ll,,yd 3l-nday evening,. Jan- ,,as a pleasent caller al The ('iliz- I()('at huMne>, met t,, 1: on the 31r. and Mr,. Vb.t,r ('halnbers. uary 'qh. en ofliee lftay. 311'. l'pper sold lhe i()k out f,,r (uunt(-rfeit ',inr. lar.t Mi,- .Mary  "L;lm ,er, aim Mr. and .Mi.-.- .Mary I-'rio ,,f ('hehalis i edilor a residen('e site in lssi,(luah Salur(lav. nh.,ht, lie had re,.eive(l .Mr,. I-)1 (, ,ra,k] -l-nt ('hriMmas visilin; tl.i. ,reek al the ]loins of in(ire than ")0 years aS(). word lllat a ltian altd ,()ill;lll travei- itfl p-,;H]:er- hi Kent. ler alllit ;in(I un(Ie. 3Ir. anti Mrs. Miss Frances Lane. one ()f our in ill a Star ear had |men ,I.rat- Mr. Slid 31r,. ('ha,. Martin anti 1)liiiipp Fri(-,. grade .'h.(fl leachers whose h(une in, in Redmond and Kirkh(nd. 3Ir. and Mr-. Et,vn I;urro,s spent Mr. and Mrs. C.eo. E. An(lers,n is in ('heney. ha(I plahned to spen(t An eler!i,,n will be held "l'u.-lay I'i,ril:na day a the h(,me (,I Mr. spent the ,evkend at Lyn(len with the i(di(lays wilh her parelltS lhere ;.it lhe high .-.hd from ,ne t,) and Mr,. A. !'. Burrow>. Mrs. Ander,n's tlrenls. Mr. and wl,en she foun(l il iulpossihle Io go eight p m. to authorize th,. dire(q- Mr. ahd Mr,. I;e.. lqn-.m we. Mrs. C. B. Bay. by lrain ()r bHs (Ul a('('otlnl of lhe ors In sell It, the .Mate of Wash- ?.It-, ir,n,- lin,],,,re and )Ir. Wal- high waler, se('ure(I passage I)y ingt,n a strip ,,f land t, i u-4-d r,r lqlt,.ai,,re ale ('hrb-t lnas (lhlner I1. 31. N( rtotl ,l the I'..% Navy plane and lefl Saturday at 1 p. m. for rizht-of-wav. Th land in que at 1, i,,mo c,f Mr. and .Mrs..1..M. i- !e;tvin,,., t,nillt f,,r l'idladelphia for home. " " lion }elon,._r: . Io the Kerlm,.r,..-,.tm-d [l;m--,,iL af;,-r h;,xir;.,-p,.nt tw,, ,veeksat lhe Ashier Lodge No. 1:21, F. &; A. M.'property whiH is now a part (,f Mr. :d 31r,. William (;raner G. Eri,-t-:,en }:ome. elected ()fli('er'.; I'(1' theenslling r year Ilislri(-t 4t;. This eonlirln> the in- ,4 Le-ter. XV:l.i:jlr2,1on. Sl-..nt the 3Ill(on W,rley is rap,reed n)ll(']l at ils meeting Thllrs(iay nikrht as di(.ati(,ns that ,v(,rk ,i}l .,c,,,n :-tart week erl,[ .t/d (i2riMlrta. ,,ith Mrs. i,hl,r,,ved at this writin and the f(,]hws: George E. Anderson. W. Oil the impr,)vement (,f tile |;,,*t,etl (ir:tnder', Imrehl:. Mr. arm Mrs. A. pH-auti,,nar3 quaranth]e c,f the 51.: A. J. (;anti)h,. S. W.: Gee. C. Lake Fore>t r-ad. emtra,.t f,)r M. Tt;ni-. family lie- t,.en lif/l. BalmiMer. J. W.: II. Pearson, whi(,hwa,recentlylet lotl,e N(,rttl- treasurer: F. W. An(lerson. seere- Mr. at,! .Mr-. E. W. (;amhle en- 31 i,-s 31a ri,. I ,nl:, ,f wl a, t,as I,een we,t ('OilS( rtl't ion ('o. !'rv. TI,e instalhtli(m ,,'ill take tertained at dinner t'hri,tmasEve: a ;.,uer-t ,I 31i:_.. E}]a Fries the pasl l)laee .lanuarv 18th. At a Lions meelht ht.