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First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States

an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; of speech, or or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Newspapers produce and deliver news and information which they feel is important -- most often from public information such as arrest reports, traffic infractions, accidents, indictments, lawsuits, jury verdicts, property records, legal notices, and many other sources of information which is freely available to anyone at any time. Newspaper publishers do not have access to any information which is not also available to the public at large. All information published in a newspaper is "public information."

The use of your name in an article does not mean you own it. Newspapers deliver news on all sorts of public matters which, in addition to information found in the public registers, may include statements you make to a reporter or official, your photograph, background and other information provided by you or others, rebuttals, opinions, and other information such as court-ordered legal notices, and historical and statistical data.

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Bothell Sentinel and Citizen
Bothell Historical Museum Society
PO Box 313
Bothell, Wa  98041






Bothell Historical Museum

 The Bothell Historical Museum Society was formed in 1967 and is made up of all volunteer members who support a non-profit, local effort to preserve the history of the Northshore area.



             King County Lodging Tax

Advancing Community through Culture



Thanks to the following Individuals for their contributions:


  • The Aagaard family
  • Ellen Carnwath sponsored the year 1918 in memory of her mother
    Eleanor Grace Earnest Carnwath, born 1918, in Bothell, Washington
  • Susan Cleva in honor of Jeanette Backstrom for her many years of volunteering.
  • Sue Kienast
  • Joyce Stewart
  • Judy and Bill Moritz
  • Margaret Turcott




  • Bothell Branch, King County Library Systems (KCLS)
  • Kenmore Heritage Society
  • Woodinville Heritage Society




Margaret Turcott,

   BHM Board Member

Mary Comstock,


Terri Malinowski ,

   BHM Volunteer

Rochelle Gaither,


Pat Pierce,

   BHM Board Member


Myra Van Vactor,

    Dean of the Library Media Center at Bellevue College


Diane Petrula,

   BHM Volunteer


Joyce Stewart



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