-t Tlmr,.- Mr. and Mrs. A..I. (;amble. 31r. month left yes:erday for her home " day night(he Bot|,ell l"u,lt)all team and Mr-. 31(.rritt Martin and Mr. in lrvin,..,l(,n. ('aiiforhia. L.W. Reasoner's lnglewood Set- was enterlalned with a turk-y din- ahd Mr,. tl,,yl TionJpr4m. vice Slalion was rol)i)ed Thurs(lav fir. R. A..lerT,,r(I, was a B(thell night and besides taking a|)otlt $) net and .limmie Phelan. I'niver, ity Mr. and -Mr,. I1. (;. ])a',v.-4n ell- of Washin,ton roa(.h, wa the chief tert:tined t*, ('i,rJ.-t ma- (liriner Mr. worth of oil, tires and eandy, the speaker. C. R. Waiters presided a- and )It-. (. W. Lit(. 31r. anti Mrs. robbers did considerable damage chairman of lhe program e6mnfit- Carl t'arver. Mrs. Rhea and 3It. in breaking the door lock and win- tee. Messrs. Chri:,tensen. Vrlder and Mrs. '. R. V(a]lers and family. (tows anti soaking the place with and llan.-.on, all local dairymen. (il. It is hoped that lhe author- - Mr. !rt 31urphy. Miss Audrey. tries will apprehend lhe ntarauders. ,,ere inlr(lueed a sperial Fttrons Murphy. Mrs. ]ara Wiley and Mr. of the t)anquet. The k-atherinff was and Mrs. Arden I-',,ter of San> Citizen people ,,'ere i,,jure(I Tues- al.} largely attended by ti .kot buy- ma:lii:.t: pent (.h rim ;Bas it( the day mornin when a Seattle I)(lut]d era and lhe nteetlnff t,)k ()n tte t,,,tr, e ,4 Ylr. and Mrs. R,v Fc).,ter. motor (',,a('h fronl Eastern Wash- aspe,.t of a ee]el)ration ,,ver a In,-t " " Public Market ingtnlefttl'eradl'etweenBth'su"cessfulsea'mf')rthe team. Mr.:mdMrs. A.M. Tunise,ller- ell and Woodinville. No hx'al pc(i- The thri(.e v(m trophy ad(,rned taint! at ('hrislmas dinner. 31r. LINERS ,,,,re ,.,,seemed in lhe aeoident the tables and many sp,e(.hes ,.x-and .Mr, Win. Gra,r..,,.r of Lester. and all the injured were htken to pressed 1he vommu:dty'- apprecia- Mr.'t,and!-r lliokand 3li,sLouise Seattle where only three remained It(hi of th(, team's prows--. Gran! ,4 .'qeatl]e and .Mrs. Aline lt: lc. Per word Per iue. in- at the hospital after receiving lli,.k-. treatment. A dinner at xhi,h Mr. and Mrs. im charge 25c. T h e Wo(,dinville ('Olllllllltli|y The ('i; iz(m i- 1.,. p,r .xPal-- A.E. (,rh;,t" "' ) ..... Ir.. entertained was ;('lut) will meet evenind attend,-d !,v .lud;ze and Mrs. A. E. f;ritl:,ti;.. 3Ir. altd Mrs. ;t..l. Galll- "l';,t,;ets in hun,lie.. )-,,ur ,'h,,i('e el January 2nd. at lhe Woo(linville Free Methodist Church hun(ile- f,,r l,.. The t'itizen, gym. We desire a full altendan('e hle. Mr. and Mrs. Lar Eidbo and f the inenHlership :is tile questi()n 3!r..I.E. 3l,,hn. (if adoptintz the hy-]aws a.n(I other Rev. C. N()rman l'elry. V,(,t,,r. 1-',.. Sale -A m,t,-rrl six r,,)n im[x)rtant h(isin('.s will I)e brought Sun(lay ..h(,,l. ]0 a. m. },,.l>.P aim ,.n*- ;,,t. ('iti/en ()fli(.e. up at that lin]e. Lun('h will he Prea(-hint.,. 11 a. m. served by the men at the nominal Y(n,ng people's meetin,..,. ; p. m. F,,r Sale- A('rea;_q. ,,n llved high- cost of I(X'. per plate. Prea(.hin,..,. ;:45 p. m. way. Ir,,luire ('itizen (,.'lice. .Mr.('iaren('e N,eel p]ea:e nail al ,,, ,, ,, F0R 25 YEARS t,, :he lk,lheli Theatre. l-',,r Rent--( Ine ltl(t tWf) r()ln ('ill)- ,,,, ,i,..,,, ,,a,er ,,eat ,,,r This store has served ni.-hed. Inquire at Citizen otli(.e. Bothell a n d vicinity :'rap l),ks made t,, order. Two .-ize.-and permanent (ir loose leaf with Dependable Mer- ,tyles. .'#k'. and up. The Be(hell , i,,,e,, chandise at competitive II F,,r .';ale (,r Trade Gentle team. Drices. agon halne.-. ,,r single horse. ate, wante, l ehil(Is large slrong We wish to thank all trieyele and la rge .-ize doll In, ggy. I. E. Wil;ian,. R. 3. Snohom|s!,. who have contributed t o our success and t o that for ,:. In !h" Matt ..... f th,-:t,,, .... , assure you H, Zarhris-n. I- ('rlts, t|. |,q PI-()batt-. ' N,,. :,,'-':,5 N,,th',-t,,,',-,-dit,,rs. 1934 _ will endeavor Notice: is h--*-i.>" giv,-n that the un- Od d.-! sig'n.-d ha: t.0.0-n appoint,.,t and has ,+uiifi++d as I.:x,:(+jtc, r -f the -stat(- r,f: ,d. Zachri ...... I,-c ...... d; ,.a, .,, to merit your continued r-,,ns having clairn against said de-i c, ;. ed ar o h-r.Dv rqilir(-d tO SI'I'V 'h, sam,-, du y xerifi,.d on said Execu- v-, ,.,,,-;,*'"'r"-"" ,,r ,,r his att,,'n,-y ,f roe.rd at the ad(h*-.s blow tated, and tile the same with the ('lark of said ('ourt, together wi,',b pr,),,f ,f .ll('h S'lX'ie*" within six ...... .... ,r,00b Chase & M0hn ti,,n ,,f this n,,ti,-. ,,r th,: saIil will be' |':tl.- t,f |il'': l,!i|,]i,.,,ti,,tl |)t(',lll|Hr -'7 i ":;::. AIITttI'I: J. ZA('KItlSoN. 1-:x,.,'ut.,r tf said ]':.lal(:. Addl... V.',,,,linvillv. Vas|l.. ': """ Phone 182 Bothell .",Li"!:F:I (; ,V()p.TttlN,;T(N, t;,,h,.H ;:*e Fla,k ]dg, l'1-t h; ]], Washington :: ' J-( 27. Jan. 3. 10. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBEI( 27, ]933 Roll Call for Aih.rl alten(le(I early IHa--. al the $I..lames ,.att,(.(Iral i n .%.atlh: Christ m as ' """""" ---- .',r. a.,l .',r.. 00,It,ur ,,, 3[;.,- (tara R, ,4 :';,.at lie ',,;is|lie Seattle, Mrs. ,/et|kins was fornlerly gt,-,t ,4 her nei('e. Mr>. Ll%vd Miss l)()rothy Bowen, 311as Mary Eri,.k-n |'i,rJ-tmas day. }]()wen wh, is a teat.her ill lhe Ar- Mr. ,:,,! Mr-. ('. (;..M,..Mi!!a: :!:M linl(m ho()l and Mr. Lawren(.e fat,,i:/ ,,f .att],-. spell  (hri>ti:m- I'ah|ler (if Seattle were glleSls ('h|istu]as (htv at the home of Mrs. ir!, Mr...Ma:l llarT',,k. ( 'las. I*,,)v,e i1. Mr.a|id Mrs. II. J. Mohn enter- 1;titled l-dinner Mr. anti M|'.... 31. ]). h:eeney. Mr. and Mrs. llarol(I h:ee|mvand f,milv. 31r. anti Mrs. IL S. i(eenev an(l'fandh. Mr. anti .Mr.. Mark h:eene.v.- Let; anti l':arl l(eeney;,t|(I 31r. and Mrs. Merlin I"rea,..e anti daughler. Mr.a||(I Mrs. II. M. N(rlon and family ()f Phihl(lelphia. Mr. and Mrs. I'hil Marsh and family ()f h:irkla||(I. 3Ir. at|d 31rs. 1.1o(I Eri(.ksen and family, and 3I|-. (;,(,. l"ri(.ksen ,,(.'re (linl|er fflles|s al t he fa|nil.v h(Hne with |heir ]nolher. .ll rs. |)()rol hea l']l'i(.k,.,en. 3Ir. and Mrs. Waits Graha|n an- tertaine(I with a dinner, the gues|s were 31r. and Mrs. I. tL Graham. Mr. Law (rahalll, the Mis>es F|';m- (.esand Kathryn Grahau}and 3I;|)' 3 Ellen l"el(Ihausen. Mr. Lh)y(I Ni('h- olas. Mrs. 31. E. Nelson also Mrs. lh(rrielt Emery of Kirkland. Lakewood Villa Road The Kenn]ore (km|mtmity Ctuh 1.a(lieAuxiliary will meet with Mrs. (;. (?. Bannister We(h|esday. She will I)e assisled I|y Mrs. l{ea- SOllgr. 31r. E. ll(ll)erls had as dinner guests on Christnms Eve. Mr. a||d Mr,-..I. t". Freeman of Kirkland. Mr. Al ('lark, is reI)|'ted well again, afler a severe ilh|ess. The Christmas enlerh(inment. given lly the local Sun(hey school :it the ('Ol|lun|nity flail, was well al- len(led and t lie ehil(h'en, under t he supervisi(,n (,f Mrs. E. l{easoner, gave an interest ins progran]. Those who wouhl ]ike to live ()n a lake, have ;i]ln()sl had a chant%; to (Io so, (lurin the high water, as the :':,amlnalnish river and Swhlnp {.reek were j(dned JlHo one I)ig I)(xly )I" water ill many places through the valley. The ('hil(I Slu(ly Ch|l) ,viii meet the eve||i||ff ()f January I1,, al lhe h,une of 31rs. G. I']. 31unger. The topi('s wit] lie "'(.'(mmon l"aulls and What they Mean" anti "The l",)un- (lalion (lI" (hod lhlbils." Mrs. L. W. l{eas(n|er will lea(l, and (tis('us. sins will f()lhw. Christian Science Society, Bothell Mr. and Mrs. R. E. S,.h(,ner ha(t a-ditmer;euost,)Ir, aqd Mrs. Ted .Morkley and .,n. 31r. and Mrs. T. .I. A,.kerman and Mr. and Mrs. II. t ). l',:ters,,n ,,f Sealtle and 31r. and 311",. J..I. :.h(ner and s{in. Mr. and Mr,. Ge,,re l;,s]ey, Miss Vera !;.,-b-y. 3!r. :,n,! Mrs. VauL, hn I',.ioy and family and 3Ir. :|,(I .Mrs. l-'rank Ren,'hy .-pent the day al tLe home ,f Mr. and 311..-. Earnesl Nem and 3It.-. Rem'hy in Seattle. Mr. and .Mrs. George See had as nie.-.t:. (-hrislm;|s day Mr. and Mrs. I1. A. Lemard and daughters. Audrey and ('harhtte. an(I Mr. and 31r-. F. A. Freelnan an(I (h(ugh- tar .lo,,,ie. and ,-on .ht('k. all (,f Se- A I)ranch of The .M(dher ('h|l'eh, The First (711111'(.]1 of ChriM. St'ten- lisl, ill lh)sl()n. 3hlssa,.husells. lh)ldsserviees every S||nday at 11 a. m. Sut)je,.t of the Lesson-Sermon in all (;hrisl ion S(.ien(.e (.hurt.has Sun- day. ] )(q'Cllll er :1 -( "1 lri.-.l .1 e.llS Sunday S(.t|()()l at 9:4.5 a. 111 We(h|esda.v evenillff servi("es al :00 Cclo(.k, i||elude lest imonies (d I,ealit|g. Reading roosts in the church e(ti- lice are open froIIl 2 lo 4 p. m. Oil Wednes(h(y, also aflereach sere(c(.. The p||blie is (.o|'dially invild to atten(Iourehureh servi(.es a||d lo lisa ollr reading rooln. attle. "Christian Science" w a s the sut)jeet of the Lesson-Sermon Mrs. O. A. Beekstrom had thirty- in all Churches of Christ, Set- three :semi,era of her family pres- enlist, l)ecember 24. ent at iler ('hristntas tree. Christ- Golden Text: "These signs shall maseve and for dinner the next (lay. Twenty-three Itran(I-ehihlren and three Izreat-rand-'hil(Iren were anv)IiZ th,e pre.nt. Mr. and Mrs. 1. J. Tegt|||eyer enterlained at dinner. 311". an(I Mrs. G. R. 3l,,re of R-y. 3Ir. an(| Mrs. ll-nter Tetnme.ver (:f San Francis- o-. Mr. and .Mr-..Klan]ey Reeve ()I' lren|ert,,u. Mrs.(:lara King. Mrs. Will King and (htughters. 3hirgarel and ('harlolte of Seattle us(1 Mr. (;tell..inlilh (,f the I'. S. Sarato;i. lqnner va- ,.creed a| I; ()'('h'k. Mr. ll,mer Tekdme.ver and Mrs. Stanley Heeve are .n and (hltli|t er follow them that believe: In my name shall they east out devils: they shall speak with new tonl,," . they shall take up serpents; a,, if lheydrink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them: they shall lay hands ,)n the sick, and they shall re('.ver" (Mark 16:1,18). A|n()ng the ('itations which eom- I)rise(I lhe Lesson-Sermon was lhe folh)wil|g front the Bible: "An(l the ,-evenly returned again with j..v. saying, Lord, even the devils are s|ll)je('l I|nh)t|s through lhy n;|me" (I, uke 10:1) The Less(|l-Nerln,)n aINo in(.hl(h,(I .f Mr. and 31r.Tet.,Ine.ver. Twen-lle f, dh)wing passages from the ly- tW,, .v,,,in l:,q)]o fl'r)lll 1)]dl|ney ('hrislian S('ie|n'e lexll.()k. "Sei- I'idL, v ,'h,,,i aim (.IHlr(.h. wlvr(, en('e aud Ileallhwilh h:ey I(, the ti*. Tot.ql.y,r y,,hnL' I'(?h' l:rew S(.rip|ure."ly Mary Baker 1':(1(13: Ul,. '.trrio,l ih tL,. ex,,ninbf, slalze(I "('hrislian S(.ien(.(, riillly und,'r- :l i,:,:,-:' -,rpri-,. ;l|l(I -Ire'lit 1Ill' M(.,(I, h';l(ts 1() ('lerll;li lill'l|l, Hl>'" , '.-rin_ (p.:l:!:l-2.